What Walkers Say

“The Best Walking Tour Company!”    Sabida from California     1 Feb 2020  (TA)

“We have used London Walks over and over again. It’s a wonderful idea – you pick your walk, show up at the Tube, pay your 10 pounds, and off you go! Our favorites so far were to the British Museum and on the Harry Potter Filming Locations tour as a family, and through Westminster Abbey with a friend. You get so much more depth to seeing some of these major attractions with a knowledgeable guide, but it doesn’t feel touristy at all! There are always locals along on these walks, which says a lot about them. I have this recurring daydream about going back and building a whole trip around this company’s offerings. Seriously, if you find yourself in London, just GO. You won’t be disappointed (I’m loving their Instagram page too! Thanks so much, London Walks!”


Richard III’s Old Mayfair – Brilliant    Chris Clements – Woodford   January 2016  (TA)

“We went on 4 walks-the Westminster walk with Hilary; St. Pauls with Mary; the British Museum with Isabella; and the Ripper walk with Peter. We all loved our walks and found each guide to be absolutely informed on the subject matter. I would highly recommend these tours to anyone.”


“Little Venice with Shaughan”  Corinne Rost – Amherst, NY,  October 2015  (TA)

“We went on the Little Venice walk with Shaun. It was a fascinating trip full of interesting information and fun ditties. Would never have visited the area usually, but the walk allowed me to discover parts of London and see them through fresh eyes.”


“A London Walks tour is now a staple”  Barbara  October 2015  (TA)

“The Ghost Walk Tour (with Adam) was great fun! It’s an informative and entertaining peek into some of London’s macabre history and folklore. Adam is a captivating storyteller and a personable walking host (he was very good with the tiny children of our group, too, who otherwise might have been a bit too scared by the gruesome tales); the time flew by! I also loved the Jack the Ripper tour (with Shaughan), which I took last year. A London Walks tour is now a staple in my semi-annual holiday to London.”


“Thank you so much, London Walks” Bonnie Rose – Clermont-Ferrand, France, Sept 2015 (TA)

“My wife and I have taken number of London Walks, and enjoyed these immensely (during late 2013, and August 2015). Highlights have been Jack the Ripper (Don), Along the Thames Pub walk (Adam), the British Museum (Karen), Dickens and Shakespeare (David)… but the real show-stopper was Along the Thames Pub walk (Katy). I cannot recommend this one enough — history, pubs, and above all, laughs and general entertainment! (including unscripted moments with foxes, or police take-downs, where she never misses a beat) Other guides and walks have been really delightful, too (Richard III, Richard the Red Hat, Peter, Rex). This is a great way to see and learn about London. Thank you so much, London Walks!!”


“the guides [are] unparalleled in their knowledge”  Nathan H – Malvern PA, August 2015 (TA)

“I cannot recommend London Walks enough. With London Walks I have toured Old Mayfair, Legal London, Westminster, the Ancient City at Night, Leeds Castle, the BBC, Stonehenge, Canterbury, Oxford and the Cotswolds. I especially love exploring the back road and alleys that I would never have known to go to on my own. I recommend London Walks to everyone. Anyone that has taken my advice has come back and thanked me for the recommendation. The pace of the tours is perfect, the subject matters are interesting and the guides unparalleled in their knowledge. I am planning my fourth trip to London for this upcoming summer and the first thing I did to plan my trip was to look up the London Walks schedule. I can’t wait to take a canal walk.”


Liz O’Donnell – Los Angeles, California, February 2015

I took three 10-year-olds on the river beach walk today. We had a lot of fun. I found the introductory talk interesting and informative, although it was a bit too long for the children. We loved looking for treasure on the beach and one of the children was very pleased when Fiona asked to take one of the glass pieces to be checked by experts.

Nicky – London, February 2015

My friends and I recently did the Ghost Walking Tour (on Monday, Dec. 15th). We had a blast! Our guide was very knowledgeable, and we learned a lot about the folklore of the city. We also saw places we would have never found on our own, like cool alleyways and historic restaurants. I highly recommend taking a tour on one of your first days visiting London, as our guide showed us many places that we wanted to go back to and explore. It was definitely worth every penny!

Nadia – Detroit, Mi, December 2014

Just before leaving for London I found London Walks in a guidebook. I looked them up in the Internet and decided to join the Greenwich walk with my daughter, because we wanted to go there anyway. In uninviting rainy weather we went to the wrong meeting place (always wait near the tube!!!) but were lucky to meet an Israelian lady who came there, too and headed back to the tube and found Richard III. We joined at the boat and were very lucky, because we had a great day out starting with an interesting enjoyable tour with lots of information, insights and tips for further activities afterwards like the museum, the Royal Observatory and a noodle restaurant, where we met the Israelian lady again and enjoyed a great meal together. As I especially liked the way Richard III put the informations into life – spiked with humorous remarks and in a voice I could listen to hours on end – I tried to find out which tours he would do next. Fortunately I found his homepage where all his tours are listed. (As you might have noticed there are usually a few names listed in the leaflet…) So we went on the Mayfair tour yesterday, the Dickens one today and are looking forward to the Portobello one tomorrow. Unfortunally we will leave on Sunday – there is still so much to explore, see and learn… I will miss walking around listening to Richard III and hope he will still be doing those tours when I come back the next time! Thanks a lot for a great experience so different from the ordinary commercial sightseeing offers! You can be sure, that I will recommend you to everyone who tells me that he / she wants to go to London!!! Lots of love, Meike

Meike – Husum an der Nordsee, Germany, October 2014

I have just returned from an early September 2014 trip on which I took four London Walks tours, and all of them were top-shelf.

Fiona was my guide for This is London and the Blitz tour a day later. On the first tour, she made sure to get us to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard, but without rushing us. She was not shy about accepting questions, even 1 on 1 while we were walking to the next spot.

Fedra was my guide on the Westminster Abbey tour on Friday a.m., and she was fantastic. She did a great job of corralling our 20-person group through the narrow corridors and making herself heard despite the din of many other groups. Her knowledge was great and she has a wicked sense of humor (with comic timing!).

My biggest thrill of that tour was being able to gaze upon the burial spot of my favorite composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams. To be in the presence of “Uncle Ralph” is a moment I will never forget. When no one was looking, I cheated and took a photo. (Hope I’m not barred at UK Border next year!)

Hilary was a terrific guide on the In Churchill’s Footsteps tour, even though the Tour of Britain caused us a few detours. I am quite a Churchill maven, but she told me much I did not know. The Churchill War Rooms and museum were wonderful at the end of the tour, but I need to return there when I have a bit more time.

I will return in September 2015, and London Walks again will be a big part of my trip. Thank you.

Stephen – Las Vegas USA, October 2014

Stupendous !!! I was there with “Life can be a trip!” and we had Katy as our guide…it was truly a trip of a lifetime. She was so knowledgeable and so funny…it was beyond anything I would have imagined it would be. We did a trip to Downton Abby and all the trappings that went with it for 9 days…..BRAVO…keep up the great work until we meet again…Gary

GaryMaas – Erie,PA USA, August 2014

Yesterday Morning took place our 2nd London Walks experience and it was such a great time! In fact it was just the perfect day as it turned out to be the Summer Fair in this marvellous part of London. Guided through the marvellous old Hampstead Village by the so smart and passionate David: thank you so much! Each tour is such a delight! The atmosphere and the sharing spirit with the other “Walkers”: a cheerful experience of learning together. London Walks? THE way to visit London!

Cece – Avignon, France, July 2014

Just back from a long weekend in London and a wonderful guided tour of the Tower of London with Judy. What a treat! She is so competent, witty and really transports you into the right spirit and into the place’s atmosphere while delivering tons of information. We had two boys aged 7 and 10 and they too were totally absorbed. Big thumbs up to Judy and London Walks, we will be back!

Elena – Stockholm, Sweden, December 2013

The walk, led by Steve around the St Pancras area in the pouring rain, was totally fascinating. Apart from hearing the history of the area and the redevelopment of the stations, which we had expected, we were led to a lovely old churchyard and through a sliver of wasteland transformed into a natural park. Over two hours of extremely interesting information. THANK YOU Steve.   I’ll be back for more next time I’m in London.

Janet Curran – Lancashire, October 2013