10 Top London Street Photography Locations

Date post added: 14th March 2024

Possibly the thing we love best about London is its eclecticism and diversity. One minute you’re looking at a Medieval church, the next a super slick skyscraper. You can wander down a dark, grey alleyway only to turn a corner and see vibrant, colourful street art. All city life is here which makes it a wonderful location to capture striking street photography.

Whether you want to capture colourful, lively street portraits or achingly cool, black and white architectural photographs, you’ll find the best locations in London (sorry New York, we may be biased but London is top). With the street photography genre on the rise, more and more people are on the hunt for the best London locations. There are photo opportunities in all parts of London, but here we select some favourites.

East London

street art brick lane photography

Brick Lane – this East End favourite is the perfect place to capture multicultural street life. The colourful market and creative street art add brightness and interest to the general hustle and bustle.

Barbican – the concrete arts centre and housing estate tends to get a ‘Marmite’ reaction with its lovers and loathers. For its fans, it’s an architectural triumph and provides a great opportunity for photoshoots. Its architecture creates great shapes and the pockets of green space provide contrast to the stark concrete buildings.

Shoreditch – it may not be as gritty as it used to be, but Shoreditch still makes a cool location for street photography. Capture the urban landscape – a mix of artisan cafes, graffiti and street art.

West London

Notting Hill photography

Notting Hill – this vibrant neighbourhood is a favourite of David G and anyone delighted in capturing stunning storefronts and exquisite homes. He explains, “Renowned for its multi-coloured houses and the bustling Portobello Road Market, Notting Hill calls street photographers to immerse themselves in its vivid composition. The rainbow-hued houses orchestrate a visual symphony, especially on market days when Portobello Road teems with vendors and shoppers.”

Piccadilly Circus – prepare to be jostled by the endless crowds, but this hotspot of the West End can make a great location for photographers. Piccadilly’s neon lights, video screens and interesting architecture cry out to be photographed at night. In contrast, early morning photoshoots will benefit from the long shadows and a very different mood.

Soho – you encounter so many different faces and characters as you walk through Soho’s streets. Capture everything from the arty cafe culture, to the vibrancy of Carnaby Street and the wonderfully bold decorations of Chinatown all within a few streets.

North London

Hampstead street photography

Hampstead – yes, there’s the glorious green space that is the heath with its views over the city of London, but there’s a lot more to Hampstead. Its cobbled streets and pavement cafes make characterful compositions. Then there are the quintessential British pubs which provide lovely locations to capture real life.

Camden Town – head to Camden to find a heady mix of tourists, alternative shops and market stalls, and quirky locals. Aside from characterful street portraits and the busy market area, the canal provides a lovely backdrop too.

South London

South London Street Photography

London Bridge – this area is a must for the street photographer. You’ll see city workers on their commute, foodies browsing the wares at Borough Market and hospital workers rushing about. Clink Street and the surrounding cobbled streets provide haunting locations with interesting light and shadows. Then of course, it’s the place to take glorious photos of Tower Bridge too.

Southbank – David believes this area is where London’s beauty unfolds. He feels the walk beside the Thames is “a photographer’s delight, showcasing London’s captivating charm.” Alongside the striking iconic structures like the London Eye,  St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tate Modern, you can also create stunning cityscapes and capture the lively vibe of its streets.

Brixton – a few stops away on the London underground (which is another iconic London street photography location by the way), buzzing Brixton offers varied and interesting backdrops for photography. There’s a vibrancy and energy to this eclectic area that translates beautifully into street photography. You can see great panoramic views back into London too.

Where’s the best place to take night street photography in London?

Our London Walks guide/ professional photographer, David G, is the ideal person to answer that question. He guides our night photography walk where he shares expert tips as well as taking you to some of his favourite locations.

“Explore the vibrant energy of the streets, weaving through the glowing lines of towering structures,” enthuses David.

The South Bank is his location of choice. David says, “With Tower Bridge as a focal point, capturing the vibrant light trails of red double-decker buses passing through, heading into the bridge. The illuminated silhouette of St. Paul’s Cathedral completes the scene, making the city at night a visual symphony along the Thames, inviting you to paint the town with your lens!”

Book your space on David’s next night photography walk or classic London photography tour. He’d love to share his passion and help you on your photography journey.

David G.

David G.

David is a huge photography enthusiast and a professional photographer. He is currently the director of photography at Sky Blue Creatives.

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