Meet your guide – Richard P.

Meet Richard P., “the pied piper of Beatlemania,” as dubbed him. For the record, the same reporter also called Richard “the smartest man in Britain – at least when it comes to The Beatles.”

And as long as we’re at it, Richard P. also answers to “the 6th Beatle!”

It’s a magnificent – and fun – obsession, knowing everything there is to know about the most famous pop group in history.

So it’s high time the rest of us found out some of what there is to know about “the 6th Beatle” himself – what makes him tick, where he’s from, how it all came about. And in the process hear some great Beatles stories, many of them personal to Richard.

Ergo this wide-ranging interview…

Richard’s the head honcho for The Magical Mystery Tour and the Beatles In My Life walks. And he’s put together a medley – an even dozen – of Beatles Virtual Tours: Abbey Road – the Beatles & Beyond, George Harrison in London, Paul McCartney in London, Beatles London Film Locations, John Lennon in London, Beatles in Swinging London, Chelsea – Where London Was Swinging in the Sixties, A Hard Day’s Night with the Beatles in Marylebone, Beatles Christmas in London, Beatles Recording Sessions – Get Back!, Abbey Road – the Beatles and Beyond, and Rock ‘n’ Roll London Virtual Tour.

Bottom line: London’s been a musical mecca for centuries and that’s reflected in the London Walks repertory – the getting on for 30-strong back catalogue of musical tours. Richard of course. But also Adam’s remarkable “collection” of musical tours, Corinna’s Musical London walk, etc.

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