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London Walks by Date

1 August 2020

10 am
Old Westminster Walking Tour Running

Westminster Underground station, London (exit 4)

Guided by David T. or Judy or Karen or Shaughan or Simon

“the cornerstone walk – miss it and you’ve missed London” 

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10.20 am
Thames Sightseeing, Brunel's River Cruise Running

Embankment underground station, London (river exit) | Map

Guided by Robert

10.45 am
Notting Hill & Portobello Market Running

Holland Park underground station, London

Guided by Brian or Richard III or Tom

“Notting Hill on market morning – curious and colourful, offbeat and yeasty”

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11 am
The London of Oscar Wilde Tour Running

Green Park Tube, north exit | Map

Guided by Peter G. or Richard B or Ruth S.

11 am
The Beatles "IN MY LIFE" Running

Marylebone tube station, London

Guided by Richard P

“A splendid time is guaranteed for all” Toronto Globe and Mail

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11 am
Old Camden Town Not Running

Camden Town Underground station, London

Guided by Judith

The London smörgåsbord par excellence…

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2 pm
Disastrous London Running

Barbican Underground station, London

Guided by Andrew or Simon B

Fire, Plague, Bombing, Rebellion, Torture & Executions…

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2 pm
Little Venice – the pursuit of pleasure Running

Warwick Avenue underground station, London

Guided by Peter G. or Richard III or Shaughan

“Shaughan was something else with his jokes and songs and obvious knowledge of the area…”                               

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2 pm
The Heart of the City Running

Tower Hill underground station, London (meet by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stand) | Map

Guided by Ann or Chris or Judy or Richard III

“Higgledy-piggledy. History haunted. Secretive in the extreme. Aggressively modern but preserving features – like so many geological strata – of its earlier selves…”


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2 pm
Old Marylebone Running

Bond Street underground station, London (Marylebone Lane exit, by Disney Store – north side of Oxford Street)

Guided by Brian or Margaret or Peter G. or Sue

“London specialises in hiding the best of itself…”

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2 pm
Kensington – Royal Village Running

High Street Kensington underground station, London (meet by the Wasabi restaurant at the end of the shopping arcade that links the station with the High Street)) | Map

Guided by Adam or Corin or David

Europe’s most select residential street. Soigné lanes. London’s most delightful cul de sac. Its Nuremberg. Its most expensive house. Kensington Palace. Centuries-old barracks…


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2.30 pm
British Museum Tour Not Running

Russell Square underground station, London

Guided by Gillian or Hilary or Tom

“Whoever travels without a guide needs 200 years for a 2-hour journey” Rumi                

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2.30 pm
Spies' & Spycatchers' London Not Running

Piccadilly Circus underground station, London (exit 4, Eros exit – between the world-famous Eros statue and the Criterion Restaurant canopy)

Guided by Richard IV or Sue

“hole and corner, cloak and dagger London…                              the secret places of a murky nether-world”

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3 pm
Jack The Ripper Walking Tour Running

Tower Hill underground station, London (meet by the Tower Hill Tram coffee stand) | Map

Guided by Adam or Andrew or Donald or Molly or Shaughan or Stephen or Steve

“Sustained threat, extreme violence, chilling language” 


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7 pm
Virtual The Magic of London - Virtual Tour Running

Watch the video. It’s a small miracle – works wonders in 154 seconds. It’s the one at the very top of this page. It’s an utterly charming introduction to our Virtual Tours generally – and to this walk specifically. Magic of London guide Richard Walker wrote it, produced it and delivers it. So it’s a chance to meet Richard. And let him tell you a little bit about the Magic of London tour – about what it is and how it works. Let him you show you a bit of it, the magical landmarks, Tower Bridge, the London Eye and secret passageways you won’t have heard of.

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7.30 pm
Ghosts of the Old City Running

St. Paul's underground station, London (exit 2)

Guided by Adam or Karen or Shaughan

“prowling shadows, sense of dread, the dark negative of the sunny snapshots of tourist London”                                                                                  

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