London Walks Podcasts

“I’ve put a tracker on Boris Johnson”

Date post added: 18th June 2021

“see power for what it is – and where it is”

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A Horse-drawn City

Date post added: 16th June 2021

“how influential those horses are to the way we use London today”

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“This is the essential walk to do”

Date post added: 11th June 2021

“that network of tiny little alleyways is so complicated, so intricate…”

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A textbook example of great guiding (yes, it’s barrister Tom Hooper MBE)

Date post added: 8th June 2021

“he wrote a book called The Lives of the Famous Whores”

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Tom the ‘recovering barrister’ on a cardinal London Walk – Part I

Date post added: 7th June 2021

“seeing things they wouldn’t have noticed themselves”

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To see London you have to hear it

Date post added: 7th June 2021

“it opens doors of meaning and understanding”

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Bayswater – “that diamond of London place-names”

Date post added: 5th June 2021

“London place-names are an x-ray – they show you the past”

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My Favourite Interview – Hampstead Artist Matt Phillips

Date post added: 4th June 2021

“trying to capture how they’re feeling”

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“I have a particular interest in the unsung stories in London”

Date post added: 3rd June 2021

“the first stop, we have to start big…”

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“Is Paris burning?”

Date post added: 2nd June 2021

“Eisenhower had no intention of liberating Paris”

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