London Walks Podcasts

Another art tour de force – Helena leads us to Caravaggio

Date post added: 15th April 2021

“his breaking down of the barrier between the picture plane and the viewer’s space in such a dramatic and intense way the viewer feels they are as much of a participant as a spectator to what is going on”

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Meet Your Guide – Rick Jones (“I danced to Norwich in nine days”)

Date post added: 14th April 2021

“We’ve had a report that there’s someone dancing along the motorway, a man in a costume”

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History matters – Slavery & the City

Date post added: 13th April 2021

“in many ways they’ve made us all complicit in the slave trade”

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A Londoner – Carl from Germany (and London)

Date post added: 12th April 2021

“the diversity of things…that’s something that only London can offer”

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David recommends – Part II (the perfect route across Regent’s Park)

Date post added: 11th April 2021

“I’m looking at a secret waterfall”

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David’s Recommendation – Part I

Date post added: 11th April 2021

“a row of seven astonishing mansions’

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Prince Philip Remembered – London Walks Guides Look Back

Date post added: 9th April 2021

“who’s going to call the Queen ‘Cabbage’ now?”…”the question he asked us was, ‘how much do you earn?'”

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She’s won more Oscars than anyone else – meet Fiona

Date post added: 8th April 2021

“you direct people’s attention in the way that a film director chooses a particular shot”

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London & the Letter L – Fiona’s the guide, The London A to Z is the bailwick

Date post added: 7th April 2021

“you’re looking at the office where the Archbishop of Canterbury works”

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“When the moon is a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas”

Date post added: 6th April 2021

“I want Richard Walker in my pocket narrating my life”

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