Brook Green – the Secret Side of Hammersmith

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Hammersmith Tube, Broadway exit

Guided by Ann

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20 October 2024 Tour du Jour 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer Reserve Online

Meet your guide – here’s Ann’s agreeable little talk about her Brook Green Walk.

Oh the fun, the delight, the satisfaction of opening up to view – of getting to know – a fascinating London neighbourhood that’s a complete revelation to you, that you hadn’t the foggiest about.

Peaceful green space lined with C19 houses for the middle classes. And around the corner – the grandest bank in London. Let alone the greatest exhibition hall. Gentlefolk were helped in this quiet west London backwater. Your parents’ curtains were probably designed here. There’s the school whose many now-famous pupils were taught music by one of the most celebrated of English composers. Then there were the cakes – 36 miles of swiss roll a week from the bakery. And what happens when you call the prince a fat Adonis of 50? It’s not good news…


Brook Green – the Secret Side of Hammersmith takes place at 10.45 am on Sunday, June 30th. Meet Ann outside the Broadway exit of Hammersmith Tube

10 reviews for Brook Green – the Secret Side of Hammersmith

  1. Natalie

    I’ve visited London many times but never ventured into Hammersmith. It’s a lovely neighborhood with lots of history, and Ann provides a terrific introduction to it.

  2. Laura Collins

    I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely walk in Ann’s company. She is a lively and knowledgeable guide. I live in London, and Hammersmith is my own neighbourhood; I learned a lot about it that I didn’t know!

  3. Thomas Shortall

    Ann was the most friendly of the London walk guides that I have encountered on 5 recent walks. She asked peoples names and enquired a little about them. This makes all the difference. She also has lost none of her enthusiasm for her subject and is highly informative.

  4. Helen

    This was in a part of London I knew nothing about and was a very pleasant surprise. Rich with history and lovely buildings. Ann is an excellent guide, I’ve done quite a few walks with her and enjoyed all of them and have always learnt a great deal about the area or topic of the walk.

  5. Phillip

    Walking with Ann today was a lovely experience for 8 walkers. An area of history we knew little about but passed frequently became more enlightening as we delved into the territory of the Girdlers and the J. Lyons empire, fascinating stuff and St Paul’s schools, Gustav Holtz – I could go on but better that you take the walk. A nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

  6. Tim Gifford

    Very pleasant and interesting walk through a part of London where I lived in the early 1980’s but knew nothing of its history. Fascinating facts and an upbeat dialogue from Ann made this a most enjoyable walk.

  7. Mary Jo Stenson

    This was a lovely walk with a congenial, knowledgeable guide. Ann introduced us to wonderful buildings I would not have found on my own. An excellent two hours.

  8. Jo Lloyd

    What a gem of a walk about a ‘hidden’ part of London. Ann was a superb guide. Informative about and around her subject and fun to be with.

  9. John S

    I would like to thank Ann for an excellent walk, it shed light on an area of London I knew very little about and was really enjoyable.

  10. Anne C

    What a fun, informative walk. Ann really give great background information on the area. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning.

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