Where is the best place to take pictures in London?

Date post added: 1st March 2024

London, the city where modern skyscrapers mix with centuries-old historic buildings to make up the stunning city skyline. It’s such a diverse city where green spaces meet concrete jungle, cultures collide and street art combines with exquisite architecture.

“I’ve been walking about London for the last 30 years, and I find something fresh in it everyday,” said Walter Besant. And that’s so true. So, it’s a great city to record with stylish photography.

Whether you want a photoshoot in front of an iconic landmark or to take stunning snaps from the best viewing platform for views of London, here we’ll share some of the best places for photo opportunities in the city.

Who better to share their tips, than our London Walks guide/ professional photographer, David G? Host of our London photography walks and director of photography at Sky Blue Creatives, David loves to share his expertise and enthusiasm for photography. Join him on a walk to find out more.


What are the most Instagrammable spots in London for photography?

If you want to liven up your Instagram feed, London’s a great spot to get on your grid. Head for the neon lights in Piccadilly. Pose with shopping bags on Regent Street. Stand next to a dinosaur in the Natural History Museum. Push a trolley like Harry Potter at Kings Cross Station. The list of iconic London photography locations is endless.


What are the top photography spots in London for iconic cityscapes?


River Thames photography spot

If you can only visit one area for London photography, the south bank of the River Thames gives you a lot of bang for your buck. If you want to tick off iconic landmarks like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, Tate Modern, Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge, Westminster Bridge, London Bridge… well the list goes on and on along the banks of the River Thames.

According to David, “Southbank, hugging the south side of the Thames, is a photographer’s delight, showcasing London’s captivating charm. Featuring icons like the London Eye,  St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Shard, it paints stunning cityscapes and captures the lively vibe of its streets.”

“For photographers, Southbank is a playground of possibilities. Follow the riverwalk with leading lines, discover architectural symmetry, and find natural frames, creating visuals that are both simple and sophisticated. From St Paul’s Cathedral’s striking dome to the everyday charm of its streets, Southbank offers a perfect blend of elegance and ease. Dive into this visual symphony along the Thames!”

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What are the top spots for night photography in London?

London night photography

For night owls and those who get thrilled by London after dark, there are some photography locations to capture the city at night time.

“Embark on a delightful journey through the City of London after sunset, where the cityscape transforms into a dazzling spectacle. As streetlights paint the skyline, iconic landmarks like the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge become beacons of night time elegance,” says David.

“As night falls, add a touch of magic with Tower Bridge as a focal point, capturing the vibrant light trails of red double-decker buses passing through, heading into the bridge. The illuminated silhouette of St Paul’s Cathedral completes the scene, making the city at night a visual symphony along the Thames, inviting you to paint the town with your lens!”

Join David on our our London night photography walk


What’s the prettiest neighbourhood in London?

Notting Hill photography

There are many to choose from, but Notting Hill in West London is definitely up there.

“Renowned for its multi-coloured houses and the bustling Portobello Road market, Notting Hill calls street photographers to immerse themselves in its vivid composition. The rainbow-hued houses orchestrate a visual symphony, especially on market days when Portobello Road teems with vendors and shoppers,” explains David.

You can delight in capturing stunning storefronts and exquisite homes lining the cobbled streets, leading you to the lively Ladbroke Grove with its charmingly colourful mews.

Explore the area on our colourful journey through London’s iconic Notting Hill.

Head to Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden for another pretty location in Central London. A cute courtyard surrounded by colourful buildings, pavement cafes and independent shops, it’s a pretty place to grab a coffee and take some memorable photos.


Where are the best viewpoints for views of the city?

Sky Garden – high up on the distinctive Walkie Talkie building is London’s highest public garden. It’s a relaxing haven to wander around, soaking up views of the city.

One New Change – just near St Paul’s Cathedral, One New Change has a good viewing platform on its sixth floor to take photos of the London skyline.

Waterloo – the sunset from Waterloo Bridge is as memorable as the song of the same name.

Hampstead Heath, Parliament Hill and Primrose Hill – head to the Northern Heights at sunrise to watch the city wake up from a natural vantage point.

Greenwich Park – from the highest point of Greenwich park near the Royal Observatory, you can look over to Canary Wharf, the River Thames and into the City.

Richmond Park – clamber up Henry VIII’s mound in Richmond Park for a long view over London, extending as far as St Paul’s Cathedral.

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And a few more hidden gems

If you want something a little different with interesting features rather than iconic London landmarks, we have a few other places for you to head with your camera.

Leadenhall Market – look up and admire the beautiful architectural features and details. It’s also a Harry Potter film location which adds a certain magical charm.

Shoreditch – the uber cool, East London hotspot is great for street photography with murals for backdrops.

Brick Lane – for the urban cultural mix and colourful, creative street art mixed with market stalls and independents.

Kensington – the pub is a wonderful, iconic British institution and you’ll struggle to find a more fabulous, more patriotic, picture perfect example than the Churchill Arms in Kensington.

Join David to discover more photo locations on his classic London and nighttime photography walks and his seasonal Christmas lights tour.

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