London Walks Podcasts

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Silver Hatchet – Read Professionally

Date post added: 4th December 2021

“the hatchet glittered coldly in the moonlight”

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A Charles Dickens Christmas Story – Read Professionally

Date post added: 3rd December 2021

“Dickens’ stories were designed to be read aloud”

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A Very London Thanksgiving Podcast

Date post added: 25th November 2021

“It’s Thanksgiving. So naturally we’re going to do some Londoning”

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All About Paris Walks

Date post added: 18th November 2021

“you are here in the heart of Paris, on the banks of the Seine”

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The World of Jack the Ripper

Date post added: 17th November 2021

“just a year before the murders not a single murder took place in Whitechapel”

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Jack the Ripper’s Whitechapel

Date post added: 17th November 2021

“I’ll be sharing images using Apple’s incredible Retina Display and the maximum group size will be 10”

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Despatch from Dickens’ London

Date post added: 12th November 2021

“it gave me a sickening idea of London”

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Sod’s Law, Hotwash & Kensington’s Exquisite Conservation Area

Date post added: 4th November 2021

“he was the most cosmopolitan Englishman of his time”

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Let’s talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphs – Charlie tells us about his Graveyards to Die For virtual tour

Date post added: 1st November 2021

“women and children were the prime targets for the grave robbers”

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The Treasures of the Circle Line – Rounded-up, Roped-in & Decanted

Date post added: 28th October 2021

Music, murder and our mutual friend

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