Jack the Ripper – Richard investigates…

Here’s a clip from Richard Walker’s Jack the Ripper Virtual Tour

Some accompanying notes;

  1. Richard is an actor — an accomplished veteran actor. His professional voice training and experience shines through. As your ear will tell you immediately, this is storytelling of a very high order. Cadence, emphasis, timing, timbre – it all comes together in Richard’s powerful, compelling delivery.
  2. Richard’s acting experience also tells when, for example, he talks about those strange V-shaped incisions under the victim’s eyes. Richard doesn’t just “voice” them – he acts them. Illustrates them on his own face with his index fingers. That’s the experienced, gifted performer – he makes sure you see them. It’s riveting seeing him trace out those marks beneath his own eyes as he talks about those four incisions.
  3. Please keep in mind as you listen that this is just an audio recording of the Virtual Tour. On the Virtual Tour everything you hear on this recording is illustrated – with maps, line drawings, old photographs, contemporary photographs, etc.
  4. To get point 3. into perspective: in a book about the Jack the Ripper killings there will normally be 10-15 illustrations. On Richard’s Virtual Tour there are approximately 115 illustrations – ten times as many as you get in the illustrations section of a book. In short, visually this is an extremely rich experience. Going over the ground on the “actual tour” the guide has to do a great deal of word-picture painting – and when it’s done well, it is very effective. The difference is that on the Virtual Tour you’re not just seeing with your mind’s eye, you’re also seeing with your eyes.


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