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Trafalgar Square Redux 12 – the Statue Nobody Knows

Date post added: 6th March 2024

“Abraham Lincoln dying of diarrhoea”

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Trafalgar Square Redux 11 – the keystone in the arch

Date post added: 29th February 2024

London calling. London Walks connecting. This… is London. This is London Walks. Streets ahead. Story time. History time. ————————————— Brevity is the soul of it today, February 29th, 2024. The pin for the day – the news story that gets the show on the road – is the announcement that the Fitzrovia landmark, the BT […]

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Final Whistle Coming on His Rugby Tour – Rick Scores a Try

Date post added: 28th February 2024

“with a fine disregard for the rules”

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Trafalgar Square Redux 10 – the Quarterdeck

Date post added: 23rd February 2024

“the quarterdeck, where Nelson was standing, was the most dangerous spot on the HMS Victory”

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John is homeless (this podcast is dedicated to the memory of Alice)

Date post added: 21st February 2024

“she died on Kensington High Street, Alice”

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New Yorker Says London’s Better

Date post added: 20th February 2024

“It’s no contest, London wins hands down”

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Trafalgar Square Redux 9 – The National Gallery

Date post added: 19th February 2024

Poor William Wilkins. You really hope the London News wasn’t on his breakfast table that Sunday morning.

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Sin City London

Date post added: 17th February 2024

Mother Needham was the most famous bawd – brothel keeper – in London history

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This strange, enigmatic and erotic painting

Date post added: 15th February 2024

And so we embark on our journey of discovery, crack the code, reveal the meaning behind this strange, engimatic and erotic painting.

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Valentine’s Day – Venus & Cupid

Date post added: 14th February 2024

“both naked…engaged in a very erotic embrace…what is clearly an incestuous encounter”

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