Jack The Ripper Walking Tour

Tower Hill underground station, London (meet by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stand)

Guided by Adam or Andrew or Donald or Molly or Oliver or Shaughan or Stephen

Please note

Booking is recommended. It guarantees you a place and it helps us keep the group sizes small. You still can just turn up and go – spur of the moment – but it’s better if you reserve your place. Select your date and time on the table below.

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
Monday Weekly 7.30 pm 9.30 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online
Tuesday Weekly 7.30 pm 9.30 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online
Wednesday Weekly 7.30 pm 9.30 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online
Thursday Weekly 7.30 pm 9.30 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online
Friday Weekly 7.30 pm 9.30 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online
Saturday Weekly 3 pm 5 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online
Sunday Weekly 7.30 pm 9.30 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online

N.B. this walk will not take place on the following dates:

29-11-2020 30-11-2020 01-12-2020 02-12-2020 03-12-2020 04-12-2020 25-12-2020

“Exceptional…grim, compassionate, well-told”
R. Narvaez President, Mystery Writers of America 

What to expect on the walking tour

He came silently out of the midnight shadows of August 31, 1888. Watching. Stalking. Butchering… Mary Ann, Annie, Elizabeth, Catherine and Mary Jane. Leaving a trail of blood and gore that led… nowhere. Yes, something evil this way walked, for this is the Ripper’s slashing grounds. We evoke that autumn of gaslight and fog, of menacing shadows and stealthy footsteps, as we inspect the murder sites, sift through the evidence – in all its gory details – and get to grips, so to speak with the main suspects. And most important of all, get to know – in some sense reach out to – our fellow human beings, the “canonical five”, the poor (in every sense of the word) women he monstered. Afterwards you can steady your nerves in The Ten Bells, the pub where the victims – perhaps under the steely gaze of the Ripper himself – tried to forget the waking nightmare.

And you don’t need to take our word for it. Or the word of the President, Mystery Writers of America. Judge for yourself. Listen to this. Just 38 seconds long, it’s a guiding tour de force. It’s accomplished actor Oliver Beamish opening his Jack the Ripper walk. It’s simple, really. You’ll get a better walk with London Walks because London Walks has better guides.

Not in London? Fear not, you can join us on our Virtual Jack The Ripper Tour to give you your fix of Victorian London terror stories.

Tour Practicals

7.30 pm every* evening  

*Except Saturday evening. At the moment – this year, 2020 – we do a 3 pm Saturday afternoon matinee of the Ripper walk but we are NOT running the Saturday evening walk. 

Meet outside Tower Hill Tube. Meet by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stall

*Except Nov. 26, Nov. 27, Nov. 28, Nov. 29, Nov. 30, Dec. 1, Dec. 2, Dec. 3, Dec. 4 and Dec. 24/25  

This video features the supremely gifted Royal Shakespeare Company actor Steve.

And this podcast is a clip from actor and adventurer* Richard Walker’s Jack the Ripper Virtual Tour.

And here’s actor and guide Oliver’s introduction to his Ripper walk.

Only at London Walks do you get guides of this calibre.

*He who sailed a 25-foot-boat across the Pacific Ocean.

The Autumn of Terror

Jack the Ripper painting

Eye-popping, isn’t it. The image is by the wonderfully gifted Benjamin Goutte. What Benjamin’s captured – and conveyed – is the felt experience, the dread, the utter horror of the Autumn of Terror. What Benjamin’s done with his medium – brushes and paints and canvas – is what great guides do with words – with their narrative, their story-telling. The story-telling has to be of an extremely high order – it has to capture and convey the felt experience, the utter horror of the Autumn of Terror – it has to grip, has to make that skull hover over everything – for the walk to work. Less than brilliant guiding doesn’t cut it because so much has changed in the 131 years since the Ripper dipped this part of London in gore. Sure, there are still a few alleyways and buildings that have survived but in and of themselves they’re not equal to the task. This walk requires great guiding. And great guiding has always been the hallmark of London Walks.

The tour’s creator

This is The Jack the Ripper Walk. The Ripper walk created, directed, curated, mentored and still occasionally guided by the world’s leading authority on Jack the Ripper. Yes, Donald Rumbelow – is a London Walks guide. Britain’s most distinguished crime historian, Don is the author of the definitive book on Jack the Ripper. The former Curator of the Police Crime Museum, Don’s been the chief consultant for every major film and television programme on Jack the Ripper for the past 30 years. “I patrolled Mitre Square when it was still gaslit” Donald Rumbelow.