Ghost Walks

This is the most haunted city on earth.

There are things going bump in the night all over this town. Just about every night* of the year.


All the London Ghost Walks – one most nights of the week (see below for the exceptions that prove the rule). They all go at 7.30 pm.

Monday* night at 7.30 pm it’s Apparitions, Alleyways & Ale.** Guided by Captain Spooky – Peter G. – it goes from EmbankmentTube, river exit.

*But not in December or January

**aka The West End Ghost Walk (as it’s called in the video trailer)

If you fancy a preview and want to see Captain Spooky in action, a click here wafts you to that superb little video of the walk filmmaker Jon Klein shot for us.

Tuesday* night at 7.30 pm it’s London Horror Story. Guided by Adam, it goes from St. Paul’sTube, exit 2Click here to see the video of the walk (same walk, different name – Ghosts of the Old City – when it was filmed).   *Not in the Winter (Nov. 1 – April 30) programme. 

Wednesday* night at 7.30 pm it’s Ghosts, Gaslight & Guinness. Guided by Richard III or Peter G. it goes from HolbornTube, Kingsway exit. (The Kingsway exit is the main exit. HolbornTube is on the corner of High Holborn and Kingsway. If you take the Tube to HolbornTube Station, the Kingsway exit is the exit that is straight ahead when you go up the escalator and through the ticket barrier)*Not in the Winter (Nov. 1 – April 30) programme

Thursday nights* at 7.30 pm we bob and weave a little bit. Rather than “Ghost Walk” the spot on rubric would be Dark Side London, Sinister London. In this instance in the shape of Andy’s and Simon’s Disastrous London walk. It goes at 7.30 pm on Thursday* evenings from BarbicanTube. *Except on Dec. 26 and in January and February.   

Friday nights, year-round, at 7.30 pm it’s Chilling Tales from Beyond the Grave.* Guided by Steve or Corinna from MonumentTube Fish Street Hill exit. *AKA Haunted London.

Saturday nights (year-round) at 7.30 pm it’s London Horror Story. Guided by Shaughan or Adam, it goes from St. Paul’sTube exit 2. If you fancy a preview of this walk – and want to watch the Duke of Darkness in action – a click here takes you to the superb little video filmmaker Jon Klein has made of the walk (N.B. in those days it was titled Ghosts of the Old City).

Sunday nights at 7.30 pm it’s Gruesome London, Ghostly London. It’s guided by Andy or RSC actor Steve and goes from MonumentTube Fish Street Hill exit. N.B. the Sunday night walk used to be called Haunted London. It’s had a refit, as per the title change – but Steve and Andy have kept the best of the ghost stories from the Haunted London walk. 


 We Interrupt this Programme with a Special Announcement: when Halloween Season rolls around we always lay on extra ghost walks for the loooooooong Halloween Weekend (Saturday, October 26, 2019 to Thursday, October 31, 2019).


Ghost walks are tricky to guide. Get it wrong and it’s embarrassingly bad. Cringe-making, fake, amateurish, badly done “scary” voice, that sort of thing. It all comes down to the guiding – and never more so than with Ghost Walks. Now the immediately striking thing about the London Walks “line up” of Ghost Walks guides is that all of them – Adam’s* the exception who proves the rule – are actors. Important? Or a coincidence? What do you think? The reason, of course, is it takes a special set of skills to make a ghost walk work. What are those skills, those “ingredients”? Well, you can guess – the great voice, presence, perfect timing, conviction – let alone the sixth sense about exactly how far the envelope needs to be pushed. Actors have those abilities – most of the rest of us don’t. Or at least don’t have the whole package. Which is why if you get some amateur fronting a ghost walk it’s not just a disappointment – it’s worse, it’s an embarrassment. It’s just common sense, really. All you need to do is think back to your childhood – hearing ghost stories round the campfire. It was only the born storytellers – the ones who had the gift – let alone the great voice – who could bring it off. The upside is that when it’s done brilliantly – by pros, by people who know what they’re doing – well, it’s edge-of-the-seat stuff. That’s why we have professional performers fronting our ghost walks. And the proof of the pudding – well, see the JR note below. Or listen to Shaughan, the Duke of Darkness, at the start of his Ghosts of the Old City video. Or Captain Spooky (Peter) at the start of his Ghosts of the West End video.

*But Adam’s the most gifted storyteller of us all – so he certainly gets a by.



Click here for the video of the London Horror Story walk (aka Ghosts of the Old City). Click here for the video of Apparitions, Alleyways & Ale (aka The West End Ghost Walk).


“London Walks has many copycats, but it’s the best. Frommer’s London by Night

“Top Ghost Walks in the Uk  London, England: London Walks…their four ghost walks” Essential Travel


The regularly scheduled, public ghost walks are convenience itself. You just turn up and go. There’s no red tape, no booking, no hassle. If it’s raining cold ropes you can change your mind, do something else and you’re not out a sou.

But we don’t just do public ghost walks. We run a ton of private walks. If you want a private Ghost Walk – or any other London Walk for that matter – it’s eezy peezy as well. Just give Fiona or Noel a ring on 020 7624 3978 – or email us at – and we’ll set it up for you and make it happen.

You go private you can have whichever walk you want whenever you want it – you don’t have to cleave to the public walks schedule. We’ll suit your convenience, tailor it to your requirements. You want it with pubs stops, no problem. You want it longer – or shorter – no problem. You want it with special effects – no problem. You want it with a guide in costume – no problem. Well, you get the idea. And what’s perhaps most of all to the point, we’ll make certain the guide–group “fit” is well-nigh perfect.

Goes without saying that a private London Walk – with a world class guide – makes a brilliant – and unusual – Christmas present or birthday gift for a partner, family member, friend or colleague.


IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THE GUIDING (exponentially so on ghost walks)

“If this were a golf tournament every name on the Leader Board would be a London Walks guide”


It’s not even close


Don’t just take it from us.


*In the London Walks Summer season (which runs from May 1 – October 31) we do a ghost walk every single night (except Thursday). In the London Walks Winter Season (which runs from November 1 – April 30) we pare it back a little bit in the dead of winter, but not very much.

The Winter Programme exceptions to the every single night rule of thumb are as follows: The Tuesday night London Horror Story walk does not take place in January, February or March. The Wednesday night Ghosts, Gaslight & Guinness walk does not take place in December, January or February. The Thursday night Apparitions, Alleyways & Ale does not take place in January or February.

The only other exceptions are, every year: Dec. 24 and Dec. 25.  We never run a Ghost walk on Christmas Eve or Christmas Night. And as for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – it depends on the night of the week they fall on. In 2018 the West End Ghost walk will not take place on Dec. 31.

And the Halloween Season ghostings more than makes up for the Winter season lacunae when the ghosts are hibernating. Bears repeating, there’s a whole lot of extra ghost walks come Halloween Season. On October 31st itself we’re out in force – there are always at least three, sometimes four or even five different ghost walks on Halloween night itself. Click on Oct. 31 on the Calendar to see what’s on the menu for any given Halloween night. And most every London Walks guide is out there ghostbusting away. Ghostbusting indeed: with London Walks – and only with London Walks – there are guaranteed ghosts on most of our Halloween Ghost Walks!