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Today (August 15) in London History – the last man executed at the Tower of London

Date post added: 14th August 2022

“He has to hobble to his place of execution.”

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Today (August 14) in London History – “I love everything that’s old”

Date post added: 13th August 2022

“they’re fast going the way of the dodo”

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Today (August 13) in London History –”London’s worst flood in centuries”

Date post added: 12th August 2022

“the black cat who adopted two baby rats”

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Today (August 12) in London History – It’s a Wicked Place, the 12th of August

Date post added: 11th August 2022

“I met Murder on the way”

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Today (August 11) in London History – “icons of a very British form of criminality”

Date post added: 11th August 2022

“Kray brothers, criminals, became icons of a very British form of criminality inextricably linked with memories of the 1960s.”

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Today (August 10) in London History – The Proms

Date post added: 9th August 2022

“What was the first music the first promenaders heard?”

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Today (August 9) in London History – British women, we should be lost in admiration

Date post added: 8th August 2022

“May a buffalo in heat find you in his time of need”

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Today (August 8) in London History – Death in the House of Commons & That Woman MP

Date post added: 7th August 2022

“‘the barbarians have made me welcome'”

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Today (August 7) in London History – Bank Holidays, Best CV Ever & Teaching a Dog to Read

Date post added: 6th August 2022

“he tried to teach his pet poodle to read”

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Today (August 6) in London History – The Savoy

Date post added: 5th August 2022

“the only street in the country where cars drive on the right-hand side of the road”

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