Virtual  A Christmas Feast – Centuries in the Making

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Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
29 November 2020 Special 6 pm 7 pm Winter Book Now
6 December 2020 Special 6 pm 7 pm Winter Book Now

We all no doubt overeat on Christmas day but have you ever given any thought to why we eat what we eat? We’ll travel back virtually to medieval times and look at banquets including Boar’s Head and Swan Pie before looking at how Turkey became king of the Christmas table and where the likes of Mince pies and Christmas pudding came from.

And we can’t forget those little baby cabbages otherwise known as Brussels Sprouts and why it’s down to science as to whether we like them or not. Join me for this virtual mouth-watering smorgasbord to tease, tantalise and titillate your tastebuds ready for the festive feasting.


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