London Walks Suspended (Briefly) But We’re Still Guiding (Podcasting).

New Videos

Date post added: 25th December 2019

Here’s Jim Albritton’s (of Newsocracy TV) new film of our Brunel’s London walk.

Second one’s Jim’s little taster of our Friday morning Victoria & Albert Museum Tour. Starring the beautiful, brainy, velvety-voiced art historian Molly.

Third one put together Jim and the National Gallery and aforementioned art historian-guide Molly (now there’s an unbeatable combination). Here’s the result:

Fourth one’s a first. In more senses than one. We’ve done, I don’t know, getting on for 40 videos of London Walks. But we’ve never made a video of a Tour du Jour – a walk that comes up only very occasionally. To be perfectly frank, for cost reasons. The walks we’ve filmed have always been ones that run at least once a week and in many case several times a week, even daily. Well, you can put two and two together, see the economic imperative at work there. But Ruth’s walks – Ruth’s the University College London geologist whom we’ve been lucky enough to talk into conducting a handful of urban geology walks for us – Ruth’s walks are just so special – they’re game changers, they reset, dramatically, your perception of London – that we threw caution to the wind: “Ruth and one of her walks goes on the screen, I don’t care if it does only run once a year, we’re gonna make a video about the most exotic, magical, extraordinary, WOW! face card in the London Walks deck. The film shows Ruth virtuoso-ing away on her Westminster Rocks walk.

Last one’s a bonus, really. It’s a bit of accompaniment to the page for the West Hampstead walk. The West Hampstead walk always takes place on a Saturday morning.* It’s timed to coincide with the West Farmers’ Market. The film’s a little taster of the Farmers’ Market, the perfect place to gravitate to at walk’s end.

Love the way it opens with that wonderful little kid saying, “this is London.”

The film’s another Jim Albritton – of Newsocracy TV fame – production. Jim’s a gifted filmmaker from the deep American south (Mississippi). He’s fallen in love with West Hampstead – and London generally – and shot the film from the deep well of his affection for the place.

*The West Hampstead walk – in marked contrast to its glamorous big brother, Old Hampstead Village – is very much an occasional. It only takes place once or twice a year. Whereas the glamourpuss big brother – Old Hampstead Village – runs every single week. The West Hampstead walk’s next appearance will be some Saturday morning next summer (2020) in the 10.45 am Tour du Jour slot for that particular date.