London Walks suspended (briefly) but we’re still guiding – Podcasts and Virtual Tours Online!

London Walks Suspended (Briefly)

Date post added: 16th March 2020

For the time being. For reasons that everybody understands.

But we’re still guiding! See the Virtual Tours pageAnd the Podcasts page.

It’s a pause – the merest bagatelle – in the long London Walks story .

Finis it emphatically ain’t.

We’ll be back. Be back better than ever. Back as soon as possible.

Better than ever because these are the best guides in London and they’ll put this downtime to very good use.

As you all know, this Coronavirus dystopia is like a bucking bronco. It’s moving erratically and very fast.

And, yes, moving toward its own close. How’s that for a deeply satisfying thought!

When its day is done, when it’s history, then cometh our day again.

Our history, our time will be back in the saddle. Will pick up where it left off. Pick up instantly.

When we resume – that’s going to be one fine party.

You’re all invited!

The party invitations will go out from here. So watch this space – we’ll be updating it regularly.

And not just updating it. These gifted guides – what they know and what they know about how to deliver it – it’s gold dust. “Content” doesn’t come any better. So, yes, Shaughan, Oliver, Stephen, Fiona, Simon, Brian, Ruth, Richard and co. will be serving up some wonderful warmup acts right here on

Damn tootin’ the band’s going to play on.

Stay tuned…