London Walks Podcasts

William III, James II and “the curse and pest of Europe”

Date post added: 23rd May 2024

“he was the curse and pest of Europe”

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The May 21, 2024 London Walks Podcast – Kensington Palace & William III

Date post added: 21st May 2024

Europe invaded England on Guy Fawkes Day in 1688.

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Guide Isobel guides “a smart Georgian suburb” (plus ‘Manhattan on Thames’ and Phwoar! Rupert Murdoch and his 29-year-old Chinese squeeze)

Date post added: 11th May 2024

“Every Walworth person had the right to keep two cows or one horse on the commons land”

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Interview with legendary London Walks guide Simon Law

Date post added: 8th May 2024

“it’s one of those things you have to do before you die – it’s exquisite”

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Trafalgar Square Redux 14 – Famous People Who Lived in Trafalgar Square (plus Dawn Chorus & Karl Marx)

Date post added: 4th May 2024

it’s Trafalgar Square’s flagship building…

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Ann’s cats round-up, James Bond’s drinks round-up & old fashioned voting

Date post added: 4th May 2024

“tolerated as rodent operatives”

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My American accent, what Goliath met up with and what happened to the runaway horses

Date post added: 1st May 2024

You’re just an American. You’re not a toff. Or a “stain”

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What makes a great walking tour – the Kensington Walk

Date post added: 27th April 2024

“we spend those two hours almost entirely in some of the best bits of the past”

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Sundries & Update on ITN Editor Stewart Purvis’s Spies of Hampstead Walk

Date post added: 26th April 2024

“we had the daughter of a spy, the granddaughter of a man who hired a spy, and an expert on Orwell”

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Byron, Super Collision, New Walks & Getting Away from the Marathon

Date post added: 20th April 2024

“Far from the madding crowd…”

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