David M (for Magic)

“David is a prize-winning London guide and a TikTok influencer, with over 60 million views on his page, “The London Spy”.

He was formerly a Vice President at Deutsche Bank, with a degree in Latin and Ancient Greek, and is a member of the Magic Circle (along with King Charles), the most prestigious magical association in the world.

He particularly enjoys adding magic to his tours for an unforgettable experience, including bespoke effects created for his Harry Potter tours, and also collects rare books and objects that he shares on his walks.

He has over 500 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor and has the following quotes from people who know what they are talking about:

“Hugely enjoyed the Fleet Street Apocalypse tour, especially with the added magical ingredient.”
– Simon Calder, Travel Editor of the Independent

“5 Stars out of 5, excellent, great walk down Fleet Street” – Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet

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Harry Potter Film Locations in the City
Harry Potter Film Locations in the City

Saturday, 20 July 2024 @ 11 am (This walk goes every Saturday)

"And now, Harry, let us pursue that flighty temptress, adventure"