The Christmas Tree(s) Walk

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Bond Street underground station, London (Marylebone Lane exit, by Disney Store – north side of Oxford Street)

Guided by Claire

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
17 December 2023 Special 5 pm 7 pm Winter

New walk. Christmas season. London at its best. Dazzling guide.

London’s most glorious constellation of Christmas trees.

Yes, that constellation – the defining one, the fabled one, the unforgettable one.

From Claridges to Trafalgar  Square.

All of it enriched by the back stories.

And not forgetting the timed-to-perfection start times: just when they’re lighting up (and, on December 7th, right after the Nordic tree has risen).

Memories make us rich.

“2023, the year that brilliant guide took us to all the London must-see Christmas trees, told their stories, explained the significance, illuminated the tradition – it was like decorating, bow by bow, bulb by bulb, light by light, star by star the platonic ideal of a Christmas tree.

Never forget it.

Would you like to see some of the pictures we got?”

A forest of London Christmas Trees.

The Royals from the House of Hanover first brought Christmas Trees to our isles. From that seedling to a mighty forest:

The groves of the Crown Estates – and the designer trees of the elegant hotels – and the great Department Stores – and the Grosvenor Estates – and the Georgian squares – and London’s beautiful old churches…

And for a grand finale, in the very centre of London, the most famous and best-loved fir of all – from the far north, Norway’s gift tree, its eloquent and evergreen expression of thanks.

And then an encore, the mighty tree – in the Piazza and its accompanying copse, all of them lit up of course.

All of them twinkling on this sparkling Christmas Special, Christmas season walking tour.

Visual mood music, they light up London. And not just London.

The shining eyes of Claire and her troupe give the game away, they perform that same miracle on our merry band of walkers.

What’s not to like.

1 review for The Christmas Tree(s) Walk

  1. Bernice Hand

    A wonderful walk to see the trees plus all the street lights and decoration on the way . Claire gave us lots of background info as well and was passionate about what she does . The streets were so crowded it was difficult to follow her and trying not to get lost , may be the walks can even start 30” -60” earlier since it’s dark by 4pm . May be have walks not so close to Christmas ?

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