Meet Your Guide – Here’s Anna

Meet Anna.

She’s a dream of a guide. She’s multi-lingual: English, Italian, Spanish and French. She guides the best of London (and England) and the best of Italy (Venice, Rome, Florence) and Spain and France. She’s been to Venice some 250 times. (She was at a Venetian ball when word of the pandemic hit.)

So, the best guide for the best bits of Western Europe.

She of course is the guide who does our virtual tours in Venice. And Rome. And Florence. But, yes, she also guides in London, both virtual tours and outdoor, shoe-leather-on-pavement tours.

And here are a few links for you.

Here’s Anna’s Wimbledon tour.

Here’s her Venice tour.

Here’s her Rome tour.

Here’s her Florence tour.

Here’s her Naples & Amalfi Coast tour.

Here’s her Bridgerton Locations tour.

Here’s her Mediaeval Treasures of London Museums tour.

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