Frequent walkers card

If you’re a “frequent London Walker” it makes a lot of sense – financial sense – to get one of our Loyalty Cards, our Discount Walkabout Card.

How does the London Frequent Walks Card work?

You have to pay the full adult rate of £20 on the first walk. Or the full Over Super Adult (over 65) or student rate of £15. On that first walk ask the guide for a Discount Card. The Card itself costs an additional £5. Then once you’ve got the Card – well, it’s like having a Student Card or a Super Adult (over 65s) Card – you go for £15 rather than £20 if you’d normally pay the full adult rate. Or £10 rather than £15 if you’re a Super Adult or a student. In short, it’s a “Season Ticket” that’ll save you £5 on every London Walk you do thereafter. It’s valid for six months.

So what we sometimes say is if you’re absolutely certain you’re going to go on at least one more London Walk it makes solid financial sense to get the Card on the off chance that you might do more. It makes financial sense because you’ll break even on the second walk you go on – and you’re saving a whopping 25% or 33% on every walk thereafter. It’s a no-brainer, really.

And there’s often an “added value” string or two that’s attached to the Card. The kind of string you want attached! For example, a while back, the “special exhibition” at the Museum of London called Doctors, Dissection & Resurrection Men. The London Walks Discount Card got two people into that Museum of London Exhibition for the price of one! Can’t be bad.