Schitt’s Creek without the Roses – David on Kensington

The only walk where you get to star in a 1,000-year-old ceremony – a meetup with Kensington’s first known residents – they show us round – £10 – £300,000,000 – The Man – a vineyard – 2001 – A Space Odyssey – 200 pigs – the one per cent – the lord –the lady – Roland Schitts – Ok, here it is, David’s joined the fray – this is his first podcast – shocking in places – but you’ll learn some good stuff

2 responses to “Schitt’s Creek without the Roses – David on Kensington”

  1. LD from New York says:

    Brilliant! What a treat. I was going to say that this – during the upside down time of walk cessation – is a good substitute for the Kensington walk itself. But that’s not right at all. It’s a lovely complement. I want to go on the walk again more than ever now!

    Can’t wait to get back to London.

  2. NLK says:

    Great background, but then I knew it would be an excellent podcast because we attended the Royal Kensington Walk with David in 2017 and that was one of our favorite walks out of half a dozen we took. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Kensington, and also looking forward to a return to London and more London Walks!

    Thank you David.

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