Why go with London Walks?

For the same reason you come to London. You’re in the best city in the world. The best merits the best. So why wouldn’t you close the deal – see London with the people who do it best? The London Walks team of elite Blue Badge guides and their cohorts, accomplished professionals in law, medicine, archaeology, history, geology, art, theatre, architecture, etc.

“If this were a golf tournament every name on the Leader Board would be a London Walks guide.”

Welcome to London

There’s something for everyone in London. Starting with its long, spellbinding history – its cavalcade of glorious and darkest and finest hours. Its nonpareil art, literature, music and theatre scenes. Its renowned architecture. Its financial might. Its royal fever. Its unequalled rock ‘n’ roll heritage and scene. Its vibrant street art. Its culinary wonders. Its heady cosmopolitan mix. Its museums and galleries. Its squares like hundreds of flung emeralds. Its vast green Never Never Lands of parks and gardens and heaths and urban countryside. Its world-beating sporting scene. Its villages and waterways. Its secret and mysterious places. Its low, dramatic skies. Its flat vowels and customs and civilised ways. And, yes, even its climate.

Yes, welcome to London. Welcome to a city made for pleasure, made for walking, made for exploring, made for wondering at, made for taking delight in.

How will you regard it? What memories will you take away? Depends on how you see it and who you see it with. Which is why – yes, here it is again – those who know see it with London Walks.

About London Walks – The Dictionary Definition

“Without a doubt the premier walking tour company in the entire world” – USA Tour Guide Convention

  1. London’s unrivalled, multi-award-winning, time-honoured, signature walking tour company.
  2. The gold standard. Hallmarks are an astonishing variety of routes, utter reliability and – most important of all – world-class guides.
  3. Cauldron of creativity – run as a guides’ cooperative.
  4. The keys to the world’s most elusive city. “London Walks makes the new familiar and the familiar new.”
  5. Local, non-corporate, integrous, aggressively non-commercial, family-owned, fiercely independent.
  6. It all comes down to the guiding – which is why London Walks is in a class by itself.
  7. Tours guided by accomplished professionals.
  8. The oldest urban walking tour company in the world.
  9. The port of call that breaks the circle of bewilderment, kindles an inexhaustible fascination.
  10. Superb reviews – see what The New York Times and 30 other world class publications and travel experts say about us.

Who are your guides?

They’re Londoners of course. Londoners who are accomplished professionals. Londoners who know their city intimately. From its world-famous sites and landmarks to its secret places and hidden gems. And what matters most here, with London Walks guides you get bona fide expertise, expertise that draws on back stories and insiders’ stories and local knowledge and connections. You meet – usually figuratively but sometimes literally – fascinating characters, Londoners, who’ve made a difference, shaped London into what it is today.

Book a London Walk or a virtual tour and your guide will come from an All Star team that includes:

  • The former Editor of Independent Television News
  • A barrister
  • A doctor
  • A criminal defence lawyer
  • A former Museum of London archaeologist
  • A museum curator
  • A University College London geologist
  • A senior partner in a City of London international law firm
  • A composer
  • The author of The Lonely Planet Guide to London
  • A CBE
  • An OBE
  • Two MBEs
  • The creme de la creme of Blue Badge guides

We’re proud that our Guides’ hard work, passion and expertise are widely recognised and have earned the following credits:

  • 5 Guide of the Year award winners
  • 3 top awards for the company
  • London’s highest rated walking tour
  • 5-Star Rating on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor

Check out our customer reviews.

What London Walks offers today

✓ 800 London Walks
✓ 500 shoe-leather-on-pavement walks
✓ 300 virtual tours
✓ 1672 years of guiding experience
✓ 82 guides
✓ 365 days a year

Last but not least, we’re London’s one and only “Windmill Theatre” walking tour company – just like the Windmill Theatre during World War II, “we never closed”.

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Who books with London Walks?

There’s a London Walk for everybody! Whether you’re visiting the capital, you’re a local who’d like to explore the ins and outs of a new neighbourhood, or you’d like to gift a tour, explore our great selection of walks. We’ve got access to places the johnny-come-latelys can’t get into.

  • Couples – yes, why not gift your loved one a unique experience?
  • Families with kids – it’s so affordable, £5 for kids of 8 to 15 years old. Free for kids under 8.
  • Friends – a great walking tour is a great time for small and intimate groups .
  • Co-workers – a guided walk is the perfect outdoor team-building activity .
  • Londoners – In normal times, even when London is full of tourists, 50 percent of our walkers are Londoners. When in
  • London, do as Londoners do.
  • The incorrigibly curious – our walking tours are an inspiring journey into the city’s past and present.
  • Women – a London Walk is a safe activity for those who travel alone.
  • Groups – from school groups to intimate private tours, we cater for everyone.

How to book?

Search by day and book your walk directly on our website or contact us if you have any questions. For the walk, just turn up at the specified meeting place and time. London Walks is utterly reliable. No walks are cancelled because there aren’t enough walkers booked in it. See you soon!