Jewish London

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Bank Tube Station Exit on the corner of Princes Street and Mansion House Street

Guided by David G. or Ian or Isabelle

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
Tuesday Weekly 2.15 pm 4.15 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online

N.B. this walk will not take place on the following dates:


Shofar read: Lechaim! To life, to life!

We interrupt this read to say This walk is the other Jewish London!

he Great Synagogue Plaque, London


Don’t just take it from us…

We further interrupt this read to say: Guides Ian and David donate all of their fee to the World Jewish Relief’s Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Short read: The other Jewish London. Most Jewish history tours – including our Old Jewish Quarter walk – focus on the East End, where penniless Jewish refugees settled in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But the City – the original London, the oldest London – has a much older and richer Jewish heritage.

A Millenium of Jewish History. That’s what you get – that’s where we go – on this Jewish London walk. Mazel tov.

Long read: A journey through the streets and alleys of London to discover the thousand-year history of the Jews in England. From the arrival of a Jewish community from Normandy in 1066/67 to the Kindertransport children of 1938/39, Jews have played important roles in the unfolding drama of British history. On our journey we will encounter the Jews of medieval London, the unfortunate Jewish doctor who inspired the creation of Shylock, Queen Victoria’s favourite Prime Minister, the Jewish stockbroker who saved the British government during the 1745 Jacobite rebellion, the Protestant rabble-rouser who became an Orthodox Jew, the Jewish prize-fighter who transformed the sport of boxing and other colourful characters.

We will visit some of the most spectacular sites in the City. We will also reveal the little-known Jewish associations of some of London’s most famous landmarks.

Disraeli Plaque Frederick’s Place, London


Jewish London takes place at  2.15 pm on Tuesdays.

In addition to its regular, weekly, every Tuesday afternoon at 2.15 pm outing, it will take place as “a special” at 2.15 pm on Thursday, August 3rd.

Meet your guide by the ATM just outside exit 1 of Bank Tube Stop.* Your guide will be on the corner of Mansion House Street and Princes Street next to the NatWest ATM. The guide will be holding a London Walks leaflet.

Bevis Marks Synagogue, London

*Make sure you exit at Bank Tube Stop NOT the connected Monument Tube Stop if your train arrives at Monument walk through the long tunnel to Bank.

51 reviews for Jewish London

  1. Karen and Eric Kressman

    Informative and worthwhile.

  2. Renata

    My teenage kids and I truly enjoyed the tour! David was very knowledgeable, engaging, and witty in his narration. I would highly recommend the tour and David to anyone visiting London.

  3. Steve and Shira Jackson

    We enjoyed two informative and entertaining tours with David G. ( Gollancz) Jewish London and Revolting London:
    -exceptionally informative
    – pleasant and entertaining
    – knowledgeable
    – fascinating tidbits and anecdotes

    A London must if you want to get the insider’s view
    David – thanks for your dedication and for sharing your vast knowledge
    We appreciate your generosity of heart and support of an important cause
    Steve and Shira Jackson

  4. Damian Farnon

    An excellent tour of the Jewish story of the square mile by David. I learnt more about the Jewish history in London and indeed more about the City of London in a couple of hours than in all of my previous trips

  5. Richard Perry

    David was an impressive guide, spoke clearly and at good volume necessary for a large group. Reallyenjoyed his exposition of the history,told withhumour were appropriate. Most impressed that while dedicated to his faith he was able to explain the various persecutions without rancour, and acknowledge the welcome and support the Jewish communities at various times received from the British community

  6. Richard and Christine Perry

    In spite of torrential rain we both enjoyed this walk from many aspects. David was extremely knowledgeable on all the history of how the Jewish people came to live in England, were persecuted through many centuries. How despite past history Jewish people came to the fore in many different walks of life. We also enjoyed seeing areas of London which were new to us. Great walk and highly recommended.

  7. Ben Solnit

    David was very knowledgeable and a great storyteller. Highly recommended!

  8. ElayneBonnie

    Today, Ian Fagelson of LONDON WALKS led us on an outstanding tour of the History of the Jews in London. Ian is a wonderfully knowledgeable, articulate and entertaining raconteur. While walking along the wide and narrow streets, Ian’s colourful stories brought to life the 1000 years of the Jewish experience in England: from the days of William the Conqueror in 1066 until the Kindertransports of 1938.

  9. AdrianBlomefield

    I’ve been on many London Walks and this was one of the best. Ian gives a comprehensive history of the English welcome to the Jews from the 1400s through to the Second World War. The tour is centred around the Bank area in London rather than the east end and Ian ties together the locations with the history resulting in a good knowledge of how Jews were treated by the lawmakers of those times. For me, it was a very fresh perspective of Jewish history . Ian himself was very engaging, a good raconteur who clearly knows his stuff!

  10. Ruth Steinberg

    David was very engaging and knowledgeable. I learnt so much about the impact of Jews on English history and the context in which Jews lived. He passed on his passion and his love of London and the stories that impact on us today.

  11. Motl Didner

    David was a fantastic guide. Very knowledgeable and engaging. I learned a lot about the history of Jews in London. A lot of history that no general tour would include. I would highly recommend this to visitors and natives alike who would like to learn more about how England affected Jewish history and how Jews affected British history.

  12. Michael Cooper

    Ian did a superb job today
    Am encyclopaedic knowledge of Jewish London, entertaining and informative.
    Kudos to him for donating his fee to charity.

  13. Elfan Jones

    David is a brilliant guide. He gave an informative , amusing. interesting and enjoyable London Walk

  14. Stephen R

    Fascinating look into London history. We concentrated on Jewish history, but Ian is conversant from 1066 on. Very personable and adaptable to changing requirements of the day!

  15. Christine L

    Two and a half hours of really interesting stuff on the Jewish tour with Ian. I have been on loads of London tours over the years which have been great, but I think I learnt more on this tour than on many others. Being taken in and round and through the many alleyways and lanes I never knew existed in the City of London as well as being educated on Jewish entwined with British history was fascinating and a real treat for the senses!

  16. Shelley

    Ian’s tours are perfect for those who want an introduction to British history as well as those who consider themselves serious history buffs. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and presents information with wit and humor. I participated in the Covent Garden, Revolting London, and Jewish History tours and all were superb.

  17. Patricia

    This was by far the most informative tour on Jewish life in England since the start of the nation. Wonderful. Great streets and alleyways to observe as you listened to detailed stories of Jewish life. Highly recommend and will let friends and family know that they must take this tour

  18. Vanessa&Cathy

    We so enjoyed the walk led by David this afternoon. So much fascinating history, delivered with humour and depth of knowledge and the wonderful sights- turning a corner and there was a C17 church cheek by jowl with curious sky scrapers. A really absorbing afternoon- Thankyou

  19. Eugene K

    Ian is highly engaging and entertaining storyteller who guides you through a must-see tour full of fascinating information that never feels overbearing or beside the point. He makes sure to get to know his audience and makes you feel a part of the experience with nice personal touches. Very much recommended. Will attend more of Ian’s tours as soon as I can.

  20. David L

    Ian is a superb guide. Very knowledgeable and engaging. Highly recommend

  21. Samuel G

    G-d could learn something from this tour!


    Covered lots of Jewish history in London plus found still more streets in the City of London that I did not know existed.

    Best if you are an Arsenal supporter but other affiliations tolerated.

  22. Eugene G

    We saw and learned a lot, and enjoyed our time! Ian is a brilliant tour guide, very knowledgeable, amazing story-teller, has great science of humor, and is a pleasant person to spent time with. All proceeds payments for the tours Ian donates to the charity that only shows his dedication.
    I highly recommend Ian’s tours to anyone!

  23. Terry S

    Ian was enthusiastic, and never short on information. He is incredibly knowledgeable about British history and the Jews in London. His stories were great which helped in retaining the information, as there was so much to learn.

    Thank you Ian for a walk into the past as way of understanding the present. We would highly recommend this walking tour.

  24. Edward

    Great Tour! Great Guide! Great London! Great Jews!

  25. terry

    Ian was enthusiastic, and never short on information. He is incredibly knowledgeable about British history and the Jews in London. His stories were great which helped in retaining the information, as there was so much to learn. Thank you Ian for a walk into the past as way of understanding the present. We would highly recommend this walking tour.

  26. Asaf C

    Ian could not have been any better!! Above and beyond all expectations.

  27. Dave N

    My wife and I took this tour of 1000 years of Jewish History in London and it was amazing. Ian, a retired lawyer, and historian is well versed on the History of London, both Jewish and non-Jewish. He makes it fun and interesting.

    All proceeds paid to Ian go to charity which only shows his passion for doing what he does.
    I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to learn more about London’s History.

  28. Shelagh B

    Brilliant all round
    The breadth of knowledge of Ian and the humour with which it was delivered. Absolute brilliant tour and I would recommend the tour and Ian to anyone!

  29. Terry

    My third London walk with Ian. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of London.
    I highly recommend this walk.

  30. Nadeem Khan

    Attended both walks (the other being ‘Revolting London’) on Tues 7th Feb with David as our guide.

    Less a walk, more an outstanding expose of history, culture, heritage and life.

    Informative, detailed, enlightening, well-considered, touching, poignant, joyful. A genuine delight.


  31. Anne Holmes

    Absolutely brilliant tour of the square mile, bringing the history of Jewish people in the city to life. Ian is very knowledgeable and his story-telling style is very entertaining. His talk was full of fascinating facts, bringing us not only the story of the Jews but also the journey of the English, from the rabid anti-semetism of the middle ages to the welcome extended to the children of the Kinder Transport. This is the first London Walk I have attended and I will definitely be booking again.

  32. Gillian S

    Enjoyed a fascinating afternoon with Ian learning about the turbulent history of the Jews in England over the last 1000 years. Ian is extremely knowledgeable and has a real gift in sharing his expertise with his audience. Will look out for other tours led by him.

  33. Debby Glaser Shoctor

    This was an excellent and very thorough tour through about 1000 years of Jewish history in England and London. Ian is an exceptionally well-I formed and erudite guide and packed in many facts and stories into 2 1/2 hours. Highly recommended!

  34. J. H. Helderman

    We took a second London Walk with tour guide Ian Fagelson and both were simply fantastic. We have done several London Walks and find the guides simply superb with Ian a stand out, the best. I learned so much about each topic with learned and humorous banter paced just right. We will book again our return trip to London seeking walks conducted by Ian if possible and will recommend other visitors to do the same.

    JH Helderman, MD,FACP, FAST

  35. Will and Helen Ellis

    This was an excellent walking tour on a very cold, wintry afternoon.

  36. Julie Baretz

    Ian is an outstanding guide. His tour was well researched, well constructed and expertly delivered. Not to be missed!

  37. Jonah

    Best tour guide in London
    I did two tours with Ian on the same day (Jewish London and Revolting London)
    Each tour was an amazing experience. The guide is a character you won’t find anywhere else, he is extremely funny and knowledgeable. I learnt all about the stories embedded in the streets of London, while being entertained though out the whole tour. Not only did I enjoy the tour but I would highly recommend either of the tours to anyone that is planning on visiting london. I just want you to know that if you don’t do it, you truly are missing out.

  38. Peter Dargue

    I go on London Walks to learn and expand my cultural horizons and this walk delivered on both these counts. Thanks Ian for condensing a history of the Jews in London from the Conquest to today in a couple of hours with interesting insights and humour.

  39. Stephen Lesley

    What a fantastic Journey through the centuries of British Jewry. Ian, our guide, made the tour both informative, relevant and we also had a bit of fun on the way.

  40. zion and shira iluz

    wonderful tour thanks to Ian – excellent guide

  41. Steve

    Having done many London Walks on visits to London, this was one of my favorites.
    Ian was a wonderful, knowledgeable and entertaining guide.

  42. Pam Berkley

    A fabulous tour, delivered in a very entertaining manner by Ian. Clearly very knowledgeable on the history, Ian interspersed the historical facts with plenty of fascinating and humorous stories. Would definitely recommend.

  43. Tali Chitaiad

    Ian is most knowledgeable, entertaining and indeed a wonderful guy(de)! Deserve all the complements! And the tour was super interesting and took us to a hidden Jewish London. 5 stars indeed.

  44. Michael Lynch

    This wonderful walking tour was very informative and also entertaining. It covered key aspects of and events in the history of Jews in England from the 11thC to the Kindertransport initiative of the 1930’s. The tour takes one along some notable thoroughfares and past some famous buildings in London and also through atmospheric alleyways, with stops at several places associated with Jewish history in London. Ian is a fabulous presenter. I highly recommend this tour (and any of Ian’s other tours).

  45. Jonathan Ross

    My son and I participated in Ian’s Jewish London tour, which was fantastic. He blends humour and information effortlessly, managing to produce a lively and fluent narrative, joining the dots in a very creative way. Thanks Ian!

  46. Buma

    Toured with David.
    Excellent history review of the past 1000 years. The tour participants hardly dispersed after the tour.
    Highly recommended.

  47. Ann D’Arcy

    The tour with David G this afternoon was fascinating as he had a wealth of knowledge of his topic which he shared in a very easy communicative style.

  48. Susan Baron

    I highly recommend this walking tour of Jewish London. The walk was just the right blend of interesting facts, amusing anecdotes, and moving stories. Ian was able to answer, with patience and grace, every question that we asked. He was the perfect guide for this fascinating aspect of London’s history.

  49. Eric Naiman

    Ian is a fantastic tour guide. He is extremely knowledge and has great stories. More importantly, he is a nice individual. His tour was one of the highlights of our trip and would highly recommend.

  50. Maria M.

    What a fabulous walk! Really interesting and well delivered by the wonderful Ian who can tell a good story and brings the Jewish history of the City of London to life. Highly recommended!

  51. Keith Lawson

    Terrific Guide
    “Ian was fantastic, knowledgable of course, and entertaining. We will look for him on other walks when we are next in London”

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