Kensington – Royal Village

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High Street Kensington underground station, London (meet by the Wasabi restaurant at the end of the shopping arcade that links the station with the High Street))

Guided by Adam or David

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
Thursday Weekly 2 pm 4 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online
Saturday Weekly 2 pm 4 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online


It all comes down to the guiding…

“What will I see?”

“Try this for a shortlist: the most remarkable small literary house on the planet; London’s most palatial residential street; the ensemble of townhouses that are the final flowering of ‘the Restoration idiom’ (aka the signature London house for 220 years); a Victorian mortuary; Brigitte Bardot; Prince William’s apartment; four sub-villages; details on the High Street that nobody else sees (there’s a shocking amount of violence there if you know where to look); London’s most delightful cul de sac; centuries-old barracks…

“That’s a very short shortlist. There are getting on for 150 ‘point-outs’ on the walk. But the walk’s not just a magic lantern. In the immortal words of John Constable, “we see nothing until we understand it.” By walk’s end you’ll have seen Kensington because you’ll understand it. Understand what it is about Kensington – understand how and why it’s the wealthiest district in the country. Understand the skull beneath the skin. Understand that all-important house in Holland Street – ‘if you understand this one house in Kensington you understand London.’

Short read: London’s royal village.

Medium read: This one’s special. It’s rarely the first – or even the second or third walk people go on but when they do get round to taking it they often say it’s the one they liked the most. And no wonder, because“Royal Kensington is London at its best – picturesque, stimulating and full of character”

Long read: Its parts are as delightful as London can provide: Europe’s most select residential street; warmly handsome old Kensington Palace, home to the late Diana, Princess of Wales (and, latterly, Princes William and Harry); Kensington Gardens (all meadows, shaded walks, bowers and flower gardens, it might be the grounds of a stately home in some rural shire);

London’s most attractive and unusual mews; its most delightful cul de sac; cobbled little soigné lanes, girt with pretty cottages and charming old shops; regal avenues, beautifully kept squares and a clutch of the world’s greatest museums.

Let alone Europe’s largest (and most astonishing) roof garden, the secluded townhouse of the greatest Londoner of the 20th-century, a matryoshka (Russian nesting dolls) of Kensington mini-neighbourhoods, grace and favour apartments, the most important centre outside Germany for the Nazi war trials, a “rising room,” a £300 million house, an artistic tour de force made out of 41,300 matchsticks, the most exotically beautiful garden in London, ghostly figures behind a balustrade, the four great rivers of the Old Testament, the most remarkable small literary house on the planet, a secret eyrie and more history and colourful characters than you can shake a stick at.


N.B. the above is just a sampling of what’s mostly served up on David’s walk – this being London Walks, Adam’s walk will be stamped with its owner’s character and interests.

Want more? Here’s David’s Podcast about how he sometimes starts the walk and a good bit about Kensington 1,000 Years Ago

For good measure, here’s David’s podcast about “a nondescript corner of Kensington where you have 500 years of Kensington in the palm of your hand.”

And here are David’s Where to Eat in Kensington recommendations.


The Kensington Walk takes place at 2 pm on Thursdays* and 2 pm on Saturdays. The meeting point is High Street Kensington Tube. When you come up the steps and go through the ticket barrier at High Street Kensington Tube you’ll see, directly in front of you, a short shopping arcade that leads out to the High Street. At the far end – the pavement (sidewalk) end – of the shopping arcade, just before it debouches out onto the High Street, is a Wasabi restaurant. The meeting point is on the pavement (sidewalk) directly outside the shopping arcade, right by the Wasabi restaurant.

*To be on the safe side always check the date on the calendar. Or heed the top-level announcements that read: Click for dates this walk does not take place.

On Thursdays, the walk is guided by Adam or David. On Saturdays, it’s guided by David. N.B. the walk ends back at High Street Kensington tube – or a few minutes walk away. 


“If you want to know London better, if you want to learn some things about the world’s most cosmopolitan city that most people who spend their lives there never learn… I can think of no better investment than London Walks” The New York Times

“London’s best walking tours”  Travel & Leisure

“Even jaded Londoners find these London Walks a source of astonishing gems of information about the city in which they live.”  Daily Mail, Top London Treats

“Kensington walk – a total success, don’t miss it! Went on the Kensington walk today with David, a very experienced guide. How lucky were we? My husband and I were so impressed with not only his vast knowledge, use of language and literary references but his outstanding communication skills, wit and fervour. His enthusiasm was infectious and he brought the area to life-giving us an excellent insight into Kensington. We have done very many London walks and this was the best by far – do not miss it. In the words of Tina Turner it was ‘simply the best.’ Thank you David. This was our first outing after lockdown in Liverpool and it was not only a brilliant afternoon of learning but so enjoyable.” Geraldine M., May 2021, TripAdvisor

“Never have participated in but having seen and overheard walking tour guides over many years in the US, I was a bit sceptical that most of them were simply platforms for young aspiring actors to perform for small captive audiences. In the case of the London Walks I could not have been further from the truth. The stable of guides include barristers, physicians, professors, authors, historians and archaeologists–folks who actually know a bit about what they are talking about.” Rebecca D.

“we were lucky enough to have David to take us on a walk around Kensington. David was the first guide to take us on a walk and from that moment we were hooked”   Emberton75  Lancaster, United Kingdom

“this is a very informative and interesting route, the beautiful mews hidden in back streets, tiny alleys, grand addresses, nosey parkers would love this walk. you’re looking at architecture, history, famous people’s addresses. This particular company use actors and professional people to orate. I have done a different one each time I am in London. they are all equally impressive.”  Joan C.  Cardiff, United Kingdom

“We joined the Saturday afternoon Old Kensington walk, guided by Angela, on a windy, slightly dank day though, fortunately, the rain held off. We spent a considerable part of the walk laughing as Angela was such a witty, entertaining guide who delivered her anecdotes with perfect timing. I spent many years working in London and now regularly visit but the beautiful ‘old village’ part of Kensington (with its eye-wateringingly expensive houses) was unfamiliar to me and it was fascinating to learn so much about its history. I’ve already recommended this walk to family and friends and would happily join them and do it again next year. Thanks Angela.”  BaHertford  Hertford, United Kingdom

“My husband and I took part in the Old Kensington walk. Adam was our guide and he delighted us all with his humor, his knowledge and his obvious affection for the city. Questions are encouraged and duly answered. Photo ops abound. And quirky bits of history make Kensington come alive as the small neighborhood you’d long to be part of. As our schedule did not allow time for another tour, it will be first on our to-do list next time we land in London and it should be on your list as well. It is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours learning the history of one corner of London.”  Rebecca D. Hamilton, Virginia

“Never failed to be amazed at the entertainment on these walks. Of all the ones I have done, the uniform areas are 1 The walk leaders are brilliant. Knowledgeable, entertaining and loud enough to be heard by all. 2 Hidden gems of London hiding behind the rush you normally see when sightseeing, shopping or just going to work in London. 3 Great eating recommendations in places you would not normally find. The reason you should do one of these walks early on your London trip? You will want to do another! This time we did the Old Kensington walk. It did not sound as dramatic as some of the other walks, but it was breathtaking. From meeting up at High Street Kensington tube station and all the rush there, within minutes we were transported back 300 years into a quiet and peaceful area. Lots of history, interesting insights into how the area developed, how housing styles developed, famous people who lived there, secret gardens both at ground level and higher, stables conversations into shops and houses, even stables on the 1st floor. The church we went into was so quiet and the size of a cathedral, the history outside equally as interesting. At the end of the walk, we retraced our steps on our own to take it all in – but it needs the expert to bring out all the interesting details. We stopped at one of the recommended eating places mentioned by the guide – very good.”  FullNotGlum  St. Ives, United Kingdom

“We did the Kensington Walk on a wet Saturday with David – and he was great! He showed us the real variation of the area, introduced us to the lovely Japan House and told us some great facts in a lively manner interspersed with fascinating anecdotes about the people who lived in Kensington.
We are still thinking about TS Eliot walking around with green face makeup so he could look ill!” VerityGraceKirk, TripAdvisor, October 2019

“We enjoyed an absorbing time wandering around a small part of Kensington with our guide, David. His tour combined an eye for interesting detail with an analysis of social history, putting the “village” of Kensington within the wider London context. He also discusses contemporary local trends, including the increasing cultural diversity. We enjoyed a brief foray into Japan House to see some of the exquisite items on display, and were pleased to have pointed out some of the quirkier shops amongst the, mainly, chains.
It was well planned, good value at well over the advertised two hours, and the delivery was lively.” Sydbunyip, TripAdvisor, November 2019


Be sure to ask Adam or David or Corin for a toothsome recommendation or two if you’re feeling peckish after the walk

Or click here to listen to David’s Where to Eat in Kensington podcast.

And here’s David’s podcast about the Conservation Area David explores on his Kensington Walk.


Not in London but fancy going on this walk? Try the Sights & Secrets of Kensington Virtual Tour.

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Happy walkers at the end of the Kensington tour with guide Adam

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If you can’t make one of the regularly scheduled, just-turn-up, Kensington – Royal Village it can always be booked as a private tour. If you go private you can have the Kensington – Royal Village walk – or any other London Walk – on a day and at a time that suits your convenience. We’ll tailor it to your requirements. Ring Fiona or Mary on 020 7624 3978 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll set it up and make it happen for you. A private London Walk – they’re good value for an individual or couple and sensational value for a group – makes an ideal group or educational or birthday party or office (team-building) or club outing.


A private London Walk makes a fab gift – be it a birthday or anniversary or Christmas present or whatever. Merchandise schmerchandise (gift wrapped or not) – but giving someone an experience, now that’s special. Memories make us rich.


Don’t just take it from us.


121 reviews for Kensington – Royal Village

  1. Sally Wheatley

    David has the rich voice of a RSC actor, the likeability of Tom Hanks/Michael Palin (who doesn’t like at least one of those two?) and the ability to inform and entertain of David Attenborough. Yesterday afternoon, I counted myself as extremely fortunate to have been on the Kensington – Royal Village walk led by this extremely knowledgeable guide. Despite having frequented Kensington many times in my early twenties, I had never discovered the little hidden pathways, gardens and mews that David uncovered in this walk whilst always giving easily understood and entertaining stories of the history of the area. I defy anyone not to have been fascinated by the extraordinary range of information he gave: from celebrity and royal dwellings to architectural clues, to raising our eyes to see things which would otherwise have passed unnoticed to anecdotes which gave constant smiles – this walk quite simply was Superb and not to be missed!

  2. Stephen Martin

    One of the most enjoyable afternoons I have spent in London in recent times. David’s tour of the four villages of Kensington was utterly fascinating. He delivers erudite and thought provoking information in a lively and witty style that kept us totally engaged for over 2.5 hours. He was very generous with his time. I live partly in Kensington and did not know any of this stuff. If you want to look under the bonnet of this great city and truly understand how it was made, there is no better way. Forget bus tours! I have also done legal London and TS Elliot. All superb. Easily the best walking tour company and incredibly good value. Don’t hesitate.

  3. Andrew Bailey

    David was a fantastic guide around Kensington: knowledgeable, enthusiastic and entertaining in equal measure. This is very much a nooks and crannies look at London – there’s no real “and around this corner is the Great Pyramid moment”, but the devil is often in the detail. In addition, his Kensington credentials were very much boosted when he was greeted by name by locals on just about every street.

  4. Full Not Glum St. Ives

    “Never failed to be amazed at the entertainment on these walks. Of all the ones I have done, the uniform areas are 1 The walk leaders are brilliant. Knowledgeable, entertaining and loud enough to be heard by all. 2 Hidden gems of London hiding behind the rush you normally see when sightseeing, shopping or just going to work in London. 3 Great eating recommendations in places you would not normally find. The reason you should do one of these walks early on your London trip? You will want to do another! This time we did the Old Kensington walk. It did not sound as dramatic as some of the other walks, but it was breathtaking. From meeting up at High Street Kensington tube station and all the rush there, within minutes we were transported back 300 years into a quiet and peaceful area. Lots of history, interesting insights into how the area developed, how housing styles developed, famous people who lived there, secret gardens both at ground level and higher, stables converted into shops and houses, even stables on the 1st floor. The church we went into was so quiet and the size of a cathedral, the history outside equally as interesting. At the end of the walk, we retraced our steps on our own to take it all in – but it needs the expert to bring out all the interesting details. We stopped at one of the recommended eating places mentioned by the guide – very good.”

  5. Mick

    We went on the Kensington tour with guide Adam. It was superb. Adam is a brilliant guide … highly knowledgeable, very informative and consistently entertaining (no mean feat over two hours!). He clearly has a passion for London and a passion for passing on that love to his audience. Great value for money. Highly recommended. A terrific way to learn about the greatest city in the world.

  6. Amanda

    We thoroughly enjoyed this fascinating and revealing walk through some of the hidden gems of Kensington with such a knowledgeable and entertaining guide. On past trips to London I have generally only visited the more popular tourist spots but it was so refreshing, on this occasion, to get off the beaten track and allow David to reveal to us some of the secrets of this beautiful area. As David said during the walk ‘We look but we don’t see,’ but David helped us to see some of the real Kensington. Thank you.

  7. Marilyn Reeves

    I have done quite a few of these walks but I have to say this was the best so far! I came with my daughter and a friend and they enjoyed it as much as me. I have just finished reading the information David sent as a follow up and I could picture the places we had been as I read it. Thank you David for going over and above what was expected, talk about value for money.

  8. Helen Breen

    A fabulous afternoon walk through history with David. Between the explanations of how to “read” the architectural details of buildings, the stories of royal pomp and scandals, and the details of the lives of the many artists who made their home in Kensington, the tour was inspiring and engaging. After the tour, I immediately started researching the lives of the many people mentioned on the tour—my only regret is that David isn’t offering a part 2 for the tour yet!

  9. Mark

    Adam is one of the best tour guides we have had. Informative, funny and engaging. Oh, by the way, the tour itself is top notch as well. You will see and learn of many things you simply can not do on your own.

  10. Abhay

    This is my 4th tour with London Walks. I moved to London 2 years ago and felt like I didn’t know very much about my new city until I was fortunate enough to find London Walks. David and all the other tour guides have been absolutely amazing. They’re a boundless source of history, and they structure the tour in a very enjoyable manner. I am so glad I found this company, it has really given me a new appreciation for my new home. Can’t wait to join David and the team on more tours in the near future!

  11. Jim Sebenius

    David’s rich baritone and thorough knowledge of Kensington, including quirky asides, enriched our understanding of this neighborhood immeasurably. He was quick and eager to answer our many, ongoing questions and generous with a subsequent pdf that explained even more. Highly recommended.

  12. Caroline W

    I’ve lived in London all my life, but love doing London Walks whenever I can, as there are so many bits of the capital I’ve never explored and so much to learn. David is obviously very passionate about history, (as are all the LW guides) which comes across in his guiding. Hopefully I’ll be doing another walk soon!

  13. Nancy McC

    David was a knowledgeable tour guide who made me look at Kensington more closely. Loved his details about architecture!

  14. Amanda J

    Just a note to say what a great private Kensington guided tour we had with Adam on Sunday organised by my brother in law visiting from USA. Didn’t know what to expect but found it thoroughly interesting and Adam very entertaining. We will definitely be recommending.

  15. Marilyn and Michael

    I hadn’t been to Kensington High Street since the mid 1970s when a friend and I went to Biba where I bought a pair of denim shorts and another Biba eyeshadow. The last of the big spenders.
    Our guide, David proved to be American, and very entertaining. The first thing he showed us were the bas reliefs on the facade of the two 1930s buildings of Barkers and Derry and Toms. Had no idea they existed. He then tookus down little side streets where he introduced us to the social history of the area. One house had been the home of a succession of internationally famous poets. Another the home of a woman who had an interesting post war. The thing we really enjoyed was that the book bag contained visual aids showing the development of Kensington from fields and lanes to an increasingly urban townscape.

  16. Zoe

    If only I had David’s grasp on the full richness (and origins and foibles) of the English language then I could really begin to do justice to what was an exceptional walk. The experience began with a very helpful email including weather forecast the evening before; ‘dry and perfect walking temperature’ (I should have listened to the font of all knowledge that is David as the umbrella I packed ‘just in case’ returned home unused…).
    I’ve seen many reviews covering the astonishing quantity and quality of information on this particular walk (all true), so as a veteran of 10+ walks, I’d like to review my experience of London Walks as a company and why, even as a relative local with some knowledge of London, I keep going back for more.
    A guided walk is a world away from self navigating with a guidebook, is a world away from the bustle of a busy city going about it’s business and not seeing, much less appreciating, what is hiding in plain sight.
    But why London Walks?
    It’s the personal touch, the quality of the guides, the knowledge, the pace, the pitch, the hidden gems, the snippets of information linking historical fact to present day culture, caring enough to adapt their walk and talk to encompass current news proving their ‘patter’ is anything but. The whole experience from the easy to navigate website to the incredible guides who really know their architecture (history/locations) from their elbows, to the exceptional value of 2+ hours being enlightened, educated and entertained is second to none. The follow up email from David to the group with additional information was much appreciated. It shows a generosity of time and a genuine care for customer experience and satisfaction that comes across in every glowing review I’ve read.
    Forget grand days out, road clogging city bus tours and expensive corporate ‘experiences’. For a true, up close and personal taste of a great city ‘London Walks’ is the only way to go. You will not be disappointed.

  17. Manuela

    I had a great day out today with guide David strolling around Kensington and learning a lot of interesting historical, architectural and cultural facts. I highly recommend it. In fact, just today I combined a Notting Hill London walk in the morning with the afternoon Kensigton walk. I had done them before, years ago, but a lot of the content was new. Thanks David

  18. Krista

    We went for a walk around Kensington with Richard (the third) today. A beautiful route. Richard was engaging and full of information and good humour. My two teenagers enjoyed this walk very much as well, and they can sometimes be a tough audience.

  19. Gwyneth

    Fabulous walk by the affable David! His knowledge of the area, buildings, residents and all brought to life in a very easy, entertaining and understandable way.
    History can sometimes be a slog but not in the hands of a local expert….thank you so much David from the 4 ladies who joined your tour on the 15/7.

  20. Carolyn Fahy

    I have explored many neighborhoods in London using an assortment of guide books or just wandering around to see what I could see. This has been rewarding but it has very nice to have the London Walks guides help me see and appreciate this great city even more. The more I learn, the more I see. I recommend them!

  21. Sonja

    My friend and I went on Kensington walk on 20th July 2023 and had really pleasant two hours. Our guide, David, is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and interesting speaker, who could make any topic appealing to his audience. I highly recommend this walk.

  22. Sakshi

    London walks is hands down my favorite thing to do whenever I visit London. I discovered them in 2018, started off with the Famous Square mile ( whoever I recommend that walk to is blown away by just how much you learn in just 2 hours!), and since then have done the Bloomsbury , Mayfair and Kensington walks. Even with just two days in London this go around, I packed in one walk each day. Cannot say enough about how wonderful David was on the Kensington Village walk- the keys he shared to really seeing London blew me away! All of the village seems to know and love him, the anecdotes he shared on why an Englishman’s home is his castle, how urban planning defined social mores- I could go on and on- were details that will stay with me. If you love history, and you want to get off the beaten path, go take a walk!!

  23. Gill

    Extremely interesting walking tour. I certainly recommend and I will be definitely be going on more.

  24. Sandra

    I honestly can’t recommend this walk highly enough. I have taken many walks and they are all very good but this one is special. Absolutely fascinating from start to finish. Brilliantly delivered as David brought this walk to life with his genuine enthusiasm and love of his subject. A gem of a walk. Don’t miss it.

  25. Sandra

    Royal Kensington – David. I can’t recommend this walk highly enough. I have taken many walks and they are all very good but this one is special. Absolutely fascinating from start to finish. Brilliantly delivered as David brought this walk to life with his genuine enthusiasm and love of his subject. A gem of a walk. Don’t miss it.

  26. Ben Solnit

    Adam draws you irresistibly into a Kensington state of mind. Tip top notch!

  27. anthea susan rutter

    The walk with David was fascinating and I learnt things about Kensington that I had no idea about, I would like to compliment him on a most interesting walk and his attention to details. For example having pictures plans etc to aid the discussion, I have done many London walks and every time I come to the UK from Melbourne Australia I do at least one. This one was probably the best, mainly because of David’s knowledge of the area and his preparation in terms of extra resources. I reckon its the best ten quid I have ever spent. Anthea

  28. Loraine

    David is an exceptional guide. He is not only a master of his beloved Kensington, but also friendly and considering. It was a very hot day and he kept that in mind, considering all age groups

  29. Mike

    We all really enjoyed this tour. David is a very charming and likeable man with great empathy and he made the tour fly by over 2 hours with his extensive knowledge and stories told in an extremely engaging and witty manner. Although we thought that we had a reasonable knowledge of this area of London, David proved that we did not and really brought the area and history to life! It is amazing what is covered from beautiful buildings, churches, squares, shops and hidden history. Thank you David for a fantastic afternoon in an incredible area of London!

  30. Celia Purcell

    It was a very hot Saturday afternoon, the traffic noise overwhelming, and it seemed that every tourist had settled on Kensington High Street. But David expertly navigated us away into the hidden delights of little known streets and squares that held the tread of centuries past. For a precious couple of hours and more, through cobbled lanes, slim passageways and the surrounds of Kensington Palace, we were led by a guide whose knowledge of historical facts to contemporary gossip had us all in his thrall. David was familiar with several of these ‘village’ inhabitants, a couple of whom called out his name when meandering through on a bicycle! This gave the walk an added intimacy and dimension. Terrific!

  31. Li & Child

    If I could, I’d give this walk ten stars, but alas, there are only five! How lucky that we were led by David, who is hands down the best tour guide I have ever met, and because of David’s amazing tours, I’ve been doing many of them over the last few months, and I have to say, they never disappoint. London is a city that has so many cultural and historical layers, as David said in his guide, like the layers of an onion that you need to take your time to peel off and look into. These tours are a perfect way for you to really to not only know, but understand this most amazing of the world’s great cities. This Kensington tours is a jewel, and should not be missed. I come with my 14-year-old who has ADHD, who was nonetheless enthralled and entertained for a full 2.5 hours! And we went right back after the walk to look into details the places that David introduced to us, but we didn’t have to time to savour on the walk. There is absolutely no better way to spend a pleasant afternoon and 15 pounds in all of London!

  32. Mary Defty

    An exceptional, enjoyable afternoon spent with a really smart tour guide in Kensington Village. David brings history to life in the hidden corners of this part of London.

  33. Tanja Beiser

    David is amazing and very entertaining. You can feel how enthusiastic he is about what he is doing. He was and is a fantastic guide around Kensington with an immense knowledge. His English is very understandable for foreigners (I am German) and I could understand very well all the time. If there was a question he patiently answered it. I learned so much about Kensington in this few hours. Whenever I will be back in London I will only book sightseeing tours with London walks, just because it is more than sight seeing. Thanks so much David for this unforgettable Kensington afternoon. Highly recommended!

  34. Patricia Smith

    My husband and I went on the Kensington walk with Adam. He kept us thoroughly entertained by pointing out things that we would have never noticed. If you have an interest in the varied architectural styles in this area, he will give you background information and he also takes you down the back streets. St. Mary Abbots was a highlight and Kensington gardens. Very interesting and highly recommend!

  35. Susan Henry

    The High Street Kensington walk is a gem of a walk, with a gem of a leader – David. The two hours flew by as David regaled us with fascinating insights, facts, and anecdotes about the area and its history. There was never a dull moment! These walks never fail to please. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  36. Steve

    Super, informative and humorous tour by David. He pointed out sights we never would have noticed without his knowledgeable guidance.
    Don’t be put off by two hours – it’s not all walking as there’s a lot to see in a small area.

  37. Brenda

    Very informative – I learnt a lot about Kensington and saw things I wouldn’t have normally noticed. Thank you.

  38. Aidan Elliott

    A fascinating walk around Kensington with David, who showed us parts of London that we never knew existed. Many interesting stories of the people who have lived there over the centuries. Highly recommended.

  39. Cillian Lynskey

    Adam opened up and brought together Kensington for me, I saw it with different eyes, altogether a very enjoyable and informative walk

  40. Brian

    1st May 2023. Totally worthy of its five star billing. Guide Dave is a master of his trade. Brian

  41. Michael Lucas

    Thank you David for a really engrossing afternoon.

  42. Kirk Morgan

    While Kensington is an amazing area of London, David does it justice and then some. He points out very interesting things that one would never consider to be of importance. David was very accommodating and answered any questions in a knowledgeable way. Well done David! Highly recommended.

  43. Jane

    David bought the buildings to life and told their stories. What a well read enthusiast about the social history of Kensington David is, with a host of entertaining anecdotes to describe the impact royal patronage brought about in the area over the centuries. The best way to see and understand London!

  44. Catherine Atkinson

    What a wonderful afternoon exploring Kensington with David, our very knowledgeable guide. It is easy to wander down Kensington High street and miss the true treasures of the area that lie just off the beaten track. You do need an experienced guide to help you truly explore and discover the history of the area. David was a wonderful, enthusiastic guide who provided so many interesting stories that made the area come alive. We have done many London Walks over the years … and enjoyed them all!

  45. Andrea

    Fabulous experience with David guiding us through such an interesting & beautiful area of London & one very unfamiliar to us. Learnt so much from David who conveyed his knowledge in such an engaging way. Would thoroughly recommend this walk with David.

  46. Diane Bulloch

    Very interesting and informative walk around Kensington with David who is extremely knowledgeable about the area. Hidden mews, intriguing shops and a Victorian Morgue were only some of the highlights.

  47. Nancy

    Very engaging and informative walk. One of the best I’ve been on!

  48. John & Sue

    Absolute delight to do the Kensington walk with David. We have been on many London Walks and this is up in the top league. David made the whole experience interesting and informative mixed in with humour and passion for the area. We would recommend this walk to anyone.

  49. Andrea

    David is amazing, had a fantastic time with him! I’ve been living in London for many years, and it’s just incredible how many things I have never noticed! Will go again for sure, even got a loyalty card as added motivation, at £10/walk you can’t go wrong!!!

  50. Julie Garcia

    David was an amazing guide, passionate and very knowledgeable about the history of Kensington. It was a delightful walk, very interesting!

  51. Danny Kao

    What a fantastic tour given by a fantastic tour guide! David’s mastery of all things Kensington combined with his storytelling talent made this a most memorable afternoon. Strongly recommended.

  52. Margaret Geraci

    The Kensington Tour was my 4th now …. totally discovered London Walks by accident – a very HAPPY accident as they are absolutely amazing 🙂 David was one of the BEST tour guides – his enthusiasm and knowledge is spectacular – I would recommend this walk to anyone interested in discovering the hidden history of London. I cannot recommend these walks highly enough, they are extremely easy to book and you simply pay when you get there – they never let you down, with clear and easy meeting instructions and David went the extra mile by sending info re what to do if you get there early, want to go eat or even need to join once the tour had started. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING – loved it.

  53. Andy GLANVILLE

    Every Londoner should take the time to join this walk (or one of the countless others London Walks offer).. the history of our great city is all around us but we never see it. One of these walks will give you a different perspective and a spring in your step as you walk to tube every dsy

  54. John Grainger

    We had an enjoyable and extremely interesting two hours learning a lot about an area we both thought we knew pretty well from times when we lived in or near Kensington High St. Thanks Anne for your light touch and humorous history lesson .

  55. Max Levy

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    But there was so much more- the history of the area, and London as well, was both entertaining and informative. This is far more than a walk about! In the time I have left this trip I will find time to fit in as many as I can.

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  106. Helen Wall

    Enjoyed a very interesting few hours with David. So much to see, architecture & windows especially described in detail, a few quaint hidden shops Princess Diana frequented, mews with stables now converted,old pubs always built on a corner, Albert Grant Baron’s huge mansion house & much more. Really recommend this tour, as being a London girl i have been made to now look for these nooks and crannies ! Have not stopped googling since ! Quote : when a ‘ person’ is tired of London , he is tired of life ! Helen

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    You will be impressed with David’s ability to keep your attention and interest.
    So very much enjoyed this tour.

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  115. Derryn Coe

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  116. Katie

    London Walks made our trip to London! We had a great time on the 4 tours we took. On this tour we learned about the history of Kensington and really enjoyed looking at all the fantastic architecture. Our tour guide, David, was super knowledgeable and we had a great time. He showed us many hidden gems in the neighborhood and gave us a great recommendation for dinner. Fantastic and will recommend to anyone traveling to London!

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  118. Erica

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  121. Evelyn

    David’s amazing! He’s so knowledgeable, experienced (40 years) and patient with my endless questions. If you would like to know the history of Kensington, join the tour! Even you think you already know a lot about it, you will find there are so many think you still don’t know and they are so fascinating!

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