Virtual Tours of London

London Walks is back. Back guiding. Back discovering London. Back exploring it. Doing what we do. Doing it live but in a somewhat different form than “before.”

2020 (and early 2021) put us – London Walks guides – to the test but neither the Coronavirus nor the lockdown stopped us doing our thing: guiding London, showing it to people, showing them how to read it. The virtual walking tours available here are the best way to visit London from the comfort of your living room. We take you much further – drill down much deeper – than a simple, one-dimensional Google street view. Best of all it’s seeing London through the eyes of Londoners who are friendly, elite, world-class local guides. With our new live virtual tours, out tour guides have been able to give the London travel experience to people from all around the world in the midst of a pandemic and social distancing.

So let’s roll. Let’s visit London, the hotspots and beyond – from the crown jewels at the Tower of London to 10 Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. From the Queen’s London residence, Buckingham Palace, to the Royal Albert Hall. Explore London – cruise the Thames from Tower Bridge to Westminster and Greenwich, skylark on the London Eye. Do a tour of the National Gallery and the British Museum and Natural History Museum. Hidden gems and history aplenty await us.

To go on a London Walks Virtual Guided Tour just click through to the Eventbrite link and register. Cometh the hour we’ll all gather round the Zoom ‘fireplace’ and off we’ll go. Into London at its fascinating best. An online tour lasts about an hour. It’s interactive, there’s Q & A afterward and, more often than not, some socialising (people from all over the world are round that ‘online fireplace’).

Ok, that’s enough lead-in, enough drum roll. Here. We. Go.

Oxford - Virtual Day Trip

22 June 2021 @ 6 pm

The City of 'dreaming spires' and academe. Students and bicycles. And the motor car... Guided by Chris

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Anna visits Florence: Cradle of the Renaissance

23 June 2021 @ 6.30 pm

A Highlight tour of Florence: Cradle of the Renaissance and City of Art.  Guided by Anna

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Beatles in Swinging London

23 June 2021 @ 7 pm

Beatles Meet-up. The Fabs, Swinging London, "the Pied Piper of Beatlemania" and fans from all over the world. Guided by Richard P.

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St. Paul's Cathedral – Virtual Tour

23 June 2021 @ 7 pm

"It is hard not to sound like a bad Churchillian parody, but in fact this is why we fought the war" Guided by Leo 

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1066 & All That: A Tour of the Bayeux Tapestry

23 June 2021 @ 7 pm

The world's oldest 'comic strip' tells the engaging story of the Norman Conquest of England in action-packed scenes of pageantry and mayhem. Guided by Steve F

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London A -Z ...A Virtual tour Series

24 June 2021 @ 11 am (Click here for more dates)

The team that brought you The Story Of London bring you a NEW eight-part series of virtual tours… London From A-Z! Hosted by Adam, Fiona, Karen, Russell & Simon W.

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Musical Chelsea

24 June 2021 @ 7 pm

London Calling! The Story Of London Through Its Music…  Guided by Adam In Chelsea we meet: The Rolling Stones, Judy Garland, Arthur Sullivan, Bohemian London, Marianne Faithfull, King Charles II and Ralph Vaughan Williams.

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Cool Cats – London's Beloved Mouse Officers

24 June 2021 @ 7.15 pm

There are cats everywhere with admirers throughout the world. From the Ancient Egyptians to our own family friends... Guided by Isobel

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Around the Abbey

25 June 2021 @ 6 pm

Westminster Abbey, crowning place of Kings since 1066, centre of a great community, now lost. We look at what remains. Guided by Chris

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London on Film Part 1: Frozen in Time in the Square Mile

26 June 2021 @ 10 pm

The old City of London has been a haven for moviemakers for over a century, and here are some of the glorious highlights. Guided by Richard IV

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Treasures of Ancient Britain – Stonehenge to Saxons

27 June 2021 @ 5 pm (Click here for more dates)

Prehistoric stone circles, Roman houses and a Saxon grave fit for a king...

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Hampstead & The Heath – the Paragon of London Villages

27 June 2021 @ 6.30 pm

"the paragon of London villages"

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Abbey Road – The Beatles and Beyond

27 June 2021 @ 7 pm

Inside Abbey Road Studios`– how this ordinary townhouse became the cradle of rock music...

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Alfred Hitchcock in London – Virtual Tour

27 June 2021 @ 10 pm

The Master of Suspense worked with many great stars, and here we visit one of his all-time favourites: London! Guided by Richard IV

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A Hard Day's Night with the Beatles in Marylebone

30 June 2021 @ 7 pm

"a splendid time is guaranteed for all"  Guided by Richard P., "the pied piper of Beatlemania"

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The British Library: A Virtual Walk through the World's Collective Memory

02 July 2021 @ 7 pm

Our tongue's cathedral is the British Library. Guided by Steve

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Père Lachaise cemetery: resting place of the famous

02 July 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

Père Lachaise is full of the famous dead, with beautiful and often strange tombs where lines blur between Paganism and Christianity. Guides by Chris Spence

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Stand & Deliver! The Outlaws & Highwaymen of Merrie England

03 July 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

A wild ride through the romance and the reality of 'The Knights of the Road'  Led by Richard Walker

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Sherlock Holmes Saves the Nation!

03 July 2021 @ 7 pm

Sherlock Holmes Saves the Nation! The world of the Diogenes Club in Westminster and St James's. Guided by Richard IV

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The Rebirth of Saxon London – Archaeology Virtual Tour

04 July 2021 @ 6.30 pm

"...although the Anglo-Saxons have a rich history how much of it can be trusted?" Find out on this tour. Guided by Kevin

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Bob Dylan in London Virtual Tour

05 July 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

Bob Dylan in 1960 London – three visits that changed the course of popular culture  

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Graveyards to die for

06 July 2021 @ 7 pm

"it was a rat's delight and a health emergency"

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A Paris Walk - The Village of Montmatre

09 July 2021 @ 7 pm

Take a virtual tour of the Village of Montmartre in Paris. Guided by Brad

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Beatlemania – The Virtual Tour

11 July 2021 @ 10 pm (Click here for more dates)

From a wintry Trafalgar Square in 1961 to Buckingham Palace in 1965 this upbeat virtual tour charts the rise and rise of The Fab Four against the backdrop of London in the Swinging Sixties. Guided by Adam

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Radio Days – the Science & Show Business Virtual Tour

12 July 2021 @ 7 pm

The science and show business virtual tour...  Guided by Adam

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The French Revolution - 1789

14 July 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

1789 sounded the death knell for the Old Regime. Key events played out in Paris and this tour brings a fascinating period to life.  Guided by Chris S. from Paris Walks

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A Paris Walk - Saint-Germain-des-Près

16 July 2021 @ 7 pm

Take a virtual tour of Saint-Germain-des-Près. Guided by Brad

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Jack the Ripper Virtual Tour

17 July 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

“Theories! We were almost lost in theories – there were so many of them” – Chief Inspector Aberline  Guided by Richard 

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The River Seine - the most beautiful avenue in the world!

21 July 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

From prehistoric times to the present and beyond - let's dive into the Seine's treasure trove of secrets lurking in the murky depths! Guided by Chris Spence

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Judy – In Search Of Judy Garland In London

26 July 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

Blending scenes from Judy Garland's life in Chelsea, Marylebone & the West End with locations from the Rene Zellweger movie. Guided by Adam

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Van Gogh - The last 70 days

29 July 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

Vincent thought himself a failure, selling only 1 canvas in his lifetime. Today his works and life story both captivate and fascinate. Guided by Chris Spence

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Handel in London – Virtual Tour

06 September 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

"What does English history sound like?"  Guided by Adam

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East London Street Art – Virtual Tour

06 September 2021 @ 8 pm (Click here for more dates)

exciting corner of the street art in London  Guided by Leo

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Mozart in London – Virtual Tour

09 September 2021 @ 7 pm

the life, the career, the London of history’s most mythologised composer  Guided by Adam

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The Kinks in London – Virtual Tour

13 September 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

Ready, Steady, Go… Guided by Adam

5 years that changed the face of pop & rock 1964-69

4 of the unlikeliest pop stars of all-time

3 number one hits

2 warring brothers

1 unique story

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Beatles & Rolling Stones in 60s London – Virtual Tour

20 September 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

Let's get back. Beatles and Stones in 60s London. The biggest names in Rock’n’Roll. Made right here in London.

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Lionel Bart's London! – Virtual Tour

30 September 2021 @ 7 pm

In search of the composer of Oliver! He made and squandered a fortune.. and the Greek chorus of tabloid middle England thrilled to his Icarus fall.

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Spooky Radio Nite Halloween Music Special – Virtual Tour

28 October 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

Music, monsters & murder. No tricks: it's ALL treat. Don't worry – it'll all be done in the worst possible taste!

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London's Women of World War 1

11 November 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

Celebrate the extraordinary work of central London's Women of World War 1 with London Walks and actress and tour guide Fiona-Jane Weston

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Zeppelin Nights – A Virtual Walk for Remembrance Sunday

14 November 2021 @ 6.30 pm

the 1915 flight path and bomb run through World War I London

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The London of Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol

19 December 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

An affectionate celebration of the real places behind this timeless classic. A revealing virtual tour of the City Dickens knew so well.

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Sherlock Holmes & Conan Doyle at Christmas

19 December 2021 @ 10 pm

An affectionate Yuletide offering from the glory days of the Great Detective and his creator.

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Last Christmas – The Christmas Music Virtual Tour & Singalong

23 December 2021 @ 7 pm (Click here for more dates)

A Christmas stocking of delights: a musical tour of Christmas; West End history, its hidden places & hidden places; film locations in the movie Last Christmas.

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