London Walks suspended (briefly) but we’re still guiding – Podcasts and Virtual Tours Online!

London Walks Podcasts

Margaret guides the Great Bed of Ware at the V & A

Date post added: 10th July 2020

“there is a legend that one night during a butchers’ convention 26 butchers and their wives slept in this bed”

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From the Archive – RSC actor Nick Day guides the Painted Hall in Greenwich

Date post added: 9th July 2020

“here we have William handing the red cap of liberty to Europe…here we have the man who invented the first television aerial [joke, needless to say]”

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Executions at Tower Hill – Barrister Tom Enlivens Them

Date post added: 8th July 2020

“it took eight hits of the axe to get his head off, to put it bluntly”

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London Walks History – The Day Trips

Date post added: 7th July 2020

“Always drink upstream from the herd…we had to slip the surly bonds of the coach…fastly superior”

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“Do you ever cross paths with famous people on London Walks?”

Date post added: 6th July 2020

“Simon took an American megastar on a tour and she liked it so much she asked for a second helping – booked Simon for the next day”

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You’re directly above Kensington Palace – 80 feet up, looking down

Date post added: 5th July 2020

You go on a virtual tour of Kensington – the wealthiest borough in London (indeed the wealthiest district in the country) – you best strap yourself in because “Sights & Secrets of Virtual Kensington” takes you through the looking glass: to the Cotswolds and the Egypt of the pharaohs and San Francisco and Docklands and […]

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“What do we see on the Kensington tour?”

Date post added: 4th July 2020

“you’ll see a Victorian mortuary and Brigitte Bardot and a bear being skinned and 1930s workmen on a girder 80 storeys up and a Civet Cat and the prettiest girl in London and World War II bomb damage and Hugh Hefner’s shoes and the four great biblical rivers and Ascot hats…and that’s just for starters”

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The most brilliant London Walks podcast ever – this one will never be bettered

Date post added: 3rd July 2020

“What caused this musical coitus interruptus?”

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Alison on her day trip to St. Albans – and the lest we forget project she’s turned her hand to

Date post added: 2nd July 2020

“on our little street of 60 houses, 15 men lost their lives in the Great War”

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Meet Your Guide – Richard Walker grew up with the Beatles

Date post added: 1st July 2020

“the Beatles had managed to make my hometown the centre of the world”

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Hampstead Heath & Kenwood – Jan takes us there, shows us round

Date post added: 1st July 2020

the beautiful neo-classic villa is a masterpiece…with the star attraction being the library

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The History of London Walks – Part I, the 1960s

Date post added: 29th June 2020

“Keith was fed up with the banality of typical London tourist fare”

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Richard invites us home – to his country house in a Suffolk village

Date post added: 28th June 2020

“the village is small, idiosyncratic and charming”

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Waterloo & ‘the Stiffs’ Express’

Date post added: 27th June 2020

“matter from decomposing bodies leaked into drinking wells and springs”

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Along the Thames

Date post added: 26th June 2020

“we’re going to take a little detour to Udaipur – in western India”

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Hampstead – David guides it (well, part of it)

Date post added: 25th June 2020

“Hampstead’s great advantage as a spa town… in the end proved to be its great disadvantage”

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Mary’s parents both had close calls during the Blitz

Date post added: 24th June 2020

“darkness visible”

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LONDON AT WAR – Russell introduces his Virtual Tour

Date post added: 23rd June 2020

One of the great things about these Virtual Tours is that we can do a lot more than we can when we’re standing on the street…we can use maps and videos and things like that…

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Hampstead Tube Stop – David gives us a little tour

Date post added: 22nd June 2020

“it’s the deepest station in the system – world-class marathon runners train by running up those 320 stairs ten to twelve times a session”

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Unexpected London & Unsung Women – Alison changes the way we see Embankment Gardens

Date post added: 21st June 2020

“it’s so unexpected”

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London is the Place for Me – my name’s Adam and this is my short celebration of Calypso

Date post added: 20th June 2020

“we can hear the influence of Calypsos on so many quintessentially London acts”

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The Dance of the 17 Veils – Isobel choreographs the chorus line of history in London street names

Date post added: 19th June 2020

“11 one-legged men on one team, 11 one-armed men on the other team”

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Hit the Street, Take a Walk on the Beguiled Side – Adam walks a storied London street

Date post added: 18th June 2020


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In the Beginning – David serves up a London tour de force

Date post added: 17th June 2020

“The Mississippi drains a continent. Small beer really. The Thames drains time itself.”

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Wonderful Walworth – Award-winning guide Isobel invites you home

Date post added: 15th June 2020

“the patter and the chatter of the market migrated into the neighbourhood at large”

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Russell Takes Aim at the Duke of Windsor’s Fashion Sense

Date post added: 14th June 2020

“his name was Albert Edward Christian George Patrick Andrew David”

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HOPE TO SEE YOU HERE SOON – Jan takes us through Bloomsbury

Date post added: 12th June 2020

“London is in bloom…”

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THE LONDON EYE – Stephanie takes us for a spin

Date post added: 10th June 2020

“32 carriages, one for each of London’s 32 boroughs”

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London Walks guide interviews the first man on the moon

Date post added: 7th June 2020

“They took all of us to the moon…I was never quite as cool as Armstrong was”

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Brussels, dawn, October 12th, 1915 – David takes aim

Date post added: 5th June 2020

“a woman in central London being executed by a firing squad”

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The woman who faced a firing squad – Laura’s personal connection

Date post added: 3rd June 2020

“dog Jack thought the nurses were sheep and tried to round them up”

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Isobel’s fireworks display of astonishing South London women

Date post added: 1st June 2020

“she was buried in a £5,000 Zandra Rhodes dress stolen from Harrods”

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The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior – Brian bows our heads

Date post added: 31st May 2020

“the sound of the explosion could be heard clearly in London”

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A horsehair pancake fight – Shaughan on Westminster

Date post added: 30th May 2020

“prime ministers have mistresses left, right and centre”

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Barrister Tom Looses His Dry Wit on Notting Hill & Portobello Market

Date post added: 29th May 2020

“he exited a shop with three pairs of women’s red knickers that he hadn’t paid for”

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“All we need to do is look a bit closer” – Jan looks a bit closer

Date post added: 28th May 2020

“let’s walk back in time”

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Date post added: 27th May 2020

“the strangest, bizarrest bit of London”

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Masterclass on Acting, Guiding & ‘Living’ History – Simon Bubb reflects

Date post added: 26th May 2020

“very strange to see ourselves repeating history”

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Date post added: 25th May 2020

“taking people to little known places people they may not come across on their own”

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Bizarre London – great fun, extremely tasteless

Date post added: 21st May 2020

“halfway up the abbey, disaster – scooped as much of William as possible back into the coffin”

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This was a man…

Date post added: 20th May 2020

“where there is a daring deed to be done in any part of the world an Englishman should leap to the front to accomplish it”

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Richard shows you round his village

Date post added: 18th May 2020

“today it’s a sleepy little place…your first sight is the tower of the Norman churches”

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More Westminster delights from Shaughan

Date post added: 16th May 2020

“the Iron Lady, may she rust in peace”

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“You’re walking where the Queen walks” – Shaughan on Westminster

Date post added: 15th May 2020

“Order. Raising a point of order on a point of order that is not a point of order is not a point of order. Sit down”

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Sex & Death in the 1665 Great Plague

Date post added: 14th May 2020

“syphilis was thought to be a remedy…syphilis-ridden prostitutes did a roaring trade”

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“Tastes like toenails” – Ann serves up a hairy German & other London odds & ends

Date post added: 13th May 2020

“50 ways not to write the letter A…in the murky depths of the Thames…a great culinary step forward”

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The History of Life on Our Planet

Date post added: 12th May 2020

“Mary Anning’s specimens changed our view of the history of life…”

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Meet Celebrated Royal Shakespeare Company Actor Nick Day

Date post added: 10th May 2020

“Welcome to my world… let’s imagine that you’ve come to visit me here and you’ve asked me to show you round”

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Disastrous London – Black Death, executions, ghoulish…

Date post added: 9th May 2020

“they still wear hairshirts to this day”

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C THE CITY – Isobel hits a couple of high Cs in the City

Date post added: 9th May 2020

“C a wealth of detail”

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London Catastrophe – frontline report

Date post added: 8th May 2020

“merriment and debauchery…they were having a good time”

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Richard Red Hat invites you home

Date post added: 7th May 2020

“you can’t set foot without treading on a prince”

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Claire on the Balcony – its history, its kisses, its secrets

Date post added: 6th May 2020

“it was a difficult kiss”

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What is a virus? In the Red Zone with Dr Hunter

Date post added: 5th May 2020

“we are still subject to our ancestors, viruses that go back billions of years”

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“Richard’s not a guide, he’s the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes”

Date post added: 4th May 2020

“don’t you hear the Death Hound baying at your heels?”

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A Lifeline for London Walks – Live Virtual Tours (R)

Date post added: 3rd May 2020

“one of London’s secret doors..old fashioned covered arcades twinkle on every corner…for dessert we swing by the official Royal Chocolatier (and we don’t just look, we taste)”

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Bangladesh to Banksy – The Story of London’s New East End

Date post added: 3rd May 2020

“you were taking your life in your hands…the trendiest shopping street in the world…we’re going nightclubbing…going inside to look at a couple of Banksys”

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Crash course on Brexit – by David the Mayor

Date post added: 2nd May 2020

“Go right back. Look at the history. Work out where we are. And why we are where we are today…”

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When Horses Ran London – an 1890s canter with Charlie

Date post added: 2nd May 2020

When horses ran London – left us an amazing legacy – plenty still to see if you know where – and how – to look

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“I love snooping about” By Richard (he of the red cap and dulciloquent voice)

Date post added: 1st May 2020

“Do you like auctions?… The hammer finally came down in my favour…You can almost hear the crowds shouting and the laughter and shrieks of the children and smell the smoke coming from the cannons that have been fired”

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Disastrous London – by Citlalli (1st in English, then in Spanish!)

Date post added: 30th April 2020

“Black Death pits set under well-groomed gardens where people have their lunch, blissfully unaware of the horrors that lie at their feet…”

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The Ultimate Harry Potter Walk – with Hagrid (actor Richard Walker)

Date post added: 29th April 2020

“Words, Harry, are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic”

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Village in Piccadilly – Karen serves up a feast for the senses

Date post added: 28th April 2020

“one of London’s secret doors..old fashioned covered arcades twinkle on every corner…for dessert we swing by the official Royal Chocolatier (and we don’t just look, we taste)”

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No London, no Frankenstein – Adam makes us see it (and hear it)

Date post added: 27th April 2020

“an execution, a dead body snatched, a perfectly good brain smashed into a jar and swapped for a damaged one”

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Meet your guide – the London mayor

Date post added: 26th April 2020

“a lovely, unforgettable moment was the time in the British Museum when a guy went down on his knees and asked his girlfriend to marry him”

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The Old Jewish Quarter – Shaughan shows us round

Date post added: 25th April 2020

“it’s okay dear, it’s been circumcised”

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“it was a total and utter disaster” – Steve on Sailor Town

Date post added: 24th April 2020

“Ships from all over the world, old sugar mill now a famous pub, Oliver Twist and stars”

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The holy of holies – Andy got to see it, interviewed its guardian

Date post added: 23rd April 2020

Up close with the rarest of the rare (quiz question: Shakespeare’s First Folio, the Kennedy assassination, Harry Potter – what are the connections?

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How London got rich – a London Mayor reveals all

Date post added: 22nd April 2020

“Cash flow runs deep, but spirit deeper…”

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Karen honours a robust and hardy Londoner

Date post added: 21st April 2020

“she has listened to the voices on city breezes borne”

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“What were you doing when the lockdown came?” – Richard III remembers

Date post added: 20th April 2020

Richard III’s play was about to open… it was the technical rehearsal…

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Wodehouse’s London – Brought to you by Audiobook Performer Richard Burnip

Date post added: 19th April 2020

Welcome to the sunlit streets of Wodehouse’s London

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Get to know your London Walks guide – Here’s Richard Walker

Date post added: 18th April 2020

“He sounds like Paul McCartney…”

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Steeped in the splendour of Lance’s voice these beautiful words…

Date post added: 17th April 2020

Walking with Wordsworth and “The Voice” (Lance). And into the bargain, a thrilling – and deeply satisfying – piece of literary detective work…

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“their music is part of your story” – Adam on guiding music tours

Date post added: 16th April 2020

“back and forth she crossed, scattering ashes on the Abbey Road crosswalk”

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The National Gallery – a tour de force from art historian Molly

Date post added: 14th April 2020

Solved! Finally. The heist of the famous painting. The great art whodunnit.

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Schitt’s Creek without the Roses – David on Kensington

Date post added: 13th April 2020

David gets in on the act– comes crashing in – on Kensington. This is his first podcast – shocking in places – but you’ll learn some good stuff.

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What you’re about to hear will bring the sunshine breezing back into your life

Date post added: 12th April 2020

“Love sonnets read by Ruth, she of the divine voice – re-sunshines your life”

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What a very very lucky person you are – Ann on tea, rats & the king of chefs

Date post added: 11th April 2020

A culinary and historical feast, this will have you skipping like the high hills. To say nothing of salivating and gorging. And queuing up for Ann’s Foodies’ London walks when they’re back.

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Karen has privileged access to London’s most storied restaurant

Date post added: 10th April 2020

Let’s hear it for privileged access. Taking us in just before it opens – it’s like going backstage just before the curtain rises – “the world’s greatest guide” shows us round, upstairs and downstairs, London’s oldest, classiest, most storied restaurant.

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“Where they watch the clouds” – Fiona takes us there

Date post added: 9th April 2020

“I could listen to this beautiful woman all day”

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The greatest London poem ever

Date post added: 8th April 2020

Accomplished actor and London Walks guide Oliver Beamish delivers a perfectly judged, professionally rendered performance of the greatest poem every written about London, Wordsworth’s sonnet “Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802”

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Songbird Simon W.’s Covent Garden Podcast – Part 1

Date post added: 7th April 2020

Buried treasure – award-winning guide who bursts into song – “you’re going to look up and be absolutely astonished” – “Betsy with her immense size breasts”

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The Best Kept Secret of the 20th Century – Little Venice, Part 3

Date post added: 6th April 2020

One in 150 million million million – Shaughan’s Little Venice walk

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“Oh to be in England” – Shaughan’s Little Venice Tour, Part 2

Date post added: 5th April 2020

swans, mooring rings, a horse escape route, red livery, “the British Open’s” house and her sex life… Some tapas from Part 2 of actor Shaughan Seymour’s Little Venice podcast

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“No driver must be without trousers” – Shaughan’s Little Venice Tour, Part 1

Date post added: 4th April 2020

Serenaded, sex aplenty, serried ranks of celebrities, secrets, sophisticated, Shaughan Seymour…

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Shortest Podcast Ever

Date post added: 3rd April 2020

A guiding tour de force. It’s accomplished actor Oliver Beamish opening his Jack the Ripper walk. A 38-second introduction that doubles as a mini-master class in how it – guiding – should be done.

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Caviar, Champagne & the Man Who Ate His Boots

Date post added: 2nd April 2020

Westminster Abbey, a tortoise that entertained patients, polar exploration… just three of many threads woven together brilliantly in this “London” tapestry

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Legal London with Shaughan – Part 2

Date post added: 1st April 2020

“a glorious roll-call of British eccentrics: the Wits, the Windbags and Wayward Wigs battling it out over Wives, Writs, Wills, Widows and Wrecks”

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Legal London with Shaughan – Part 1

Date post added: 31st March 2020

Shaughan Seymour – actor and London Walks guide nonpareil – squires you through central London’s most extraordinary and improbable enclave. “Shaughan is a joy. You could travel through a desert with him and he’d make sand sound interesting.”

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The Lure of the Underground

Date post added: 30th March 2020

Award-winning – some award, she won the big one, the Guide of the Year Award – guide Fiona does a weekly tour for London Walks that explores the Tube. Called The Lure of the Underground, it explores the Tube above and below ground. Drawn from Fiona’s tour of the Underground, this fascinating Podcast “takes us […]

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London Walks Guide Richard Walker

Date post added: 27th March 2020

Richard, who sailed a tiny boat across the Pacific, always has interesting things to say. Plus he’s a great guy. Enjoy!

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Hidden London – Part 2

Date post added: 20th March 2020

Exploring secret London – up creeping lanes, round out-of-the-way corners, past veiled islands of green – Shaughan’s at his inimitable best. Part 2/2

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Hidden London – Part 1

Date post added: 20th March 2020

Exploring secret London – up creeping lanes, round out-of-the-way corners, past veiled islands of green – Shaughan’s at his inimitable best. Part 1/2

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