The Seven Deadly Sins – the Capital Vices

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Covent Garden underground station, London

Guided by Ulrike

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Ours is not a journey of virtue, ours is a journey of vice.

Indeed a journey of the capital vices or cardinal sins, otherwise known as the Seven Deadly Sins, leading us into the abyss of hell.  We will visit all seven of them: Lust, Avarice, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony,


and Pride, and the people who committed them. People driven by their insatiable passions. The reset after each of the other six is lust. (Picture every other bead on a necklace being a hot, blushing red.)  So between each of the other deadly sins and their venues, their stops…it’s, oh boy, lust and more lust. Piled high, stacked up because lust powered, whipped, frenzied the men and women of the City of Westminster like no other sin.

At the end of the tour – the climax – Ulrike or Ian or Adam reveal the one person in history who incorporated all of the Seven Deadly Sins in his (or her) life. And they’ll shed a lot of light – not all of it lurid – about his (or her) personal influence on the history of London, the city built on sin.

Needless to say, you will meet royalty, But also artists, writers, heroes and even the original “It” girl of the Georgian period.

Join us on our sinful walk through Covent Garden and beyond. A journey – this is a guarantee – you will remember!

Here’s a little Meet Your Guide podcast – it’s Ulrike telling us a little bit about her Seven Deadly Sins Tour.

Ulrike has also written a piece about Christabella Wyndham, one of the dramatis personae principals. It’s a good bit of salacious royal gossip and history without giving away the payoff.


Seven Deadly Sins takes place at 11 am every Monday. Meet Ulrike or Adam or Ian just outside the exit of Covent Garden Tube.


“A novel, witty and hugely entertaining walk delivered with enthusiasm and dare I say passion by Ulrike.” JulieWright836, London, TripAdvisor, December 2019

“What a gem of a walk! Ulrike’s tour of Covent Garden was packed full of fun, spicy facts of days of yore in Covent Garden. We laughed and reveled over 2 hours of easy, flat walking whilst Ulrike regaled us with many stories of people and places that have left their mark on these streets. Having lived in London for over 30 years, I still learnt many new things about this great city. A great tour to recommend to visitors, including those who think they may already have seen everything London has to offer. Thanks, Ulrike.” Helen F., London, TripAdvisor, November 2019

“We met Ulrike at the Covent Garden Tube stop, and enjoyed the most entertaining walk ever! She began by telling us that the seven deadly sins, were first identified by Pope Gregory 1 in the late sixth century, and are: pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, lust, sloth, and greed. She then launched into the various sins committed in the several locations she showed. Lust did seem to reign, but others did hold their own in this presentation. I highly recommend the tour and this walk in particular.” ASharp77, Hermosa Beach, California, TripAdvisor, November 2019


19 reviews for The Seven Deadly Sins – the Capital Vices

  1. Tanya Matveeva

    Brilliant walk in the heart of London, we did not want the walk to end despite the chilly weather, Ulrike is so knowledgeable and engaging, and the surprise conclusion in the end makes one think and want to explore more, highly recommend this walk!

  2. Einar Vikra

    An absolutely trill to be guided by Ulrike on this walk on a cold january morning. Ulrike is not only very knowledgable in terms of historical facts, she also deliver stories and quotes in a very witty and entertaining way. I highly recommend this walk with her and I’m looking forward to the upcoming «Seven deadly sins 2» in East London.

  3. Anne Gardner

    A real 5 star walk on a freezing January day. Ulrike kept us all enthralled with her extremely well researched talk. I look forward to joining her 7 Deadly Sins Part 2 walk in the city of London .

  4. Tim Gifford

    Fascinating and entertaining walk brought to life with facts and details very well delivered by Ulrike. Highly recommended.

  5. Michael E

    Great way to spend a few hours. Educational but most importantly for us entertaining and fun! Great job Ulrike.

  6. Ian Young

    Absolutely first rate. Really interesting 2 hours with a most erudite and enthusiastic guide. Hope there is a part 2.

  7. Ian

    Superb tour. Ideal mix of erudition and entertainment. Ulrike’s easygoing charm and engaging delivery brings Restoration and Georgian London to life.

  8. Roger

    My wife and I (and our two dogs) enjoyed the walk immensely. Ulrike spoke well and clearly and the walk was well planned out and our interest didn’t lag at any point.

  9. Ann Hammerton

    So enjoyed our 1st London Walk with Ulrike. Amusing and historical facts about known and unknown people who had such an influence on London’s history.A great way to spend two hours in London.

  10. Liz

    This was a fun walk with the charming Ulrike. We recommend this as you see a part of hidden London and its greatest sinners although some were a real blast. Treat yourself! Liz and Scott

  11. Oliver

    Stop reading guidebooks. Study history and interesting literature for a lifetime – the best stories are hidden there. And if you don’t have that time, just follow Ulrike on a walk. She will release it all for you. It was so captivating. And yes, come for another walk.

  12. Julian

    Very enjoyable, entertaining and interesting walk. Ulrike was an excellent guide, she was really charming and paced the walk and her tales just right. Recommended.

  13. Christine and Simon

    We have just enjoyed a wonderful two hours with the erudite and witty Ulrike. Highly recommended tour of key historical events and people on the theme of seven deadly sins. Thank you.

  14. Emily Montague

    Ulrike was a fascinating guide on this tour of the 7 deadly sins. The tour was two hours but passed very quickly! I’ve lived in London all my life but didn’t know much of the colourful history of debauchery! I highly recommend this tour as a great way to see the Covent Garden area and be thoroughly entertained!

  15. Thomas Guy

    Wonderful. Ulrike was an amazing guide.

  16. Tony

    This was my first tour with London Walks and I must say I was very happy to start with an itinerary which is off the traditional “tourist track”. Ulrike guided us for 2 hours and gave us a very clear picture of the places of sins and sinners in central London. I happened to be in a large group (I think we were 20) and it shows how interesting the tour was also for other people. Despite the large group, Urlike was clear in her speech and we all could follow her presentation (we were also keeping the due distance from each other).
    I learned a big deal of historical facts from the tour and clearly Ulrike must have done an in depth (but not boring) research: all the information was interesting and captivating and never banal. With the occasional XXX stories (what else could you find in a tour of sins and sinners?).
    The locations Ulrike chose are very easy to reach and 2 hours were not tiring at all.
    Thanks Ulrike for sharing all this with us. What’s next?

  17. X

    Ulrike’s walk today was definitely 5 stars. Very informative and entertaining.
    11th October 2021

  18. richard baumgarten

    Outstanding tour. Our first London Walk since the lockdowns. Ulrike read Dante’s Inferno in the original Italian as inspiration for the walk. She is extremely knowledgeable with wonderful vignettes of English history and lore related to the area walked.

  19. Sally Loosley

    Such an entertaining walk, full of interesting and amusing facts. Ulrike was brilliant. Two hours of fun. Thanks Ulrike.

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