Shakespeare’s London

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Barbican Tube Stop

Guided by Rick Jones

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Saturday Weekly 11.30 am 1.30 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online

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“It all comes down to the guiding.”

“If this were a golf tournament every name on the Leader Board would be a London Walks guide. And one of those names, needless to say, would be Rick Jones.”

En route Rick tells the story of Shakespeare’s younger brother and boy actor, Edmond, his milkmaid Elizabeth Newcomen, his saddler John Bingham, his butcher Robert Harvard and his fellow actors John Heminge and Henry Condell who first published posthumously the plays.


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32 reviews for Shakespeare’s London

  1. Christoph Karner

    Rick played the lute beautifully. It goes without saying that the other parts of this Shakespeare walk were also extremely interesting and informative.

  2. Jeff Murray & Vigdis Jacobsen

    Rick Jones’s Shakespeare tour was marvelous. He was a font of knowledge and engaged us right away. The lute performance was memorable (now we know how “Hey nonny nonny” should be sung in his plays!). Rick was especially good at putting the Bard in context with his contemporaries, and especially moving in reciting his most memorable lines. We highly recommend London Walks and his tour in particular!

  3. Jill A.

    April 13 tour with Rick playing, reciting verse, and providing the historical backdrop was the perfect way to explore Shakespeare in London. Very memorable and one of my favorite London Walks tours.

  4. Humberto Martins

    Amazing tour, Rick’s knowledge made me feel glad for choosing the Shakespeare walk tour. Highly recommended.

  5. Maya and Ofer

    Rick was very intresting and entertaining. His Lute playing was great and his knowledge in history and literature was vast. Higly recomended.

  6. Gary Johnston

    Rick’s TS Eliot The Wasteland tour is excellent both in literary terms. (Rick has a vast knowledge of the poem) and the historic and other references in the poem which are brought to life through Rick’s passionate and engaging delivery. Thoroughly recommend this tour to anyone interested in TS Eliot and in the history of aspects of London

  7. Steve Nicholson

    An absolutely great walk! From the moment Rick set the scene with beautiful lute playing outside Southwark Cathedral my partner and I were hooked. Rick has an engaging personality and a wealth of knowledge regarding Shakespeare’s life and career which he transmits with genuine enthusiasm and a real love of the subject. The walk is well paced, taking in sites on both sides of the Thames and is quite lengthy, being over two hours, but this includes an entertaining half hour of Rick’s lute playing and renditions of 16th Century songs. Rick also clearly explains Shakespeare’s position amongst other great names in Literature of the time as well as emphasising how close we were to losing half of his entire output forever. I would recommend this walk to anyone, irrespective of how familiar they are with the Bard, without hesitation.

  8. Nadeem Khan

    The first 20 minutes in the Harvard Chapel (Southwark Cathedral) were enchanting…the walk, simply wonderful if you love the Bard. Rick Jones is a veritable, ambulatory ‘tour de force.’ A Man for All Seasons!

  9. Garry King

    We were delighted by Rick’s ability to convey Shakespearian London in a very knowledgeable and entertaining manner. We loved Rick’s Lute playing in the chapel, an amazing experience. We have already recommended this walk to family and friends.

  10. Peter Garrod

    We really enjoyed this walk. Rick is very knowledgeable about his subject and took us to a whole range of sites from Southwark to Moorgate associated with Shakespeare’s life in London. His lute recital in the Harvard chapel in Southwark Cathedral got us off to a good start! These walks are very good value and a great way to learn about London.

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