Old London

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St. Paul's underground station, London (exit 2)

Guided by Ann or Fiona or Laura or Simon W.

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Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
Wednesday Weekly 2.15 pm 4.15 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online

N.B. this walk will not take place on the following dates:


Short read: Old London – Secret Places & Hidden History

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Short listen No. 2: Here’s Ann’s podcast

Long read: Secret Places! Hidden History! Flash! Bang! Lightning! City of London Highlights Tour! Star Power guides.

What’s not to like? Grand Tour. Stunning overview. St. Paul’s to the Tower of London. Can’t do better than that for a jumping-off point and a final destination. But – whisper it – the getting there is the real fun, because along the way we explore twisty little alleyways and piquant nooks and crannies and a secret stretch of shoreline.

Seeing this London is like hearing music you never would have known to listen for. N.B. the walk ends at the Tower of London, right next to Tower Hill Tube.


The Old London Walk takes place at 2.15 pm every* Wednesday. The meeting point is just outside exit 2 of St. Paul’s Tube. The walk is guided by Fiona, Russell, Ann or Simon W. N.B. the walk ends near the Tower of London and Tower Hill Tube.  *Except Dec. 25


“If you want to know London better, if you want to learn some things about the world’s most cosmopolitan city that most people who spend their lives there never learn… I can think of no better investment than London Walks” The New York Times

“London’s best walking tours”  Travel & Leisure

“Even jaded Londoners find these London Walks a source of astonishing gems of information about the city in which they live.”  Daily Mail, Top London Treats


If you can’t make the regularly scheduled, just-turn-up, public Old London walk do think about booking one as a private tour. If you go private you can have Old London – or any other London Walk – on a day and at a time that suits your convenience. We’ll tailor it to your requirements. And – always  – we go to great lengths to make sure the guide-walker(s) “fit” is well-nigh perfect. Ring Fiona or Peter or Niamh or Mary on 020 7624 3978 or email us at  [email protected] and we’ll set it up and make it happen for you. A private London Walk is good value for an individual or couple and sensational value for a group. And the clincher: a private London Walk makes an ideal group or educational or birthday party or office (team-building) or club outing.


A private London Walk makes a very special, indeed, unique gift – be it a birthday or anniversary or Christmas present or whatever. Merchandise schmerchandise (gift wrapped or not) – but giving someone an experience, now that’s special. Memories make us rich.


It’s not even close

39 reviews for Old London

  1. Alexandra Evershed

    Old London Walk with Simon was terrific. Simon is knowledgeable and entertaining.

  2. Alessia P

    This is a great walking tour to do when first arriving to London. My partner and I learned so much thanks to the generous Simon whose passion for London history is contagious. The walk covers a lot of ground; it helped us get a sense of the place we’re visiting and develop a greater appreciation for the city itself. If you are a fan of dry British humor, then, Simon is certainly the perfect guide for you! We loved him! Thank you.

  3. jan Feist

    old London walk with Simon on 15th May.What a fabulous insight into my London !Simon had such a great knowledge about his subject My cousin and I really enjoyed it.We will be booking another walk next month !Thank you Simon from Jan Queen Anne’s slightly taller friend !!

  4. Andrew Payne

    Had a great walk with Simon today.

  5. Emily

    Too many people! Was such a big group that we couldn’t always hear, even though the guide wore a mic and speaker. Big groups move slowly so we didn’t get back to Tower Hill.

    Good morning, Emily. It’s a good ball that you’ve put into play. I hope it’s all right if we give a considered response. For starters, did you mention to Richard you were having trouble hearing, Emily? Had you done so you wouldn’t have had any trouble hearing. He would got you to the front, taken special care after you, fussed over you, looked after you auditorily and just generally. Group size was high 20s, a group size we’re all used to because it’s about the size of our ‘class’ in elementary school. More to the point, in theatre-terms, a group of 28, even if you’re in the back row you’re no more than about four yards from the guide, which would be the third row in the stalls in the theatre. I.E., the best seats in the house. Richard tells me he did spell out to the group three times that the walk would not be ending at the Tower. Not ending at the Tower wasn’t a function of the group size, it was a guiding decision about what he wanted you to see, where he wanted to go. Apparently the walk has ‘evolved’ since the blurb was written (several years ago), none of the guides who lead that walk now end at the Tower, and we need to edit that point out of the blurb. Which we’ll do. Richard did give you very good directions about how to get to the Tower – he brought the walk in just a short walk from the Tower. Two more points. 1) Your review is an example of ‘what makes a horse race’. By that I mean, Annette Pain was on the same walk the same day you were on it and was well pleased with it, so much so that she gave it (and guide Richard) a very favourable review. 2) Since, uniquely, London doesn’t operate a pre-payment scheme you weren’t locked in to going on the walk, Emily. If when you turned up and saw that you’d be in a group of 20+ people and that wasn’t to your liking you could have opted out then and.there. Moved on to Plan B, as it were. You, the walker, are in charge. You don’t have to go on any walk and if you want there to be no more than, say, 8 people on a walk you can make that happen. You just have to book a private walk. Hope the next one is more to your liking, Emily. You can always check with us the night before. Lots of the walks consistently are seminar-sized groups (single figures). If you get in touch with us the night before we’ll let you know which ones meet that requirement for you. Albestest, David. London Walks.

  6. Annette Pain

    Excellent walk it was very interesting lots of information about old London some parts I hadn’t seen before

  7. Karen

    We thoroughly enjoyed our walk lead by Fiona. Highly recommend!

  8. Eva and Asbjorn

    We were guided by Simon, an excellent and entertaining guide, who we can highly recommend.
    Thank Simon – we will sign up for future tours when visiting London!

  9. Diane

    Just finished a very interesting and entertaining walk given by Simon. His knowledge and anecdotes, were delivered with enthusiasm. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  10. Sue & Katie

    What a fascinating afternoon we spent on the Old London walk on a cold January day. Fiona was magnificent in sharing her knowledge in a clear, interesting and, at times, wonderfully entertaining manner. We walked down streets we didn’t know existed, and learnt facts we had never heard before, despite being locals. Highly recommended.

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