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How to go on a London Walk

Watch the Video – it shows how it works.


It’s 2020, the Year of the Covid. Like everybody else we’ve had to make changes. Famously, London Walks was always convenience itself – no booking, no pre-payment, no red tape. You’d just turn up and go.

Is that still the case? Yes and no. Probably more no than yes. Because of the pandemic we are now limiting the size of our groups to 15 people. The only way we can do that is to operate a booking scheme. Which is now in place. If you turn up without booking and there are places available you can of course join the walk. But the only way we guarantee you a place is if you make a booking. It’s also useful because it means we can contact you in the unlikely event of “an act of God.” The ability to communicate – there’s a lot to be said for it.

There is still no pre-payment for the live, out-in-London, actual walks. Meet your guide just outside the exit of the designated Underground Station (Tube Stop) at the time stated. The guides hold up copies of the distinctive white London Walks leaflet.

A London Walk costs £15. Or £10 for Super Adults (over 65s), students and people with the London Walks Loyalty Card. Kids under 15 accompanied by their parent(s) go free. You can pay in cash. Please bring the exact money. Or you can pay by card. The guides all carry contactless card readers.

A London Walk takes about two hours. They end at or near a Tube Stop. The walks always take place.

The Day Trips to The Cotswolds, Oxford, Stonehenge, Cambridge, etc. will not be taking place this summer. Covid-19 has done for them.


WHO? London’s best guides It all comes down to the guiding. And London’s best walkers.

WHAT? “London’s best guided walks” (Time Out).

WHERE? Meet your guide just outside the exit of the designated Tube Stop. WHERE DO YOU WALK? All over London. There are over 500 different London Walks.

WHEN? Meet your guide and fellow walkers at the meeting time – the designated start time – for any given London Walk or Day Trip. WHEN? 365 days a year. Yes, there are London Walks every day of the year. WHEN? Every morning, every afternoon and every evening. WHEN – AS IN HOW LONG? A London Walk takes about two hours. The pub walks take about two and a half hours.

WHY? “the premier walking tour company in the entire world;” London’s best guides; to see a city you have to walk it.

HOW? The guide will be holding up copies of the distinctive white London Walks leaflet. HOW LONG? A London Walk takes about two hours. A London Walks pub walk takes about two and a half hour. Day Trips

WHEN?  Two hours A London Walk costs £15. To book or not to book? See above. To go on a London Walk, meet your guide and fellow walkers on the pavement (“sidewalk” in North American parlance) just outside the designated London Tube Stop (Underground Station) at the time stated. This video shows how it works.

Your guide will be holding up copies of the distinctive white London Walks leaflet. (If you click here you’ll bring up a picture of the famous white London Walks leaflet.)


Do I have to book? Strictly speaking no, but booking is the only way you can guarantee you will get one of the 15 places on any given walk.

Do I have to pre-pay? No

What’s the duration? About two hours

Where do I meet the guide? Just outside the exit of the designated Tube Stop

Why go with London Walks? “London’s best guided walks” Time Out**, “There’s No Comparison” and a baker’s d of other reasons

Who’ll be my guide? London’s best guides

**Time Out and everybody else!