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Virtual  Sherlock Holmes – Virtual Tour

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26 July 2020 Special3 pm4 pm Summer
9 August 2020 Special3 pm4 pm Summer
23 August 2020 Special3 pm4 pm Summer
20 September 2020 Special3 pm4 pm Summer

The footsteps of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson still echo loud and clear amid the glorious buildings, fascinating alleyways and evocative gas lamps of the Strand and Covent Garden. Among the highlights are two theatres where Holmes got the better of Professor Moriarty, and a third where he went with Watson to celebrate the end of two thrilling cases.

We track down Dr Mortimer’s old hospital from ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ (Holmes was later taken there for emergency treatment), a street where Mycroft Holmes displayed uncharacteristic energy to help Watson, Holmes’s favourite restaurant, and the scene (barely changed) of a famous rendezvous with Mary Morstan in ‘The Sign of Four’.

We pick up the trail of William Gillette, the first great actor to play Holmes, and see the unobtrusive office building where the fate of Irene Adler was decided (and the start of her journey when she left England ‘never to return’).

Plus turning our magnifying glasses on a location used in both the BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ and CBS’s ‘Elementary’, and a railway station where our heroes set off on two of their most baffling cases.

Not forgetting several clues about Arthur Conan Doyle himself: we visit a street where he stayed whilst working on some of the original stories, the offices of the Strand Magazine where Holmes became famous, and even a theatre where Holmes once came to the rescue of his creator— intriguing!

Guided by actor and audiobook narrator Richard Burnip.