Ghost Walks

This is the most haunted city on earth.

There are things going bump in the night all over this town.

Halloween Ghost Tours

 We Interrupt this programme with a Special Announcement: when Halloween Season rolls around we always lay on extra London ghost tours.

Ghosts of the Old City – Virtual Tour

Happening on both Sunday 25th of October and Friday 30th of October at 7.30pm, the Original Ghosts of the Old City walking tour goes Virtual! Join Adam from the comfort of your sofa, whilst dry and warm, and let him guide you through the haunted locations of London.

He will take you through shadowy back streets and dimly lit alleys of the ancient City of London. You will be shown things. You will hear the stories. You will “meet”– however fleetingly –  the principals. You will be taken there. You will return altered. Return with some memories. Return having undergone an “out of the way” experience: good-humoured but a little creepy, fun but edgy, bonhomous but anonymous.

Anything else? Yes, the Tour is interactive. You will be able to interact with Adam and your fellow walkers – ask questions, make comments, etc. The tour is, as the San Francisco Chronicle put it, “deliciously spooky.”

Halloween Horror Stories For Kids! A virtual Tour

With the Covid restrictions, Halloween this year may look a little different. No trick or treating but fear not. We have family friendly Ghost stories to chill, plague stories to make you go ‘bleugh’ and some grave robbing to make you go ‘wow’. Delivered direct to your home.

This Virtual Tour goes on Halloween, Saturday 31st of October at 5pm for children aged 7+ and included a costume competition! (Adults go FREE!)

Halloween Horror Stories For Adults! A Virtual Tour


pumpkins, candles and barbed wire

Want to get in on some Halloween action and be so scared you will leave the lights on? Join Russel via Zoom and let him tell you about the spookiest spirits in the royal parks & palaces and tales of plague & torture. There’s even a bit about cannibalism inside London’s most notorious jail. You’ve been warned…

This tour is on Saturday 31st of October at 8pm.

Spooky Radio Nite Halloween Music Special. A Virtual Tour

For the musical ones out there, this one is for you! Music, monsters and murder… a tuneful romp through London in search of the supernatural and the macabre for Halloween… Join Adam on Thursday 29th of October at 7.30pm.

Jack The Ripper

Jack the Ripper painting with a skull shadow

We couldn’t have a Ghosts page without telling you about Jack The Ripper. One of the most famous serial killers in London or even in the United Kingdom. We take your through his slashing ground, London’s victorian East End, where he has left a haunted history of murders and terror.

The Jack The Ripper Walking tour goes every day at 7.30pm apart from Saturdays at 3pm. The meeting point is at Tower Hill Underground station. For Halloween, we have a special tour on Saturday 31st October at 7.30pm.

London Walks Year-Round Ghost Tours

Ghosts of the Old City

spotlight at the end of dark tunnel

The very street names – Aldersgate, Cloth Fair, Charterhouse, Threadneedle – take us far back. We’re alone… Or are we? For this is the hour when the She-Wolf of France glides through the churchyard, the hour when the dark figure on Newgate wall rattles his chains. We’re on their trail… Or are they shadowing us?

Join our top rated tour guides in London, in person (we take all the covid precautions and practice social distancing) for a Saturday evening (7.30pm) of paranormal activity and haunted places.

Jack The Ripper – Virtual Tour

The Jack the Ripper Tour is by far the most popular tour on the streets of London. Now you can attend even if you are not in London as we have created it as a virtual tour.

Disastrous London

This guided tour isn’t about ghosts but it is as chilling as the others! The spot on rubric for this tour would be the Dark Side of London, the Sinister London. We will take you through central London’s historical alleyways, centuries-old architecture, the Tower of London and, yes, ahem, filthy street names.

This tour goes every Saturday at 2pm from Barbican Tube Station. It’s also available as a virtual tour, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Apparitions, Alleyways & Ale

Coming back soon

A sightseeing tour through London’s parallel universe of ghastly ghosts and haunted houses. This London ghost walk will take you to the world’s most haunted theatre, to a plague-pit with lit corpse candles above it and to a gloomy old palace. Maybe you will be one to see the evidence, a ghost sighting, but so you know… “They” can touch you but you can’t touch them.

Chilling Tales from Beyond the Grave

Coming back soon

Come with us and we will take you to the haunted London, to the creepiest parts of London, in alleyways so narrow you can’t open an umbrella in them. If you hear footsteps up a deserted alleyway – or voices of persuasion that whisper in the darkness – or catch a glimpse of a hooded, staring transparent figure… Congratulations – you’ve just fed a haunting.

Gruesome London, Ghostly London

Coming back soon

Talking full-on mediaeval. Talking alleyways like hideaways. Talking places where things went south big time. Talking peeling back layers to reveal something else. Something – several somethings – seriously nasty. Talking torture and ‘bring out your dead” and the faint, sickly smell of rotting flesh. Talking murder and remnants and revenants and creepy churchyards and slurry in the night “filth” cart.

Ghosts, Gaslight & Guinness

Coming back soon

Buckingham Palace? The London Eye? Bah, humbug – let’s get real. This is the most haunted city on earth. Must be a thousand resident ghosts and/or weird, supernatural goings-on between London Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. This walk is necromancy in the dead centre – dead being the mot juste – of the city whose very mist is like a sigh from a graveyard. From a lunatic asylum to a haunted London pub to the First World War officer spattered with mud (near Trafalgar Square, he’s in the wrong place and in the wrong time). So if wayfaring to the rebecks of eternity is your thing, step this way…


“The Ghost Walk Tour (with Adam) was great fun! It’s an informative and entertaining peek into some of London’s macabre history and folklore. Adam is a captivating storyteller and a personable walking host (he was very good with the tiny children of our group, too, who otherwise might have been a bit too scared by the gruesome tales); the time flew by! I also loved the Jack the Ripper tour (with Shaughan), which I took last year. A London Walks tour is now a staple in my semi-annual holiday to London.” – Barbara (Tripadvisor)

We did the ghost tour for my birthday and it was fantastic. The perfect mix of history, facts and great storytelling. They have covid secure measures in place which made us feel safer. Adam was an excellent tour guide! Couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my birthday evening.” – Caitlin

Private tours

We run a ton of private walks. If you want a private Ghost Walk – or any other London Walk for that matter – it’s eezy peezy as well. Just give Fiona or Noel a ring on 020 7624 3978 – or email us at – and we’ll set it up for you and make it happen.

You go private you can have whichever walk you want whenever you want it – you don’t have to cleave to the public walks schedule. We’ll suit your convenience, tailor it to your requirements, make your own itinerary. You want it with pubs stops, no problem. You want it longer – or shorter – no problem. You want it with special effects – no problem. You want it with a guide in costume – no problem. Well, you get the idea. And what’s perhaps most of all to the point, we’ll make certain the guide–group “fit” is well-nigh perfect.

Goes without saying that a private London Walk – with a world class guide – makes a brilliant – and unusual – Christmas present or birthday gift for a partner, family member, friend or colleague.