Brave and Brilliant Women of Bloomsbury

Euston Square Tube

Guided by Laura

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26 June 2021 Tour du Jour 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer

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Here’s Laura’s podcast about one of those brave and brilliant women of Bloomsbury.

Brave and Brilliant Women of Bloomsbury

Secret Agent Noor Inayat Khan

Beautiful Bloomsbury with its garden squares, Georgian architecture, hidden corners and reputation for world-class education, has been a magnet for exceptional and trailblazing women.

Hear tales of a pioneering female surgeon, the muslim ‘spy princess’ shot by the Gestapo and Mary Prince, who escaped enslavement to become the first woman of colour to write an autobiography.

Delve with us into this leafy and learned oasis to uncover women who have changed the course of history…

Guided by Laura


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