Jack the Ripper Matinee – 3 pm on Saturdays

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Tower Hill underground station, London (meet by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stand)

Guided by Andy F. or Nick G. or Oliver

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
Saturday Weekly 3 pm 5 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online

He came silently out of the midnight shadows of August 31, 1888…

This is the matinee Jack the Ripper Walk. It takes place at 3 pm every* Saturday afternoon.

Meet outside the exit of Tower Hill  tube station, by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stand.

Here’s a photograph of the meeting point…

Yes, that’s right. On Saturdays* the Jack the Ripper Walk takes place twice – at 3 pm and then again at 7.30 pm.

The 3 pm Saturday* Jack the Ripper matinee is the exact same walk – the same performance, the same CSI, the same denouement – as the takes-place-every-evening*-at-7.30-pm Jack the Ripper Walk.

So, yes, the in-depth, detailed description of the nightly 7.30 pm Jack the Ripper Walk is equally applicable to this walk, the Saturday afternoon 3 pm Jack the Ripper Matinee Walk. The sole difference is the start time: the Saturday matinee goes every* Saturday afternoon at 3 pm, the evening Jack the Ripper Walk goes every* night at 7.30 pm.

*Except December 24 and December 25

Yes, this is the legendary, world-famous Jack the Ripper Walk created, devised and guided by Britain’s most distinguished crime historian, Donald Rumbelow, “internationally recognised as the leading authority on Jack the Ripper.” This is Don’s walk. And, yes, Don is still at the centre of the action, still very much involved with his – the London Walks – Jack the Ripper Walk.  Don directs our Jack the Ripper Walk. Don mentors our Jack the Ripper Walk. Only with London Walks do you get a Jack the Ripper Walk, the chief consultant for which is “the world’s leading authority on Jack the Ripper.” In short, this is the genuine article, the world-famous Jack the Ripper Walk created and still looked after by the world’s leading authority on Jack the Ripper, the author of the definitive book on the subject. Not to put too fine a point on it, everything else is an imitation, a knockoff. In the immortal words of a certain Margaret Thatcher, “imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but an imitation is still a fake.”

Does any of the above matter? Does it ever. It matters where it matters most – in the accuracy of the information and the quality and calibre of the guiding. Pictured here, for example, is Oliver

Oliver is one of the Saturday Jack the Ripper matinee guides. Click here to listen to Oliver “getting the show on the road.” It’s how it should be done. Nothing amateurish or clumsy about it. It’s immediately compelling. You know from the get-go that you’re in exceptionally good hands. It’s professional. It’s assured. It’s London Walks-calibre guiding. It’s, well, streets ahead.

For the comprehensive, the full, in-depth, detailed description of the London Walks Jack the Ripper Walk – be it the 7.30 pm evening walk or the 3 pm Saturday matinee walk – click here.

So, yes, for sure, what we say about the nightly 7.30 pm Jack the Ripper Walk is equally applicable to this walk, the 3 pm Saturday matinee Ripper Walk.

And if you want to pursue this further – and you should, everybody and his cousin is doing Jack the Ripper tours these days, so a large helping of Caveat Emptor should be the order of the day – take a look at our two Ripper films. The first one features film, television, voice and Royal Shakespeare Company actor Stephen Noonan. And the second one is the man himself, Donald Rumbelow.

“In 1888 I was a freak. Today I’m an amateur” — Jack the Ripper

*Except December 24/25

14 reviews for Jack the Ripper Matinee – 3 pm on Saturdays

  1. Emily

    This was a fun and informative tour! Paul shared a lot of neat information with us and was very mindful of other residents and people on the streets. The two hours flew by. I would recommend this walk. Given the time and location, most of the streets were clear and quiet. Thank you!

  2. Mark

    Simon was an excellent guide, funny, informative and brought the experience to life. Highly recommended.

  3. Joley Gibbs

    We had an incredible Jack the Ripper tour guided by Paul today. His knowledge and story telling was captivating, and it was interesting to learn about societal context in the area at that time. The walk was also steady paced and each stop well thought out. Thanks Paul for a great experience! Will be recommending to family & friends

  4. Damien

    Fascinating history. You get some understanding of how people lived and a sense of the location. Remarkable to see places I’ve only read about. Worth more than the price.

  5. Jane Steventon

    Excellent tour by Oliver, the pace was well devised , small distances between the storytelling. The presentation was accurate and interesting , throughout, we stopped at quiet places where Oliver explained the chronology of the Rippers murders.
    Atmospheric and kept us compelled right to the end.

  6. Andrew White

    Very engaging tour. Guide was very knowledgeable, & helpful. Good bloke. Get involved people!

  7. Jacob

    Oliver was very welcoming from the get go and quickly set the scene of the next two hours. It was engaging, appropriately humorous, and very informative. Oliver has an incredible knack for storytelling and provided us with a memorable experience in London.

  8. Brian

    I’ve never been on a less than excellent London walk. Today was no different. Oliver sets the scene very well.

  9. Nichola Whelehan

    We went on the Saturday walk on 29th Jan at 3pm with Oliver. He was excellent, knew his subject very well, was very compelling and interesting to listen to and obviously loves what he does. Would definitely recommend

  10. Kirsty Everett

    We went on the Jack the Ripper tour on Saturday afternoon. Simon was our guide. He was extremely informative and passionate. Would highly recommend.

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