London Walks by Date

6 October 2022

10.10 am
Thames Sightseeing, Brunel's River Cruise Running

Embankment underground station, London (river exit) | Map

Guided by Andy W. or Maribeth or Martin or Robert

“I have been on several London walks but this was simply the best, with a boat ride thrown in and an amazing surprise at the end!”

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10.15 am
Inside Story – Covent Garden Running

Covent Garden underground station, London

Guided by Adam or Claire or Jan or Karen or Simon W.

Taking You Inside LONDON

 Gets you to places other people don’t get to see.

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10.45 am
Old Mayfair Running

Green Park underground station, London (north exit, on the corner)

Guided by Peter G. or Richard III

“the champagne & caviar of London Walks”


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11 am
Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Running

Tottenham Court Road underground station, London (exit 1)

Guided by Richard P

“Richard Porter’s personal kinship with John, Paul, George and Ringo makes his tours some of the most popular in the city”, USA Today

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11 am
The Famous Square Mile Running

Monument Underground station, London (Fish Street Hill exit)

Guided by Delianne or Fiona or Judy or Simon or Tom

The great classic London Walk: explores the very heart of the City – the most historic part of the capital…

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2 pm
Ahoy! The Mayflower Village Running

Rotherhithe Overground station, London

Guided by Maribeth or Martin or Michael or Tim

“this place still looks like – feels like – what it once was”

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2 pm
Old Westminster Walking Tour Running

Westminster Underground station, London (exit 4)

Guided by Ann or David or David T. or Isobel or Judy or Karen or Oliver or Shaughan or Simon

“the cornerstone walk – miss it and you’ve missed London” 

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2 pm
Kensington – Royal Village Running

High Street Kensington underground station, London (meet by the Wasabi restaurant at the end of the shopping arcade that links the station with the High Street)) | Map

Guided by Adam or David

“if you understand this Kensington house you understand London”

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2.15 pm
The Blitz Running

St. Paul's underground station, London (exit 2)

Guided by Fiona or Russell or Tom

“London turned crimson”

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2.30 pm
All Around the University – Firsts & Inventions in the History of Medicine Running

Russell Square underground station, London

Guided by Rick Jones

Just a little prick…  from Edward Jenner to AstraZeneca

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7 pm
Jack the Ripper’s Whitechapel Tour (Small group tour) Running

Whitechapel Underground Station, exit 1

Guided by Richard Walker

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7.30 pm
Jack the Ripper Walking Tour Running

Tower Hill underground station, London (meet by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stand) | Map

Guided by Adam or Andy or Andy F. or Molly or Oliver or Shaughan or Simon or Stephen

“London Walks tells us why the case matters – unlike sensationalist competitors”  

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