London In The Swinging 60s

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BBC Broadcasting House London W1A 1AA - nearest tube Oxford Circus

Guided by Adam

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2 March 2024 Tour du Jour 2 pm 4 pm Winter
17 March 2024 Tour du Jour 10.45 am 12.45 pm Winter Reserve Online
21 April 2024 Tour du Jour 10.45 am 12.45 pm Winter Reserve Online
2 May 2024 Weekly 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer Reserve Online
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“Sexual intercourse began 

In nineteen sixty-three…

Between the end of the “Chatterley” ban

And the Beatles first LP.”

Phillip Larkin, Annus Mirabilis 1967 (pub. 1974)


This tour contains frequent and explicit references to recreational drug use and sex. There are also descriptions of scenes of a violent nature.



Swinging London

London’s achievements in music and fashion during the 1960s reverberated around the world…

This walking tour pays tribute to – and then goes beyond – the world of The Beatles and Mary Quant.

In a walk through three neighbourhoods, zooming-in on the period 1962 to 1968, travelling from from the coldest winter on record (this wouldn’t be England if we didn’t talk about the weather!) to the shimmering Summer of Love. As the walk unfolds, we’ll we’ll see the old boundaries of the class system being blurred like never before.

Cast Of Characters

East End gangsters are rubbing shoulders (and more) with peers of the realm; in Soho they’re sloshing Coca Cola into perfectly good Scotch; they’re dropping their T’s at the BBC and pillars of the establishment are dropping their drawers in shabby Marylebone mews flats. 

Meanwhile, pop singers are invited to Buckingham Palace to meet The Queen. 

Boys’ hair is long, girls’ skirts are short and to be “Far Out” is to be “In”.

The old emblems of Empire and conquest can be acquired and worn for a couple of bob*  in new-fangled “boutiques”. And presiding over it all a portly little socialist from the provincial North.

Somewhere over the wonderful Day-Glo rainbow of Swinging London, we’ll find both the most mythologised, and the most misunderstood period of the century. And we will ask… was it all the work of “Third-rate minds in a third-rate decade”? Or was it truly One Brief Shining Moment?

(*Translation: Bob was the old slang word for a shilling which is about 5p in modern money.)

We will visit…

Marylebone… to see the little back street where 13 years of Conservative government came crashing down amid a scandal of sex and spying; we’ll also get a view of a modern architectural and communications wonder rising to dwarf St Paul’s on the London skyline, like a vast, grey middle finger “saluting” the old order; and we’ll watch as pirates board the BBC.

Mayfair… where the class system is challenged as girls from Neasden and boys from Dartford cosy up with old Etonians and where protestors rampaged in the streets of sleepy London Town. 

Soho… where the Mod gods came out to play and were laid low, along with the mighty, by the swingeing sword of justice.  


Politics, Drugs & Showbiz

We’ll span the political spectrum from the Labour government’s decriminalisation of homosexuality, legalisation of abortion and abolition of hanging to Enoch Powell’s infamous Rivers Of Blood speech. As Harold and Ted look on we’ll meet everyone from Mick and Keith to Ron and Reg.

Drugs, the law, fashion, media, politics, race, architecture, class, society, showbiz, protest, music and sex…

If you can remember the 60s… you weren’t there. 

If you can’t remember the 60s… join this NEW walking tour.

Happy walkers in a most unusual (but theme-specific) bar with guide Adam after the tour!

And here’s another reason [David speaking here] you should go on it:

28 reviews for London In The Swinging 60s

  1. Paul Woolf

    A fantastic tour. I didn’t live here in the 60s but Adam brought that time in London to life. Witty, cheeky, knowledgeable and patient Adam. Thanks so much
    Stay groovy!!

  2. Susan Simpson

    Fabulous walk with Adam yesterday. Very informative, interesting and excellent knowledge and great presentation. I was born in London and have always lived here and we we visited areas I had never been before. Highly recommended

  3. Marie-Francoise Waugh

    A most entertaining and informative guided tour! Our cheerful guide, Adam, was very knowledgeable about the social and political context of the “swinging sixties” in London, and presented his subject with wit and humour as he took us to all the iconic places… My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would recommend it to anyone nostalgic for the Sixties!

  4. Yuval Emek

    What a great walk, we absolutely loved it!
    Adam was terrific, so knowledgeable and entertaining. Highly recommended if you are looking for something beyond the trivial “London’s highlights” walk.

  5. Victoria Redshaw

    An exceptional insight into London in the Swinging 60s thanks to Adam. Taking us through Marylebone and Mayfair, we visited places only ever heard about and the era was brought to life. If you do one walk, this is it!

  6. Catrin

    Fantastic walking tour about Marylebone and Mayfair talking about the swinging 60s. Adam is very entertaining and friendly, and I have already recommended the walk to friends. Thanks!

  7. Suzanne McCracken

    Great walking tour – very interesting and informative. Have taken several walking tours with Adam, and as always, he was a wonderful guide.

  8. Miguel

    The “London In The Swingin’ 60s” walk combines fashion, scandal, music, politics, lifestyle, and pop culture. There was so much to cover, and Adam keeps it lively with insightful commentary on the lives and times of the famous and infamous. Groovy!

  9. Nancy Moore

    The Swinging 60’s tour was entertaining, enlightening and educational. Adam was amazing. I can see why he ‘teaches tour guides’. A wonderful role model. Thank you!

  10. Jo Lloyd

    What a fantastic walk with Adam. He brought the swinging sixties of London alive with such great storytelling peppered with music of the day. I was buzzing afterwards. We did most of the walk in the pouring rain and it’s testament to Adam’s skill as a guide that it made not a jot of difference.

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