London Walks Podcasts

What makes a great walking tour – the Kensington Walk

Date post added: 27th April 2024

“we spend those two hours almost entirely in some of the best bits of the past”

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Sundries & Update on ITN Editor Stewart Purvis’s Spies of Hampstead Walk

Date post added: 26th April 2024

“we had the daughter of a spy, the granddaughter of a man who hired a spy, and an expert on Orwell”

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Byron, Super Collision, New Walks & Getting Away from the Marathon

Date post added: 20th April 2024

“Far from the madding crowd…”

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Come together, right now over me – Adam on the Abbey Road crosswalk

Date post added: 19th April 2024

“Adam is to London guiding what Michael Jordan was to basketball”

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Go figure!

Date post added: 18th April 2024

“Bracketing…walk your artillery fire in on your target”

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Hyrox, Cats & Happy 643rd Birthday!

Date post added: 17th April 2024

“being beheaded was flying first class”

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Best local knowledge ever & why Brits drive on the left

Date post added: 16th April 2024

“those two are pickpockets – we all know them”

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Au pairs, driving on the wrong side of the road, cats, dogs & Brexit

Date post added: 15th April 2024

“the expense of spirit in a waste of shame is Brexit in action”

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The Big Bang Moment – Guide David’s first 90 minutes in London

Date post added: 14th April 2024

where the £12 million photograph was taken

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Another (closing fast) sell-out and a taste of the Kensington Walk

Date post added: 13th April 2024

A bear, Nubian women, a 1930s aeroplane

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