Old Westminster Walking Tour

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Westminster Underground station, London (exit 4)

Guided by Ann or David or David T. or Isobel or Judy or Karen or Oliver or Shaughan or Simon

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
Tuesday Weekly 2 pm 4 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online
Thursday Weekly 2 pm 4 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online
Saturday Weekly 11 am 1 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online

N.B. this walk will not take place on the following dates:


The seminal London Walk. Miss it and you’ve missed London.

Long read: 1,000 Years of History…  Old Westminster is London at its grandest: the place where kings and queens are crowned, where they lived, and often were buried.

It’s the forge of the national destiny, the place where the heart of the Empire beat, the Mecca of politicians throughout the ages. The past here is cast in stone and we take it all in: ancient Westminster Hall, the Houses of Parliament, the Jewel Tower, Westminster Abbey, etc.


Don’t just take it from us…

And to see it with a great guide (Karen, for example, winner of the Guide of the Year Award, Travel & Leisure’s “World’s Greatest Guide,” Presenter of Discovery TV’s London Next Stop) is to have that past suddenly rise to the surface, like seeing a photographic print come up in a darkroom.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Embarras de richesse, we’ll also explore the private face of Westminster – the London equivalent of Georgetown.

Unlike the tourist hordes who never find them, we get to see the hidden and ever so picturesque Georgian back streets where all the political salons are! We end very near the Cabinet War Rooms, the fortified bunker that housed Winston Churchill’s centre of operations during the war. N.B. So, yes, the walk ends very near Parliament Square, just a stone’s throw from Westminster Tube.  Want a preview of the walk? Click here to watch the video.


Old Westminster takes place every Tuesday at 2 pm, every* Thursday at 2 pm, every Saturday at 11 am.

The meeting point is just outside exit 4 of Westminster Tube.

The Tuesday at 2 pm walk is guided by actor Oliver (the David Niven of London Walks) or Guide of the Year Award-winning Judy or Isobel (Isobel’s another award-winning Blue Badge guide).  It’s Shaughan or David at the helm on the Thursdays at 2 pm walk. The Saturdays at 11 am walk is guided by Karen, recently crowned by Travel & Leisure as “the world’s greatest guide.


“Best Tourism Experience in London”  Gold Medal Winner, Visit London

“The best walks are conducted by London Walks”   Toronto Globe & Mail

“The best walking tours are organized by London Walks”   USA Today

“London Walks was acknowledged as the premier walking tour company in the entire world  American Tour Guides Convention

“The original and best – there are several companies offering walking tours of London but London Walks (London’s oldest) is easily the pick of the bunch”   London, Cadogan Guide

Want to find out more about wonderful Westminster? Check out our other Westminster tours.


If you can’t make one of the regularly scheduled, just-turn-up, Old Westminster Walking Tour it can always be booked as a private tour. If you go private you can have the Old Westminster Walking Tour walk – or any other London Walk – on a day and at a time that suits your convenience. We’ll tailor it to your requirements. Ring Fiona or Noel or Mary on 020 7624 3978 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll set it up and make it happen for you. A private London Walk – they’re good value for an individual or couple and sensational value for a group – makes an ideal group or educational or birthday party or office (team-building) or club outing.


A private London Walk makes a fab gift – be it a birthday or anniversary or Christmas present or whatever. Merchandise schmerchandise (gift wrapped or not) – but giving someone an experience, now that’s special. Memories make us rich.


Don’t just take it from us.


52 reviews for Old Westminster Walking Tour

  1. Tom Geismar

    Today my wife and I took the Old Westminster tour with David. It was a wonderful walk through an intriguing part of London and through history. What makes or breaks any tour is the guide. This was the third walk we have taken with David. He is wonderful. His knowledge about the tour snd his engaging style make for a very special and memorable tour. David brings unique, “David only” insights and artifacts that enhance our enjoyment of the tour and our learning. London Walks are London treasures. They are convenient, accommodating , enjoyable, and informative. When in London, London Walks are a MUST! Thank you David for more great memories!

  2. Rishi

    Simon did our tour and I was riveted by his compelling delivery and incredible wit! He made British history interesting even for those of us who knew little about it. I highly recommend Simon and this company too.

  3. David Tucker

    Hi Jennifer,

    David here. Thanks very much for your review, both the praise and the bit of disappointment you felt about not going into the Abbey or Parliament. As for visiting the Abbey, we have a dedicated Westminster Abbey Tour. You can’t begin to do justice to the Abbey in less than two hours. You wouldn’t have been “a little disappointed” – you would have been seething with rage if I’d had you cough up the price of admission for entry to the Abbey and then taken you in there for all of fifteen minutes. That’s the worst of all possible worlds. Mea culpa if I didn’t mention to you that you can go into the Abbey after the walk for free to attend the Evensong service – but that has strict limitations, you can’t walk around, can’t explore the Abbey. I’m afraid the only way of doing it and doing justice to it – and feeling good about it – is to go on the dedicated Abbey Tour. And at walk’s end it would have been possible – providing the House was sitting – to go into the public gallery of the House of Commons. N.B. you often have to queue unless you go quite late in the day or indeed in the evening, so, as with a visit to the Abbey in the time frame of the walk, a major detour like that would not have been a good use of your time given that you were on a walking tour of “Old Westminster”, both its public and private faces (and spaces). 90 percent of what we did and saw on the tour would have been “out of reach”, so to speak, if, during the tour, we’d gone into “the Stranger’s Gallery”, as the public galleries used to be known.

    All things considered, all of that is a plus not a minus. It’s the best possible use of your time – if you’re so inclined – to go on the tour and then head off for the Evensong Service or the Strangers’ Gallery. They dovetail perfectly.

    Finally, and also for the record, I’m a dual national. Have been here for 50 years, though, yes, I’ve still got the chewy dipthongs. An Israeli linguist – bless her heart – once said to me, “it’s a sign of good character that you’ve held on to your accent, it means you’re comfortable in your own skin.”

  4. Jennifer

    David’s knowledge of English history is very impressive, especially for an American! I was a little disappointed that we didn’t go into Parliament or Westminister Abbey however. I thought that was part of the walk. Regardless, it was a very interesting tour of the neigborhood behind Parliament and Westminister Abbey.

  5. Annette

    Took the tour with Simon on a chilly Saturday morning, we were a small group and it was so much fun! I particularly liked how seamlessly you embedded the French and German idioms for a German tourist – Danke dafür! Vielen Dank und bis zum nächsten Mal!

  6. Paula

    Tour on 04/03/23 with Simon – Very informative, lots of quirky facts, great fun. Highly recommended.

  7. Marie

    Great tour. Simon very informative. Highly recommend.

  8. Tom

    Old Westminster with Simon was filled with interesting historical stories and lots of laughs. Simon is very knowledgeable and funny. What a good time!

  9. Geoff Matthews

    Simon stood in for David and was a worthy sub. He really brought the buildings to life and despite the temperature it was well worth the effort. Great guide, thank you Simon

  10. Mrs M T Gilbey

    We went on the Old Westminster walk with Ann Jones on Tuesday 7th February. Ann was an excellent and personable guide who entertained us throughout the walk. We visited parts of Westminster which we were not aware of and all our questions were met with knowledgeable responses. We would recommend this tour to anyone who wishes to explore and discover the area around the Parliamentary estate and Westminster Abbey.

  11. Geoff Pyer

    Another great London walk round old Westminster. David was a fantastic guide & despite the atrocious weather made it so enjoyable. We learned so much & visited places we never knew existed & I was born in London! Looking forward to the next walk with you

  12. Victoria Dagestino

    I booked this as a private tour with Ann as my guide. The whole experience was one of the highlights of my visit to London. Ann is very knowledgeable as well as personable. She knew so many anecdotes that don’t show up in history books. As an American, my knowledge of English history is cursory at best. Ann was able to answer all my questions, framing them in their historical context. I thoroughly recommend this tour and Ann is delightful.

  13. Marc Matthews

    Simon was subbing for David today and was most excellent. Simon is a right proper English character, with more stories than 120 minutes allow. Perhaps the highlight of this particular day was when we were stopped in the “recent” houses area and a woman came out of a flat with her dog, Mozart, and talked with our group. Me thinks that there is more to her story than she let on because her flat was very famous in recent years…

  14. Ellen Jawitz

    Great walking tour of Old Westminster with David! We learned a lot, and especially enjoyed the second half of the tour which brought us through back streets we wouldn’t have discovered on our own.

  15. Linda Bailey

    Adam did a brilliant job steering us around Parliament and weaving stories we would have never heard without him. Excellent walk and time well spent.

  16. Philip Keylock

    Entertaining, informative, anecdotal, and great way to spend a couple of hours. A credit to London walks.

  17. Dale Hayden

    Exceptional walk. David does such a fantastic job of bringing history to life. If you think you know Westminster as an occasional visitor, you have missed the best parts. This London Walks fills in the rest. I have done close to 100 walks, and this is one of my favorite. The best entertainment value; not just for your first visit, but for all your visits.

  18. Mike Nisbet

    What a lovely and different experience! Starting with a bit of the more commonly recognised parts of the parliamentray estate and parliament square landmarks; the really satisfying bit of the tour kicks in when heading onto the residential back streets. So many quirky and funny anecdotes to satisfy the curiosity of tourists, history and politico fans alike. David our guide was charasmatic, a great communicator, knowledgeable and funny. I’ll be doing some of the other tours soon!

  19. Tim Gifford

    A very interesting and enlightening walk through a very small geographical but fascinating area with a long history. Our guide (Ann) was extremely knowledgeable and kept us enthralled for the whole time. Very much recommended!

  20. Wendy Marshall

    Despite the first paragraph of this walk’s description, this walk does *not* go anywhere near the Westminster Abbey until the very end, and then only the back of it. That being said, Isobel is full of wonderful information, and I enjoyed the walk.

  21. Kath Granger

    We did this walk on Saturday 22 October 2022. It was very interesting and entertaining. Karen, our guide, was excellent using her vocal skills well to compete with the street noise as this is a very busy area in places. As others have said you see places and get information about them that you don’t get on your own, even with a guide book. We always recommend London Walks to our friends as they never fail to entertain and inform.

  22. petra

    brilliant walk. Isobel was my guide, she was delightful. So much info delivered in a way that kept me wanting to hear more and more. gtmreat insight into the area, inspiring me to explore more. can’t wait to go on the next walk!

  23. Caroline Dixon

    We enjoyed being back in London for the Old Westminster Walk with David yesterday. He really made the history come alive as he is charismatic, has a good sense of humour, and is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. We learned so much and explored a quieter part of Westminster that we didn’t know existed. We are looking forward to our next tour with London Walks.

  24. Gary

    I’ve wandered around this part of London on and off for years but still found out lots of great facts and trod alleys I had no idea existed. Everything moves along at a gentle pace – plenty of time for pictures and not to get tired – and each stop is entertaining and informative. I’ve done a bunch of London Walks now and I can’t wait to do another.

  25. Sharon Collins

    My husband and I have previously been on various London Walks and always found them enjoyable and informative. We did the Old Westminster walk on Thursday 15th June. What a wonderful experience! Our guide was so knowledgeable and full of interesting facts and anecdotes. If you get the chance you must do this walk. You will not be disappointed

  26. Mrs Celestine Allison Rankin

    I went on the Old Westminster Walk with friends on 7th June guided by Ann Jones. It was an excellent experience. Ann was a very good guide and we learnt so much about parts of Westminster we had never been to. How wonderful to discover hidden treasures in our capital city. My friends and I intend to go on more of these superb tours. Thank you so much for arranging them and with such knowledgable guides.

  27. Walter Hummer

    We did the tour with Molly and had an amazing walk.
    It was as entertaining as it was informative.
    Highly recommended!

  28. Martin Anbari

    This was a wonderful tour, given by Ann Jones. Very interesting and informative. There is simply no amount of preparation that a visitor can do on one’s own that can substitute for the kind of tour given by an experienced guide. It was superlative in every sense. Ms. Jones is so personable and easy going and friendly. Highly recommended.

  29. David Manchester

    Thoroughly enjoyable walk with a well informed and wonderful guide
    Thank your Ann

  30. Sian Edwards

    Another great walk. I always feel inspired by your guides.

  31. Steve

    Lovely walking tour with the wonderful tour guide – an American (and now Brit) in London. Not to be missed.

  32. Maggie B

    I have done many of the London Walks and this one of Westminster was as interesting and informative as all the others. Ann was an excellent guide and had an abundance of fascinating historical facts and anecdotes to relate that brought the area to life and sustained my interest for a full two hours. I liked the way she shone a light on the unknown nooks and crannies of such a well-known area of London. Heartily recommended.

  33. Alison Pedrono

    Highly recommend this London Walk around Westminster – learnt so much from our guide Ann who was extremely welcoming, interesting, lively and who shared so much information and anecdotes .. the 2 hours flew by – I will definitely sign up for other Walks

  34. Mary Joyce Gelsinger

    We just finished this fabulous walk with Isobel, who was marvelous! We were the only ones who showed up for the tour, and the weather was miserable, but Isobel was undaunted and gave us a truly great tour of Westminster. Her stories and insights made the time fly by. Well done!

  35. Sarah Barham

    We had an excellent time with Ann. We saw hidden parts of Westminster we had never before visited. Ann was very knowledgeable and interesting. We can’t wait to book another tour.

  36. PJ

    All the excellent recent reviews of this tour which we did today with David are completely accurate and really sum up the quality of all of the company’s tours we’ve done

  37. DJ

    Really enjoyed our walk with Ann.
    Saw alot of interesting things we would have missed. Will definatly be booking more walks. Such good value.

  38. Penn Wyrough

    Last tour of a 10 day trip to London, Bath and York – a great way to end. David did an outstanding job highlighting new and interesting secrets of Westminster. Thought I knew it “all” but David pointed many, many fun details that only an experienced guide knows. 2 hours passed quickly in an easy-going Informative stroll through history. Highly recommend.

  39. Danny Abrahams

    A superb way to spend the afternoon and on my birthday too . Isobel is an excellent guide not just because of the depth of her knowledge she shared with her customers but because she made us all feel welcome with the warmth of her wonderful engaging personality.

  40. Audra Jackson

    Ann J. did a fantastic walk for our group of 6. She pointed out lots of interesting tidbits that we would have missed on our own. I highly recommend!

  41. Caroline

    2hours of intellectual stimulus – fascinating history of Westminster and so much more. Molly thank you for your knowledge and humour. Many highlights you really know your stuff. Looking forward to booking the next one. Highly recommend Molly and this tour ..a remarkable lady.

  42. Ben R

    Our two-hour walk with Ann around Westminster was a highlight of our 8-day trip to London. Her knowledge of the area’s history, peppered with interesting stories and anecdotes, brought a cold afternoon to life! We will certainly do more London Walks tours on a future visit.

  43. Winifred

    Loved this walk around Westminster with Simon. I saw places that I’d never noticed before despite working in the area for eight years! Brilliant!

  44. Mahesh and Geetha

    David did this walk with us on 4th November. He was amazing – an American who had come to England in his 20’s and had stayed and developed his love for England. His passion for English history and his in-depth knowledge as a university lecturer and podcaster shone through his words. He showed and told us things about the census and took us to amazing parts of Westminster which had us entranced. Even though we are Londoners ourselves, we would have never been aware of many of these little gems he took us to. He was a thoughtful and humorous guide and opened up a new awareness and respect for the amazing history of political Westminster.

  45. Malcolm Austin

    Fascinating tour of slightly off beat places.

  46. Ian Eddleston

    Our walk was by Ann Jones, who obviously knows her stuff. A very interesting two hours. Highly recommended.

  47. Cristina

    Absolutely loved our guide Simon! We’ve done several walks and he was the absolute best. Perfect touch of humour and emotional involvement. Looking forward to some of the Christmas tours he recommended

  48. Allison

    Took this tour on 16 October with Simon. VERY well done. Fabulous information delivered by a wonderful guide. He engaged everyone while providing historical facts about buildings and items that one would completely not notice simply walking through. His ability to keep everyone interested while still keeping us laughing is unsurpassed. Highly recommend any walks with London Walks.

  49. Lynne

    David was kind enough to take me on this tour today despite being the only person to turn up .Many tour companies would not have done that. The tour was full of historical information as well as many interesting anecdotes. I saw buildings, places and small details that I would not have noticed myself and are not in the guide books. David is an extremely knowledgeable, experienced guide with an excellent sense of humour. This tour is first class and not to be missed.

  50. Lynn Holman

    We walked Old Westminster with Simon who provided our tour with plenty of interesting historical facts served up with humour & great voice impressions. We were even lucky enough to meet a local lady & her dog who gave us extra insider knowledge. The walk is a great way to see behind the obvious.

  51. Chris Fisher

    We recently did this walk led by David T. who was an engaging and enthusiastic guide. Although he is an American by birth his deep and genuine fascination for the history and culture of his adopted city shone through and made for a hugely enjoyable afternoon. I’m a lifelong history buff but learned a host of new and interesting details from this walk which also introduces you to parts of Westminster you would otherwise miss on the usual tourist trail. No hesitation in recommending for both tourists and natives. Excellent.

  52. Paul Orchard

    Did the Old Westminster Walking Tour while on a trip to the capital in September 2021. It was fantastic in itself but our guide, Karen, was awesome and added hugely to our enjoyment. You are guaranteed to see bits of Westminster that you’ve never seen before and the time flew by. Highly recommend the tour and certainly Karen who is a star.

  53. Mark Gunning

    Did this excellent walk in September 2021 with David T. It was exactly the right mix of sound history, quirky facts and humour. David ensures you see many fascinating things you would never have noticed without a guide. Highly recommend.

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