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The Beatles & Bob Dylan in 60s London

Embankment Tube, Villiers Street exit

Guided by Adam

“It’s like being guided by your own personal rock star” (as a walker from Texas put it about Adam’s Rock ‘n’ Roll walks).

The Beatles & Bob Dylan in 60s London.

N.B. this walk has to be booked. Click here to book your place.

A walking tour in search of the two most influential, most important acts of the decade.

Where they led, everyone followed.

We’re following, too – in their footsteps to find…

  • The hotel where Dylan held court
  • The theatre where Lennon played his first major non-Beatles gig in the UK
  • The pubs & coffee bars of Dylan’s first visit in ‘62

And we’ll take a look at how London has changed from the post-war period of the Pop Culture explosion to the 21st Century

Our tour covers the hopeful winter of 1962-63, the optimism of success in 1964, thence in to the uncharted territory of ’65-’66 and the birth of Pop Culture.

Follow Me Down To…

  • The Savoy Hotel
  • The Royal Festival Hall
  • The Lyceum Theatre

And the long-gone locations…

  • Dobell’s Music Shop
  • Bunjies Coffee Shop
  • The Roundhouse Pub
  • The Establishment Club
  • The Saville Theatre

Here’s a taster. It’s a short segment – an audio recording – from Adam’s Bob Dylan in London Virtual Tour. Now doing service as a London Walks podcast. It’s good by itself – absolutely stands up – so you can imagine just how special it is when it’s live and you’ve got the all-important visual elements: Adam himself presenting it, the friendly and interested group of “walkers” (there were some good exchanges, some lively Q & A on that tour) and the old maps and images that Adam’s mined from the 1960s to illustrate the tale. And that’s not to mention the two live-music interludes.


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