Monday's Walks

We are delighted to now be able to bring you selected walks – indicated below with a green tick.
Greyed out walks with a red cross are temporarily suspended but we hope to bring these back soon! Book to guarantee your place.

10 am

The Changing of the Guard Tour Running

Piccadilly Circus Tube, meet by the Eros statue | Map

Guided by Rick Jones

“A great walk, loads of interesting facts about Haydn, an excellent friendly guide with the addition of a great singing voice. Highly recommended” Walker Brian

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10.30 am

Westminster Abbey Tour Running

Outside the West Front of Westminster Abbey by the Abbey shop.

Guided by Brian or Chris or Isobel or Mary or Tom

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Photography now allowed in the Abbey!


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10.45 am

Darkest Victorian London Running

Monument Underground station, London (Fish Street Hill exit)

Guided by Karen or Kim or Richard III or Sue

Elsewhere is always surprising… ”   “history as a seance”   “Victorian underside of modern London”

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11 am

Hidden London Running

Monument Underground station, London (Fish Street Hill exit)

Guided by Shaughan

“the distillation of a brilliant guide’s vast experience probing the secret places of the world’s most elusive city” 

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11 am

The Seven Deadly Sins – the Capital Vices Running

Covent Garden underground station, London

Guided by Ulrike

A historical tour de force of  “the city built on sin” – “most entertaining walk ever”

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2.30 pm

A Village in Piccadilly Running

Piccadilly Circus underground station, London (exit 4, Eros exit – between the world-famous Eros statue and the Criterion Restaurant canopy)

Guided by Adam or Claire or Karen or Richard B or Simon W.

“elegant arcades, secret doorways and peekaboo views”   

“royal chocolates (we sample them, gratis)” 


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2.30 pm

London's Secret Village Running

St. Paul's underground station, London (exit 2)

Guided by Aaron or Peter G. or Sue

“this tiny hamlet serves up brimming draughts from the deep well of its history”


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2.30 pm

Quack Doctor's Tour Running

The entrance to Southwark Cathedral

Guided by Rick Jones

“the general rule in medicine in Stuart England is ‘better out than in’”

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7 pm

Old Westminster by Gaslight Running

Westminster Underground station, London (exit 4)

Guided by Delianne or Oliver or Peter G.

The great seminal London Walk. Miss it and you’ve missed London…

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7.30 pm

Apparitions, Alleyways & Ale Not Running

Embankment underground station, London (river exit) | Map

Guided by Peter G.

“this part of London is like a haunted house…                             gas-lit alleyways, film-set perfect Georgian streets” 

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7.30 pm

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour Running

Tower Hill underground station, London (meet by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stand) | Map

Guided by Adam or Andy or Andy F. or Molly or Oliver or Shaughan or Simon or Stephen

“London Walks tells us why the case matters – unlike sensationalist competitors”  

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