London Walks Podcasts

All About the Old Westminster Walk (spiced with Kissinger and Oscar Wilde)

Date post added: 30th November 2023

“aerial combat was something at which Canadian pilots excelled”

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My Fair Lady in Hampstead – Director’s Notes

Date post added: 26th November 2023

“the challenging task of presenting 1912 London in a church”

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Pickpockets & Partygate, Cats & Cafes

Date post added: 15th November 2023

The thought that some lowlife preyed upon you. That you were their prey.

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What shall we do after the walk? Got any suggestions?

Date post added: 9th November 2023

It’s like walking through a rainforest…

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The Week Ahead & Some Juicy Extras

Date post added: 6th November 2023

Coo, Taters! ain’t it.

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A Retrospective – London Walks in 1980

Date post added: 3rd November 2023

June was cremated on a beach in Bali.

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London Weather

Date post added: 31st October 2023

It doesn’t rain on London.

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The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Date post added: 28th October 2023

“Holmes had sacrificed himself in order to destroy the Napoleon of Crime…”

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A Potpourri – John Constable, the Great Pyramid, Rhyming Slang, Jackspeak, Gronk, Flag Football, Grandslam, Taboos, etc.

Date post added: 23rd October 2023

“On entering an Underground train it is customary to shake hands with every passenger”

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The Summit – Up on the Roof of London

Date post added: 17th October 2023

“from up here Constable could see all the way down the Thames estuary”

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