Piccadilly Circus Tube, exit 4 (Eros exit, near Criterion restaurant) | Map

Guided by Adam

Bring your camera. We do the rest. 

Take you to the best Christmas Lights and shop displays in London. Get your eyes a-shining. Guide – lightly – where we are and what we're looking at and what else is right here. Don't just show you the big blazers and extravaganzas – the visual mighty Wurlitzers – for those shining eyes and your camera (and your memory album-Facebook-Instagram-Flickr hangouts) – there'll also be individual "snowflakes" – tiny, in many cases quirky details and particulars that you wouldn't spot off your own bat and that provide balance and seasoning and piquancy to accompany the fireworks. Maybe some, er, light instruction but nothing too technical – Adam's a good amateur pnotograph who'd sooner be barefoot in London than not have his camera along (90 percent of the photos on the London Walks blog and our Twitter feed are his shots) but this is a relaxed, sociable, discover, learn-some-good-stuff, point-and-shoot stroll not a nose-to-the-grindstone, earnest, stern photography "lesson."

The Christmas Lights Fun Photography Walk goes at 7 pm on Monday, December 19. 

Meet Adam just outside exit 4 (the Eros exit, near Criterion restaurant) of Piccadilly Circus Tube.