Ah, yes, Laura. Laura who did a stretch in the Daily Mail Gossip columns. Laura, famous for collecting Victorian clothes and wearing them round her village. Laura, wicked (sl*) stepmother to five winks. Laura, mum to Ruby. Laura, actress, resting or not resting as the case may be. Laura, award-winning Blue Badge guide. Laura, passionate about bringing London’s history alive. Laura, time-traveller (back). Laura, beneath-the-surface delver. Laura, warm, engaging, fun, born to tell stories. Laura, bonhomous, big-hearted Laura. Vivacious Laura. *Does this really need saying? “Wicked literally means evil. In slang (sl.), [which is how it’s used here,] it means perfect or excellent.” Slang usage which first surfaced – a scallop to the Birth of Venus moment – to describe Laura.

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Old London
Old London

Wednesday, 01 February 2023 @ 2.15 pm (This walk goes every Wednesday)

Secret places and hidden history...