Tuesday's Walks

We are delighted to now be able to bring you selected walks – indicated below with a green tick.
Greyed out walks with a red cross are temporarily suspended but we hope to bring these back soon! Book to guarantee your place.

10.30 am

St. Paul's Cathedral Not Running

St. Paul's underground station, London (exit 2)

Guided by Isobel or Judy or Mary

“Afloat upon ethereal tides St. Paul’s above the city rides” 

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10.45 am

The Lure of the Underground Not Running

Baker Street Underground station, London (Baker Street North exit)

Guided by Anne-Marie or Fiona

“subterranean London”

“there’s a whole other world down there”

“London created the Underground and the Underground created London” 

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11 am

Shakespeare's and Dickens' Old City Not Running

St. Paul's underground station, London (exit 2)

Guided by Andrew or Corinna or David T. or Stephen

A walk, a performance, a clinic in how Shakespeare’s lines should be delivered                                                            

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11 am

The Beatles "IN MY LIFE" Not Running

Marylebone tube station, London

Guided by Richard P

“A splendid time is guaranteed for all” Toronto Globe and Mail

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2 pm

Literary London Walking Tour Not Running

Holborn underground station, London (main exit, debouches onto Kingsway)

Guided by Andy R. or Brian or Tom

We explore Virginia Woolf’s London. But we also go centrifugal – do undiscovered Bloomsbury.  “What larks! What plunges!”

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2 pm

Old Westminster Walking Tour Not Running

Westminster Underground station, London (exit 4)

Guided by David T. or Judy or Karen or Oliver or Shaughan or Simon

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“the cornerstone walk – miss it and you’ve missed London” 

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2.30 pm

How the City Got Rich Not Running

Tower Hill tube station, London

Guided by David P.

Why here, why London. How London did it. The great historical mystery solved. Solved (guided) by a London Mayor.

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2.30 pm

Past the Palace Not Running

Embankment underground station, London (Villiers Street exit) | Map

Guided by Delianne or Karen or Peter G.

“This one isn’t on the balcony – it’s through the keyhole. It’s royal hideaways, boltholes, nooks and crannies…”

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6 pm

The Ancient City at Night Not Running

Bank underground station, London (exit 3, meet by the Wellington statue) | Map

Guided by Peter G.

7 pm

Hidden Pubs of Old London Town Not Running

Temple underground station, London

Guided by Andrew

Cheek-by-jowl, higgledy-piggledy, quintessential London.

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7.30 pm

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour Not Running

Tower Hill underground station, London (meet by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stand) | Map

Guided by Adam or Andrew or Donald or Molly or Oliver or Shaughan or Stephen

Do the Jack the Ripper Virtual Tour. “In 1888 I was a freak. Today I’m an amateur” — Jack the Ripper


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