Donald Rumbelow

"Donald Rumbelow is internationally recognised as the leading authority on Jack the Ripper"  The Jack the Ripper A to Z
 Here are the reasons why Donald Rumbelow is "internationally recognised as the leading authority on Jack the Ripper".
  He's the author of the definitive book on the subject, the best-selling The Complete Jack the Ripper.*
  He's the former Curator of the City of London Police Crime Museum.
  He's a two-time Chariman of the Crime Writers" Association.
  He's been the chief consultant for every major television programme and film on the Ripper over the past 20 years. Indeed he's appeared on several of those programmes, including one that recently aired in the United States. And indeed another one is in the pipeline.
  Donald was the consultant for the recent Johnny Depp film on the Ripper, called "From Hell...". Indeed, Johnny came to London in order to go on a private Ripper walk with Don.
And I hasten to add, Don's not some dry-as-dust academic. He's an ex-City of London Police Sergeant who pursued a dual career as a crime historian. Which in effect means you're taken over some of the most famous crime scenes in the world by a law enforcement professional who just happens to be the world's leading expert on those particular crimes. Can't be bad.
Donald's Ripper Walk goes at 7.30 pm from just outside the exit of Tower HillTube Stop.
But please do take a look at the further particulars regarding the Ripper Walk – do a search for "Ripper" on our little search engine.
Take a look at those further particulars because we spell out there how to make absolutely sure it is Donald you've linked up with – as opposed to what a major American newspaper recently described as "a Ripper ripoff".
Or as The New York Times put it, "be careful about the Ripper tour, however, since there are imitations...look for [the] one guided by Donald, who is Donald Rumbelow, the author of The Complete Jack the Ripper and a former curator of the notoriously grisly City of London Police Black Museum (a crime museum open by appointment only), credentials that are scary in themselves."
Or in the same vein, here's how Frommer's puts it in London by Night: "London Walks" Ripper Walk has many copycats, but it's the best".
Or here's how the recently published – and wonderful – little guide book: City Secrets - London...the ultimate insider's guide puts it: "Despite initial protestations from visiting friends, they invariably return to my flat in a Victorian frenzy saying, "that [Donald Rumbelow's Jack the Ripper Walk] was the best thing we've done in London"."
*Donald will have some of his books with him in case any of you want one. And needless to say he'll be glad to sign it for you. Makes an unbeatable present for anybody who's got a friend who's interested in the subject.