London Walks Podcasts

Hitting the Jackpot on Mrs Dalloway’s London Walk

Date post added: 15th March 2023

It was the walking tour equivalent of baseball’s greatest rarity – an unassisted triple play.

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February 21 – Electrocuted

Date post added: 21st February 2023

It’s a little hard to find but any guide worth his salt knows where it is…

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February 20 – it was like walking across the continental United States

Date post added: 20th February 2023

A bus breaking down is a life-changing moment for London. And for Londoners.

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February 19 – A death plus “sexy” gossip

Date post added: 19th February 2023

“I love gossip”

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February 18 – the poet, his grave, Highgate cemetery

Date post added: 18th February 2023

“Look at me with thy large brown eyes, Philip, my King.”

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February 17 – the poet, the London street, the great love poem (and for good measure, castration, impotence and sodomy)

Date post added: 17th February 2023

he was accused of sodomy and impotence and alleged to have been surgically castrated

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London History Bulletin – February 16

Date post added: 16th February 2023

See you next time

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London History Bulletin – February 15

Date post added: 14th February 2023

the British young mastered this “childishly simple” system in no time at all but British adults…

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London History Bulletin – February 14

Date post added: 13th February 2023

It’s the oldest surviving Valentine’s letter in the English language

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London History Bulletin – February 13

Date post added: 12th February 2023

he was a world-class English eccentric

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