London Walks Suspended (Briefly) But We’re Still Guiding (Podcasting).

Out of Town Trips & the Summer 2020 Schedule

Date post added: 5th December 2019

The Summer 2020 London Walks programme is rapidly taking shape…


Already up here, on, the Summer 2020 trips to Stonehenge & Salisbury. That trip will take place every Tuesday from May 12 through October 6. Meeting time is 8.45 am. Meeting place is Waterloo Railway Station (meet by the main ticket office, which is directly opposite Platform 16). Click here for a good read about the Stonehenge & Salisbury trip.


Also ready for your inspection here on, the Summer 2020 trips to Oxford & the Cotswolds.

The Oxford & the Cotswolds trip will take place every Wednesday from May 6 through October 7. Meeting time is 9.15 am. Meeting place is Paddington Railway Station (meet by the main ticket office, which is near Platforms 1 & 2). Click here for a good read about the Oxford & the Cotswolds trip.


The Cambridge trip will take place on the following dates: Saturday, May 9; Saturday, May 23; Monday, June 8; Monday, June 22; Saturday, July 4; Monday, July 13; Monday, August 3; Monday, August 17; Monday, September 7; Monday, September 21; Monday, October 5; and Saturday, October 24.

Meeting time for the Cambridge trip is 9 am. Meeting point is by the main ticket office (very near the Leon restaurant) of King’s Cross Railway Station. 


The summer schedule for the Cotswolds trips is now up on

We’ll be going to the Cotswolds on the following Saturdays: May 16, May 30, October 3, October 17 and October 31. Meeting time for the Saturday trips is 8.45 am.

And there’ll be a Sunday trip to the Cotswolds on the following dates: June 14, June 28, July 12, July 26, August 9, August 23, September 6 and September 20Meeting time for the Sunday trips is 9 am.

The meeting point for all of the Cotswolds trips is Paddington Railway Station (by the main ticket office, near Platforms 1 & 2).


We’ll be going to Windsor Castle twice this summer. On Saturday, June 6 and Saturday, September 12.


And Criminal Defence Lawyer Jo’s Summer 2020 schedule of Lawyers’ London walks (subtitle: Magna Carta to Brexit) is now up and displaying here on Lawyers’ London will take place on selected Thursdays: May 7, May 28, June 18, July 9, July 30, August 13, August 27, September 3, September 10, October 1 and October 15. The meeting time is 11.30 am on those selected Thursdays. The meeting point is just outside the exit of Temple Tube.


Ditto the Foodies’ London Walks schedule for Summer 2020. The Foodies’ London walks – there are four different ones – are now all out on the dining table here on They’re Saturday morning walks. Selected Saturday mornings.

Foodies’ Londonthe West End takes place at 10.45 am on Saturdays: May 9, August 8 and October 31. The meeting point for Foodies’ Londonthe West End is outside the Green Park exit of Green Park Tube.

Epicurean, Gourmets’ Foodies’ London will take place at 10 am on Saturdays: May 30 and August 29. The meeting point is just outside the Fish Street Hill exit of Monument Tube.

Biscuits & BanquetsThe City Foodies Foray will take place at 10.45 am on Saturdays: June 27 and September 19. Meet Ann at 10.45 am outside Cannon Street Tube.

Pie Crust to Upper CrustCulinary Destinations will take place at 10.45 am on Saturdays: July 11 and October 10. The meeting point is just outside the Villiers Street exit of Embankment Tube.


Now Summer 2020 stuff that went up back in early December. I introduced that, the first green shoots of the Summer 2020 programme, as follows:

All very satisfying. A couple of weeks before the Winter Solstice and the Summer 2020 Regent’s Canal Walks are now up on, ready for your perusal and delectation.

The pattern is – as most of you know – we run a canal walk at 2.30 pm on the first and third Sunday of every month.

There are something like 20 different canal walks now, so it’s a moveable feast, a banquet.

To check ’em out just shimmer on over to the calendar on this site and click on those 1st and 3rd Sundays in each month.

Or you can use the search engine – mostly a search for the word “canal” will get you to the needful.

And just to jolly things up, there are in addition to the Sunday canal walks a few wild cards: on a couple of Saturday mornings we’ll be doing Canal Walks.