Revolting London – 2000 years of rebellion and retribution

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Tower Hill underground station, London (meet by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stand)

Guided by David G. or Ian

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Guided by David G. or Ian

N.B. Guides Ian and David G. donate their fee to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal!

“rebellion, it froze them up, as fish are in a pond”  Shakespeare

A 5* rated live, outdoor, 3-D, shoe-leather-on-pavement London Walk.

Our route: the Tower of London (Traitors’ Gate) to the Mansion House.

Our dramatis personae: 20 centuries of them. They range from Boudicca (Boadacea) who put London to the torch 2000 years ago (the first Great Fire of London) to the Extinction Rebellion demonstrators who recently (2019) “torched” the Chancellor’s Mansion House speech.

Enroute: we meet three Tudor Queens beheaded in the Tower, Irish bombers, the Archbishop of Canterbury lynched by Revolting Peasants, the slave trader who switched sides, the Scottish nobleman who laughed his head off (literally laughed it off).

In sum: that’s just a sprinkling of said encounters. Two hours on we’ll have met any number of extraordinary characters whose lives and deaths are etched on, above and beneath the streets and alleys of London.


8 reviews for Revolting London – 2000 years of rebellion and retribution

  1. Leonard Lubarsky

    Ian led a fascinating walk, filled with anecdotes that brought the past to life. Definitely very worthwhile and highly recommended!

  2. danielle

    Great walk with lots of interesting facts and stories. Do not hesitate to book!

  3. Gwen Finch

    Excellent walk as always with this company. never been on a bad one!

  4. Mike Marriott

    Another excellent performance from Ian.
    He weaves his facts together into coherent stories that tell us much about the development of London.
    It is all done is a relaxed and entertaining way; a great walk!

  5. Phillip

    Great walk, great guide, much mirth and humour around a very interesting subject. 2 hours flew by as we walked around the streets of the city and there was mote revolting events followed by retribution than I had known about. Thoroughly recommended

  6. Jim Bria

    Ian’s tour is excellent. His stories are interesting and informative. Who knew there are so many revolting location hidden in plain sight! Don’t miss this tour when in London.

  7. Maria M.

    What an excellent tour guided by Ian. Ian is a natural story teller who draws you into the revolting stories of London’s past. He is very engaging, knowledgeable and highly entertaining. Definitely worth his more than 500 5* reviews he’s got on tripadvisor. Highly recommended!

  8. John M

    Really interesting to hear about so many ‘revolting’ events that have taken place within one square mile from Roman times right through to Extinction Rebellion.

    Very knowledgeable guide who puts it over well and tops it with some dreadful jokes.

    Thoroughly recommended.

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