The Seven Deadly Sins Walk – Meet Your Guide

Ulrike’s Seven Deadly Sins walk, it’s a brilliant comet that streaks across the London Walks firmament every Monday morning. Ulrike’s insight – she’s proven it beyond dispute – was “London was shaped by sin, especially ‘the seven deadly sins.’ Primus inter pares of which was Lust, lots of Lust.”. It makes Ulrike’s walk, as she puts it, “a journey to remember.” Anyway, this podcast is a “meet your guide” number – meet Ulrike, let her tell you a little bit about her Seven Deadly Sins walk.

10 responses to “The Seven Deadly Sins Walk – Meet Your Guide”

  1. Maggie Broaders says:

    I went on a walk with Ulrike on Monday in London.Her walk is based around the 7 deadly sins.
    It was incredibly good.Ulrike makes you think as you walk.Her knowledge on history and her humour ,for me,made it all come to life.Almost every deadly sin could be referred to today,particularly Lust,Envy,Greed.We all became a little more philosophical afterwards,thanks to Ulrike.
    I love London Walks.

  2. Jane Pain says:

    Brilliant walk with Ulrike this morning starting from Covent Garden. Ulrike is extremely knowledgeable and entertaining! We learnt a lot, and laughed a great deal. Thoroughly recommend the London Walks.

  3. Helen Williamson says:

    We all had a wonderful time on the 7 Deadly Sins walk with Ulrike this Monday morning. Good humoured, witty and interesting, the 2 hours with her flew by. It’s so good to be back in London and exploring with the exceptional guides of London Walks!

  4. Gabriella Di Nora says:

    I loved meeting Ulrike. A charming, amusing and well informed guide. She clearly has a vast amount of knowledge not just in this particular walk, but also in many other areas. She made the walk extremely interesting and amusing. I look forward to joining her on her Covent Garden walk.

  5. Christina Young says:

    We went on the Seven Deadly Sins walk on 5th June with Ulrike and had a fantastic couple of hours. The walk was very entertaining and informative , Ulrike really knows her subject. We will definitely book her walk about the deadly sins in the city.

  6. Chris Hooley says:

    Brilliant walk and talk. Great humour and attention to detail. Learned a lot and discovered fascinating parts of the City!

  7. Kimmie says:

    Loved, loved, loved the tour and Ulrike’s passion and knowledge. The tour was fabulous and is one I would absolutely take again! She’s a fabulous guide, and her 7 Deadly Sins topic is not to be missed!

  8. Emily Burch says:

    We absolutely loved this walk!!! Ulrike has obviously spent time preparing this walk, but she is also exceptionally enthusiastic, very passionate, and super entertaining! Plus, she takes you on the most interesting walking route through adorable alleys and by cool pubs and buildings. Her knowledge was varied and vast. I would go on this walk again, and bring more friends! Can’t wait to do more.

  9. Lisa says:

    We went on the Seven Deadly Sins walk on October 2nd 2023 and it was excellent. The tour was timed really well and the stories were fascinating. We learnt so much in a fun and engaging way! I would totally recommend this tour!

  10. John Unsworth says:

    A great walk and some interesting facts

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