Village London

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Kensington, Hampstead, Little Venice, Brunel's London 

Somewhere Else London, A Village in Piccadilly,



London's the double nucleus of London and Westminter. But it's also "the city of 100 villages." That fact of facts is one of the reasons this is the most livable major city in the world.

The London Walks facts on the ground are that we explore any number of the 100 villages.

1. One of them – Rotherhithe (Brunel's London) – seven days a week.

2. Some of them – Hampstead and Little Venice – three times a week.

3. Some of them – Kensington and Soho – twice a week.

4. Many of them – Greenwich, Marylebone, Chelsea, Bloomsbury, "Somewhere Else" London, A Village in Piccadilly, Knightsbridge, Undiscovered London, Camden Town, Highgate, Darkest Victorian London, London's Secret Village – once a week. 

5. Others are rarer blooms. We run them only once or twice a year. You'll find them in the Tour du Jour and Special Walks Menus. Or use the search engine.