She’s won more Oscars than anyone else – meet Fiona


The latest in our Meet Your Guide series of interviews. This is Fiona, London’s most decorated guide. She’s won three Guide of the Year Awards (Oscars). She’s a joy to listen to: out on the streets, at home when she’s doing a virtual tour, over a coffee as a friend and colleague, and, yes, here, on the London Walks podcast. Everything she has to say is bright and fun and interesting and blazingly intelligent. No doubt about it, this fetching – yeah, I know, you’re not supposed to say stuff like that these days but tell truth and damn the devil say we (Hotspur and I) – no doubt about it, this fetching young Londoner is one of life’s good guys.


“you direct people’s attention in the way that a film director chooses a particular shot for a particular moment”

“they want to have the audience looking at one particular thing”

“in a sense as a guide we’re doing that”

“come and stand here because that way you’ll get the best view of what you’ve come to see”


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