Revolting London – 2000 years of rebellion and retribution

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Tower Hill underground station, London (meet by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stand)

Guided by David G. or Ian or Ulrike

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
Tuesday Weekly 10.45 am 12.45 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online
3 August 2023 Special 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer Reserve Online
18 May 2023 Special 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer Reserve Online


Don’t just take it from us…

Guided by David G. or Ian

N.B. Guides Ian and David G. donate all of their fee to the World Jewish Relief’s Ukraine Crisis Appeal!

“rebellion, it froze them up, as fish are in a pond”  Shakespeare

A 5* rated live, outdoor, 3-D, shoe-leather-on-pavement London Walk.

Our route: the Tower of London (Traitors’ Gate) to the Mansion House.

Mansion House, part of our Revolting London Walking Tour

Our dramatis personae: 20 centuries of them. They range from Boudicca (Boadacea) who put London to the torch 2000 years ago (the first Great Fire of London) to the Extinction Rebellion demonstrators who recently (2019) “torched” the Chancellor’s Mansion House speech.

Tower of London, part of our Revolting London Walking Tour

Enroute: we meet three Tudor Queens beheaded in the Tower, Irish bombers, theArchbishop of Canterbury lynched by Revolting Peasants, the slave trader who switched sides, the Scottish nobleman who laughed his head off (literally laughed it off).

The George and Vulture Pub, part of our Revolting London Walking Tour
In sum: that’s just a sprinkling of said encounters. Two hours on we’ll have met any number of extraordinary characters whose lives and deaths are etched on, above and beneath the streets and alleys of London.

And as long as we’re at it, here’s a visual of our meeting point just outside the exit of Tower Hill  Tube.


49 reviews for Revolting London – 2000 years of rebellion and retribution

  1. Åse A

    A lovely and «grusom» walk with Ian on the Revolting London walk this week. I have also experience with other guides, and they have all been very knowlegable. I will go on mamy more waøks for sure.

  2. Barbara Scott

    Three of us went on the walk with David and loved every minute.We were astounded at David’s knowledge and ability to answer questions from a diverse group of people.I highly recommend this walk.Barbx

  3. Katherine D

    What a joy it was to go on Ian’s Tour ‘2000 Years of Rebellion and Retribution’. Jam-packed with history brought to amazing life by a tour guide who knows his onions and then some. Following in the footsteps of the mighty and meek – Wow! There was so much information on this tour and Ian was full of amusing nuggets, quips, wit and insider knowledge. (Listening was like giving sugar lumps to a pony!) If you need a brush up on your history and want to walk around some iconic London spots this brilliant tour for you. Highly recommended. Wonderful!

  4. Shelley L

    Ian’s tours are perfect for those who want an introduction to British history as well as those who consider themselves serious history buffs. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and presents information with wit and humor. I participated in the Covent Garden, Revolting London, and Jewish History tours and all were superb.

  5. inbal

    As history fans, we found the tour incredibly nice,
    With a laugh we’ve learned interesting history facts.
    Luckily the weather was also on our side

  6. Natalie

    Ian took us on a Revolting London tour, which was a wonderful experience. Ian is knowledge, engaging and clearly enjoys conducting these tours. I would definitely recommend his tours and would gladly go to another!

  7. Gene M

    Ian did a terrific job presenting historical information, often with great humor. He kept everyone’s attention and led us to sites we never would have found on our own. Well worth taking a tour with Ian!

  8. David F

    Went on Ian’s “Revolting London” walking tour. Friendly, knowledgable, and entertaining tour of sites round the city connected to rebels from Roman times up to almost the present day. Highly recommended

  9. Fiona Callister-Davies

    Really interesting, full of humour (sometimes dark) and David is both knowledgeable and a great storyteller. Nearly everything was new to me – despite living in London for nearly quarter century. Highly recommend

  10. Sarah E

    Ian was brilliant at combining very interesting facts with humour. Right up my street! Thank you

  11. Ruth N

    Just done the ‘Revolting’ London walking tour with Ian – it was seriously entertaining, packed with facts, fun and information on 2000 years of revolting (in both senses of the word!) London history. He managed our largish mixed age group with ease and walked us around with humour and style. He even ordered the sun, which in February was unexpected but very welcome. I have lived in London but saw parts of the square mile that I had not come across before. Ian was able to draw on his previous working life as a Lawyer in this area to give us gems of information that most tour guides would not be aware of. I would recommend joining any of Ian’s tours which he does to raise money for charity which makes his tour even more commendable.

  12. Terry

    I have been on many London Walks, and this was one of the best.
    Ian has an encyclopaedic knowledge of his subject.

  13. Diane B

    Thoroughly enjoyed the revolting walk with Ian, a very knowledgeable guide with a good sense of humour.

    I’ve stayed in the area for over 8 years, and its always interesting to learn new information about the history of the City.

    Would recommend.

  14. Melanie Goodwin

    Fascinating walk led by Ian. His knowledge is amazing and he has a wonderful way of communicating that knowledge to bring to life the events and characters. He takes you down wonderful alleyways to so many hidden and not so hidden gems in the city of London. Want to do the walk again with a friend it was so enjoyable. Highly recommend.

  15. Jennifer Le

    My partner and I booked this walk on one of our few days that we had in London. It turned out to be a miserable day – weather wise. Very cold and windy. However, we did not even think about it for one millisecond during our 2+ hour walk with David G for Revolting London. We have not stopped talking about all of the things that we learned from David. Easy meet up at the Tower Hill tube station. We went around to so many different sites in the Square Mile, discussing things I could have never imagined or have known without partaking in this walking tour. The walking bit was easy – never tiring or strenuous. David’s enthusiasm never wavered for one second. He was passionate about his knowledge; he was witty, hilarious, and energetic. I would do this tour ten times over and would recommend to anyone. Thank you so much, David. Myself and my partner count the tour as one of the highlights of our trip.

  16. James

    My family took 3 London Walks on our vacation; while they were all excellent, Revolting London with Ian was our favorite. Despite the revolting January weather, Ian’s energy and passion for the subject kept us engaged throughout.

    This is an especially good one for teenagers–at least our 13 year old, who was engrossed by Ian’s stories of rebellions and awful people. I kept telling him we could quit if it was too cold or wet, but he always responded, “no, this is great.” Music to any parent’s ears.

    Highly recommended.

  17. Ellen Jawitz

    Fabulous tour with David G. He was so knowledgeable and entertaining, and gave us some great historical context for sites we returned to during our stay in London.

  18. Christine Ingham

    Did the tour with David this morning. I was blown away by the history of the Square Mile. David is so entertaining in his delivery of a huge amount of knowledge. He certainly knows his subject and enjoys the telling of it. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and highly recommend it. I will definitely be joining his afternoon walk about the history of the Jews in London at a later date.

  19. Jonah

    Best tour guide in London
    I did 2 tours with Ian on the same day (Revolting London and Jewish London). Each was an amazing experience. The guide is a character you won’t find anywhere else, he is extremely funny and knowledgeable. I learnt all about the stories embedded in the streets of london, while being entertained though out the whole tour. Not only did I enjoy the tour but I would highly recommend either of the tours to anyone that is planning on visiting London. I just want you to know that if you don’t do it, you truly are missing out.

  20. Roz

    Ian was a most entertaining and informative guide. I learnt so much and saw so much. Highly recommend. A great guide!

  21. Alison Head

    Excellent tour from first class guide. Loads of interesting facts. Would thoroughly recommend

  22. HW

    An intriguing insight into key events and people that influenced the course of English history. Ian’s commentary was peppered with humorous and sometimes naughty tales that brought historical characters to life. An information packed and obviously well researched walk from start to finish. Ian’s tour is an absolute must for anyone wanting to add some fascinating facts and figures to their knowledge of London’s rich and colourful history.

  23. Brian Daly

    I worked in the City of London for 20 years and enjoyed very much learning loads more about the places I absently minded walked by for 20 years. If you local to London, this is a tour that will open your eyes. Well done, Ian.

  24. Ian Head

    Ian was an excellent and entertaining guide. Even though it rains for much of the tour, nobody left which must mean he had all of our attention.

  25. Roger S

    My favourite way to pass the time when visiting London is to go on a London Walk. They are really good value, educational, entertaining and take you to places that you would never find on your own. David’s Revolting London walk was excellent, humorous, and I learned a lot of new (to me) history. He took us down narrow streets and alleys in the City of London, starting at the Roman Wall, and moving on through history to the 21st century glass skyscrapers. On the way we encountered some of Henry VIII’s unfortunate wives, Samuel Pepys and many others who had contributed to the history of this city and the nation. Many ‘facts’ learned at school were dispelled. This was a fascinating two hours.

  26. Ros Heit

    Ian gave a fantastic tour, thanks

  27. Linda H

    An informative and interesting walk with David, a knowledgeable and fun guide. Highly recommended.

  28. Alban O’Brien

    Alban O. 16 August 2022 ‘In Lincoln Inn Fields, according to Dickens, lawyers lie like maggots in nuts.” Dickens never did have a kind word to say about lawyers, but if he had met Ian who led our walk today I have no doubt he would have changed his mind. This was a thoroughly enjoyable tour of revolt and its consequences stretching back to the Romans with a gherkin and the burial place of Roman maiden thrown in for good measure. A retired lawyer who gives his fees to charity and entertains with stories for two hours. What is not to like Mr Dickens?

  29. Eliot Markman

    Ian is an excellent tour guide. I saw him give a Zoom presentation on “Jews in London” that was so good that I subsequently signed up on his “Revolting London” walking tour. He is knowledgeable about London and presents information in an engaging and sometimes humorous way. A truly splendid guide.

  30. Stephenpiper

    Done tour 12/7/22 Ian was very good guide loads of facts at each stop and showed us hidden alleys

  31. Melanie Chasteen

    We had a wonderful time on this tour and Ian, our tour guide was knowledgeable and funny (important when you have kids tagging along). It’s true, there were lots of revolting things in London that go back many, many years! We would highly recommend this tour.

  32. Stuart Millman

    Ian brought this walk through rebellion London to life with his stories and anecdotes. He knows the City well and is able to perambulate through hidden lanes, alleys and sites that are associated with significant historical and often highly amusing historical events.

  33. Jessica Stoller

    We hired Ian for a private tour on Revolting London. It was excellent! I loved all the little things he showed us that we never would have seen on our own. Ian had so much good information and a great sense of humor.

  34. Jodi K.

    We hired Ian for a private tour of Revolting London and it was fantastic! He took us to places we never would have found on our own with such interesting history! From Boudicea burning Londinium down to a licentious Samuel Pepys and a young Roman girl’s grave in the heart of the city we walked far and wide learning all about London’s Revolting history!

  35. Anne Woolley

    Had the pleasure of being on Ian’s walk last Tuesday with my husband and two friends. An excellent insight into Revolting London, seeing parts of London you would never find for yourself and learning so much history. A very enjoyable 2 hours.

  36. Lindsay Cox

    Ian was a fantastic guide. Amusing, well informed and very interesting indeed. We have done several London Walks and this was the best of a good lot. AND Ian donates all proceeds to charity.

  37. Andreas B

    Ian was fantastic. Always a pleasure to learn from someone whose passion for the subject matter shines through so clearly. Couldn’t recommend more highly!

  38. Liam Nye

    You can never know it all. As a middle aged Londoner I’ve walked and learned the history of these streets for many years. However, you can never know it all, and I never want to say I do. A lifetime is never going to be enough, but Ian seems to have nailed it. A marvellously entertaining and fact filled tour is assured every time. Value for money is an understatement, and for such a great cause as well.

  39. J.P.

    David was a delight, and this tour was a fascinating history lesson. So many hidden nooks and crannies were explored that it felt like we were on a Hidden London tour. Already planning two more tours and definitely will make this a part of every trip to London from now on.

  40. Sue Bird

    I would recommend spending a couple of hours with Ian – full of facts with humour rolled in plus he is useful for lunch recommendations after!

  41. Marion Woodhouse

    We really enjoyed the revolting London tour with Ian. So many interesting facts delivered with humour and fun. I recommend Ian and this tour. We learnt so much about our home town! Thank you

  42. Leonard Lubarsky

    Ian led a fascinating walk, filled with anecdotes that brought the past to life. Definitely very worthwhile and highly recommended!

  43. danielle

    Great walk with lots of interesting facts and stories. Do not hesitate to book!

  44. Gwen Finch

    Excellent walk as always with this company. never been on a bad one!

  45. Mike Marriott

    Another excellent performance from Ian.
    He weaves his facts together into coherent stories that tell us much about the development of London.
    It is all done is a relaxed and entertaining way; a great walk!

  46. Phillip

    Great walk, great guide, much mirth and humour around a very interesting subject. 2 hours flew by as we walked around the streets of the city and there was mote revolting events followed by retribution than I had known about. Thoroughly recommended

  47. Jim Bria

    Ian’s tour is excellent. His stories are interesting and informative. Who knew there are so many revolting location hidden in plain sight! Don’t miss this tour when in London.

  48. Maria M.

    What an excellent tour guided by Ian. Ian is a natural story teller who draws you into the revolting stories of London’s past. He is very engaging, knowledgeable and highly entertaining. Definitely worth his more than 500 5* reviews he’s got on tripadvisor. Highly recommended!

  49. John M

    Really interesting to hear about so many ‘revolting’ events that have taken place within one square mile from Roman times right through to Extinction Rebellion.

    Very knowledgeable guide who puts it over well and tops it with some dreadful jokes.

    Thoroughly recommended.

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