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Paris Under Paris – Paris Walks guide Chris Spence takes us into ‘the land of eternal darkness’

Date post added: 23rd September 2021

“Paris above ground comes from Paris below ground”

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Ring in the Equinox – What Autumn is All About

Date post added: 18th September 2021

“many different ways of calculating time”

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History of Fashion – A Taster from Simon’s Virtual Tour Series

Date post added: 17th September 2021

“prostitutes in mediaeval London were tolerated as long as they wore yellow caps”

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The Beatles Fab Four Cities – Richard’s new book

Date post added: 10th September 2021

Yeah Yeah Yeah. Richard’s got a new book on the Beatles coming out (publication date: October 11). It’s titled The Beatles Fab Four Cities: Liverpool, Hamburg, London and New York. He’s co-authored it with the chap who does Beatles tours in Liverpool and the gal who does them in New York. Book’s about the Beatles’ […]

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“A masterpiece by one of the greatest artists of all time”

Date post added: 3rd September 2021

This is the fifth and final part of Helena’s series on Caravaggio’s masterpiece, The Taking of Christ. At one point Helena speaks of “the beauty and quality of this work.” That phrase is equally applicable to her work – her art criticism/appreciation/history. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, I am, without fail, spellbound […]

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Hallelujah! Seeing Caravaggio’s masterpiece through Helena’s eyes

Date post added: 27th August 2021

“the most psychologically complex study of Judas’ character in the history of art”

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The Woman Who Made the World See the Light

Date post added: 24th August 2021

“her influence spanned continents”

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Helena gifts us another spellbinding quarter of an hour on Giotto’s masterpiece

Date post added: 20th August 2021

“he recoils in utter horror”

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Helena masters a masterpiece

Date post added: 13th August 2021

“the frescoes are like a live-action movie”

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Nobody does it better – Helena’s latest art history feast

Date post added: 6th August 2021

“the powers of darkness are at full strength”

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