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The Beatles – the Rooftop Concert

Date post added: 12th May 2021

“it was their longest performance since their days at the Cavern Club”

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On the Rock ‘n’ Roll Trail in Chelsea

Date post added: 20th April 2021

“they chopped up the furniture to make firewood”

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I wanna hold your hand – here we’re at a Beatles holy of holies

Date post added: 1st April 2021

“the Rolling Stones had to pretend to be the Beatles’ roadies”

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Musical Chelsea – A Tour de Force

Date post added: 15th March 2021

Into this stew i’m going to throw as many ingredients as I can as quickly as I can
“I’ll do my Dracula impression”

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They loved them – Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Date post added: 11th March 2021

“‘I was too stoned to remember’ – well done, Sir Ringo”

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The George Harrison Story – the Virtual Tour

Date post added: 24th February 2021

“Ringo took one suitcase full of clothes and another full of Heinz beans”

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“Somewhere over the rainbow” – Adam on the trail of Judy G. in our town

Date post added: 11th February 2021

“when he heard her singing his morale went down – he called her ‘Hitler’s secret weapon'”

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The greatest Englishman ever born in Germany

Date post added: 21st January 2021

“his suit is the colour of the London sky, hiding in plain sight”

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“The father of the modern British musical” – it’s a London story

Date post added: 14th January 2021

“he changed his name on the top deck of a red London bus as it went by Bart’s hospital”

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When Eric Clapton met Jimi Hendrix

Date post added: 8th January 2021

“Eric Clapton wet himself in fear”

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Abbey Road Studios & the Band of Bands

Date post added: 6th January 2021

“Dad came to me and said ‘I’ve got the chance of buying the Cavern, what do you think?’…they just exploded onto the stage, their energy was absolutely palpable”

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Christmas Music in London

Date post added: 20th December 2020

“I can remember, I can remember the months of November and December”

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Musical Marylebone – an excerpt from Adam’s Virtual Tour

Date post added: 19th October 2020

“Britain’s first DJ also happens to be the father of Mary of London Walks, who’s here tonight”

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Musical Kensington – an excerpt from Adam’s Virtual Tour

Date post added: 2nd October 2020

“a rumour that this piano had been looted by the British Army from Saddam Hussein’s palace”

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Bob Dylan in London – Adam’s Virtual Tour

Date post added: 31st July 2020

“It’s in this little alleyway here where Bob Dylan accidentally invented the pop music video”

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London is the Place for Me – my name’s Adam and this is my short celebration of Calypso

Date post added: 20th June 2020

“we can hear the influence of Calypsos on so many quintessentially London acts”

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“their music is part of your story” – Adam on guiding music tours

Date post added: 16th April 2020

“back and forth she crossed, scattering ashes on the Abbey Road crosswalk”

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