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Shortest Podcast Ever

It’s only 38 seconds. 38 seconds that say it all.

“All” in this case being a masterclass in how it should be done.

“It” in this case being guiding.

It’s accomplished actor Oliver Beamish beginning his Jack the Ripper walk. Accomplished actor Oliver Beamish who – yes, we are one fortunate walking tour company – does some guiding for us when he’s “resting.”

You’re on Oliver’s walk and you take in these 38 seconds you know, beyond any doubt, that guide-wise you’ve hit the jackpot.  It’s a bravura, virtuoso, bar-setting 38 seconds. Oliver’s not just set it, he’s enthroned it. It tops out here – the bar can’t be set any higher than this.

A 38-second clip that reminds us what a great guide can do. A reminder of how nourishing and arresting the human voice can be. A reminder how vitally important it is to say it well – how tone, clarity, timing, timbre, assurance have to be got right for a performance – and a walking tour is a performance – to succeed.

In sum, it’s a reminder that it all comes down to the guiding.

And that this is the calibre of guiding you get with London Walks.

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