London Walks Podcasts

Hallelujah! Seeing Caravaggio’s masterpiece through Helena’s eyes

Date post added: 27th August 2021

“the most psychologically complex study of Judas’ character in the history of art”

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The Woman Who Made the World See the Light

Date post added: 24th August 2021

“her influence spanned continents”

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Helena gifts us another spellbinding quarter of an hour on Giotto’s masterpiece

Date post added: 20th August 2021

“he recoils in utter horror”

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Helena masters a masterpiece

Date post added: 13th August 2021

“the frescoes are like a live-action movie”

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Nobody does it better – Helena’s latest art history feast

Date post added: 6th August 2021

“the powers of darkness are at full strength”

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Van Gogh’s Last 70 Days – Absinthe, his Coffin Maker, etc.

Date post added: 29th July 2021

“this is the green fairy – it’s what happens to you if you drink too much absinthe”

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The River Seine – Taster from the Paris Walks Virtual Tour

Date post added: 22nd July 2021

“199 riverboats that have this rather bohemian, trendy existence…it used to be a really cheap living option”

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Meet Your Guide – Philip, a National Champion

Date post added: 16th July 2021

“I won the National Championship on more than one occasionl”

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The Storming of the Bastille

Date post added: 13th July 2021

“a pivotal moment…where the destiny of the country hangs in the balance”

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Meet Your Guide – Charlie

Date post added: 9th July 2021

“Inner London is beginning to be drained of its family life”

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