How the City Got Rich

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Tower Hill tube station, London

Guided by David P. or Mary B.

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Short read: A new walk. Exactly what it says on the tin. Star, elite guides: top-flight, professionally qualified (City of London and Blue Badge, respectively) guides Mary B. and David P.

Good listen: Here’s a great podcast guide (and London Mayor) David did about How the City Got Rich – the walk and the history.

Longer read: “Since Dick Whittington first came to the City of London 600 years ago, people have thought of the streets of London as ‘paved with gold’. Exploring ancient City of London alleyways – finding and opening up to view the historic hotspots – we piece it together, make the connections, decipher it, discover how (and why) thanks to merchant shipping, monarchy, Methodism, Mercers (Whittington’s ‘Livery Company’ that still thrives today) and much more, including, yes, coffee houses, London came to be so much richer than Luton, Lisbon or Lima”


How the City Got Rich takes place at 2.30 pm every Tuesday. The meeting point is just outside the exit of Tower Hill Tube. Meet David by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stall. 


“by far the most impressive series of walks that I have ever encountered are those offered by London Walks”  Travel and Enjoy

“the unfailingly fascinating London Walks… If you can’t find one [of their tours] that captures your fancy, maybe you really are tired of life.”  San Francisco Chronicle


If you can’t make one of the regularly scheduled, just-turn-up, public How the City Got Rich walks do think about booking one as a private tour. If you go private you can have the How the City Got Rich walk – or any other London Walk – on a day and at a time that suits your convenience. We’ll tailor it to your requirements. Ring Fiona or Noel or Mary on 020 7624 3978 or email us at and we’ll set it up and make it happen for you. A private London Walk – they’re good value for an individual or couple and sensational value for a group – makes an ideal group or educational or birthday party or office (team-building) or club outing.


A private London Walk makes a seriously special, thoughtful and unusual gift – be it a birthday or anniversary or graduation or Christmas present or whatever. Merchandise schmerchandise (gift wrapped or not) – but giving someone an experience, now that’s special. Memories make us rich.


Don’t just take it from us.

1 review for How the City Got Rich

  1. Clive and Ella Fisk

    We have enjoyed several Walks covering the same geographical area but this gave us a different appreciation of how the tiny ‘Square Mile’ gradually developed from almost nothing pre Roman times to become a world financial centre due to a sequence of events. Jackie was an informative and knowledgeable guide.

    Non review
    Since the mid-noughties Pre COVID we would visit London two or three times a year and would always try to do a couple of the Walks in groups of to about 30 people which could be a little unwieldy. On Tuesday we found that we were the only two to have booked and would not have been surprised if the Walk was cancelled but we were delighted that Jackie seemed happy to take just ourselves and we really enjoyed being able to have a more personal interaction. Greatly appreciated, Jackie.

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