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Our Beatles & Rock ‘n Roll London Walking Tours

We’re rockin’ most days. (Monday and Wednesday we’re recoverin’. Yeah, Monday and Wednesday are our other R & R days – restin’ and rehabin’ days.) But Tuesdays and then Thursdays through Sunday we’re out there. Headin’ to their haunts and hangouts, to where they riffed and let rip. Two different Beatles walks. And a Rock ‘n” Roll London walk. Here’s the schedule.

Tuesdays it’s The Beatles “In My Life” Walk

Thursdays it’s The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

Fridays it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll London

Saturdays it’s The Beatles “In My Life” Walk

Sundays it’s The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 

And that’s not to mention, the occasionals, the Specials Adam’s created and guides. Both the shoe-leather-on-pavement and the Virtual Tour Specials. Any number of them: The Kinks, the Beatles & Rolling Stones in 60s London, Pink Floyd in 1960s LondonBeatlemania, the Beatles & Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Musical St. James’ & Mayfair, Musical Covent Garden, Musical Kensington, Jimi Hendrix in London, etc.

All of the Specials listed above are out-on-the-streets tours (except the Jimi Hendrix one, it’s a Virtual Tour). Each of them – the out-on-the-streets tours – is partnered with its own Virtual Tour, scheduled at a different time and date of course from its pavement-pounding opposite number. For the schedule for a Virtual Tour of any of them just do a search for any of them that catches your fancy. Here, e.g., is the Pink Floyd Virtual Tour.