The greatest British secret agent of them all

Laura tells the story of Noor Inayat Khan – the greatest British secret agent of them all. Noor Inayat Khan looms large in Laura’s Brave and Brilliant Women of Bloomsbury walk.

“she was awarded the George Cross after the war”

“one of the most dangerous roles in the war”

“subjected to terrifying Gestapo style interrogations”

“not overburdened with brains”

“the most dangerous place to operate”

“she was given a suicide pill”

“the first woman radio operator to be flown into France”

“four women agents were flown out that night, none of them would return”

“German intelligence was ruthlessly efficient’

“she made the crucial mistake of putting milk in before the tea”

“the Gestapo was everywhere”

“the Gestapo had infiltrated the network”

“hundreds of French agents were arrested”

“they were after her”

“Noor’s transmitter was now the only one left in Paris”

“she was the last wireless operator in Paris”

“she died her hair red and then blonde”

“she was the only link between Paris and London”

“estimated survival time was six weeks”

“she was like a hunted animal”

“she was betrayed by a French woman, a colleague, in return for money”

“a day before her escape the Gestapo caught up with her”

“her last word was ‘liberty'”

“she was the first woman agent to be moved to Germany”

“singled out for beatings in the basement”



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